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For our 2000th r*n, NYCH3 invites every NYC hasher who ever was to return for a Nautical-themed festival of events held Wednesday through Sunday, June 14th – June 18th!

The main event will take place on Saturday, June 17 and is intended as a celebration of the many hashers who have contributed their time and effort to making NYCH3 a mainstay for 39 wacky years. Take your pick of trails: Eagle, Chicken or Turkey (walker-friendly), and then enjoy a private, hashers-only beer cruise in scenic New York Harbor on a party yacht! This promises to be the grandest scale party NYCH3 has had (at least since it’s been old enough to drink). The event is currently capped at 149 and we expect to sell out.

Are you former NYCH3 MisManagement? Did you used to hash with NYCH3 but you moved away/had kids/sold out/stopped r*nning/whatever?

Hooray! We have designed this marvelous party for you! We very much want to see our prodigal hashers and harriettes return to us from lands near and far. We have several options for length of trail and are doing our best to honor you and the beer, sweat and tears you have put in to this crazy organization. We even promise we’ll keep the songs in the main event circle quick and dirty, just the old days! There’s only one “long” song we want to sing anyway.

(Spoiler alert: It’s Moses and he wants to sing El Camino. The front is like a bar and the back is like a boat…)

What About Visitors? (Or former NYC hashers who moved away?)

We welcome visitors of all kinds to party with us in the City that Doesn’t Sleep! Whether you’re a former NYC hasher or you’ve never been to New York before, we will do our best to put on the ritz and host the hell out of ya. We are planning some great prelube events and are currently researching hotel blocks.

What does it cost?

As you may have heard, Gotham City ain’t cheap. And also…we got you a party boat. Nonetheless, our main event registration cost is less expensive than many comparable hash events around the cuntry!

  • 20 x Super Eagle Early Bird Registration – $69.69 SOLD OUT!
  • 20 x Eagle Early Bird Registration – $79.69 SOLD OUT!
  • 20 x Big Chicken Early Bird Registration – $89.69 SOLD OUT!
  • Standard Registration – $99.69

And just because you never know…

2000 Week Schedule of Events

  • Wednesday, 6/14 @ 7:00p – KnickH3/NYCH3 #1999: Party Like it’s 1999!
  • Thirstday 6/15 – TBA Prelube event
  • Friday, 6/16 @ 2:00p-8:00p – Brooklyn H3 presents The Better Beer Borough Brewery Crawl
  • Saturday, 6/17 @ 11:00a – NYCH3 #2000: A Three Hour Pour
  • Saturday, 6/17 @ 5:30p – Greater Gotham Full Moon After Party
  • Sunday, 6/18 @ 11:69a (12:09p) – New Amsterdamn Hangover bR*Nch fatboy trail


Q: Is there really a theme?
A: Yep! Get Nauti! What to wear: Nautical Hash Finery! Yacht Rock, Aloha Shirts, Sailor Suits, Bikinis, Fishing Gear…anything you might find on boats boats boats! If you don’t know what to wear, reach out to Ditch Sucker, our Nauti Fashion Consultant.

Q: I thought NYCH3 didn’t *do* themes.
A: This one is pretty palatable for those who might not be that into themes, you have to admit. Go as hard or as easy as you want on the theme, sailor.

Q: I heard NYCH3 is really fast
A: First, that’s not a question. Second, the more beer we have the slower we are. Third, don’t worry about it! 2000 week is specifically tailored to accommodate Hashers of all abilities. We guarantee the turkey trail will be walker friendly, and we guarantee the eagles will do some dumb stuff. We also guarantee they’ll meet at the beer check!

Q: Hey this seems cheap for a private yacht in NYC…
A: It is, that’s why we want to sell out our cap of 149 hashers! Imagine a lady wrestling an alligator. That’s What A C! and the budget.

Q: I have my birthday/cousin’s wedding/whatever that week waaahhhh
A: SKIP IT! This will be worth it.

Q: I used to be mismanagement in NYC. Will there be something special for me?
A: YES! 100% we have designed this event with the hope that many former NYCH3 (and ass’d kennels) On-herables return to us to celebrate the wonderful organization we have all built together. If you are a former NYCH3, Brooklyn H3, KnickH3, NASS/NAWW/GGFM/CUNTHHH or other NYC kennel mismanager, please note such in the appropriate place on the registration form.

Q: Is there a giveaway/haberdashery?
A: Yep! We’re working on a fancy tech shirt, and we’re definitely going to have other hab available.

Q: Which hotel?
A: We are working on competing bids. Look for a hash hotel deal soon.

Q: Who’s Cumming!?
A: Check the list at

Q: I used to hash with NYCH3 in 19XX; are my friends going to be there?
A: We’re doing our best to recruit our wayward backsliders out there, but we need your help! If there’s an old pal you used to love hashing with, please help us convince them to join you!

Q: Where is my receipt?
A: We had a couple problems initially but our setup should automatically email you a receipt. Check your spam folder. If it’s not in spam, let us know and we can send you proof of purchase.

Q: Who is organizing this?

A: What A Cunt! is the Grand Mattress of Bossyness and Logistics and has Pussyfoot and Pizza Slut by her side as Hash Cash and Technological Brain Person/Rego Wrangler respectively. Pizza or What a C*nt! are most likely to get back to you if there are registration issues.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: We love your dog. Unfortunately your dog is not allowed at the main event, no exceptions. Please check with organizers ahead of the prelube events to ask if your dog is allowed at those.

Q: I have THE BEST idea for something we should do during this week…
A: Great!! We love your ideas! Please contact What A C! because she knows who’s doing what and maybe we’re already doing your idea!

Q: Boats boats boats?

Who’s Cumming?

11 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, WHORE!GGFM
22nd CummingRichmond HHH
34″spikeKey West H3
4A Better Mouse SnatchLILH3
5A Little DirtyLILH3
6Agent OrgyEWH3
7Ahoy The WankerNYCH3
8Am. Dave #6NYCH3
9Ba-Dum Smurf MeowBrooklyn H3
10BarnacleBrooklyn H3
11Bibbidy Bobbidy BoozeH3 yo
12Big StonzAsheville H3
13Big SurpriseSummit H3
14Blow in the ParkNYCH3
15Body GlideAtlanta & Pinelake H4
16Bolly WoodlessNYCH3
17Boo Berry TitsFlour City H3
18Bottom of the NinthKey West H3
19brobayashiBrooklyn H3
20Check MotherfuCkerGGFM
21CheckspreaderBrooklyn H3
22Cheeky BastardBrooklyn H3
23Choo Choo CabraRichmond Hash House Harriers
24Cock-a-NoodleDayton H4
26CougarAsheville H3
28Crouching Fiber Hidden PoopinLILH3
29Cum On MosesBrooklyn & AVL
31Dime Store “Wank Wonky” Tom Cruise aka Dinosaur tom cruiseNYCH3 / Chicago H3
32Ditch SuckerNYCH3
33Doner KebabNYCH3
34Drop a PinNYCH3
35Drunksophila MasturbatorLILH3
36Dude, Where’s My C*nt!?DBH3
37Eager for BeaverNYCH3
38Easy AMutha Rucker H3
39Extra TerresticleBoston H3
40Field of CreamsNYCH3
41Floppy DicksWandering Whore H3
42Foreign My TwatNYCH3
43Fraggle CockNYCH3
44Fuk StikBlue Hen H3
45Full of SchistNYCH3
46Gabe the BabeNYCH3
47Garden HoAtlanta / Pinelake H4
48Geordi La ForeskinNYCH3
49Grayvee TrainBrooklyn H3
51H.N.I.C.Key West H3
53HeadlightsBrooklyn H3
54Hi on PotSummit H3
56Holey Dumpster FireBoston H3
57I-Feel TowerRichmond HHH
58Idle HandjobsNYC H3
59Jack in the BusNYCH3
60Jew Mama So BadNYCH3
61Just ColeNYCH3
62Just DamionNYCH3
63Just GinnyNYCH3
64Just JamieNYCH3
65Just KatieNorthboro H3
66Just PavelNYCH3
67Just PeruNew York
68Just ValKnickerbocker H3
69Just wesleyNew Amsterdam
70Just WillNYC – Mother Hash is Atlanta
71Kunt FuHudson Valley H3
72Kunt-Fu WeaselPittsburgh Hash House Harriers
73Legs LesleyNYCH3
74LoogieSummit H3
75Look at that HoleLehigh valley H3
76Love CanalNYCH3
77Lumber JackoffSummit H3
78Mandatory FunKnickerbocker H3
79Masturbator Dislocator, MDNYCH3
80Mean Jean the Down Down MachineNYCH3
81Meow Ja TroisNYCH3
82MetrosweatualBrooklyn H3
83Mile High Cherry PieNYCH3
84Mrs. SweatualBrooklyn H3
85MusselCantab H3
86My Safe Word Is MacheteDayton H4
87Nerves O’SquealNYCH3
88NHN MarieAntarctica H3
89Noah’s DinghyNYCH3
91PandamoaniumWandering Whore h3
92Panic At The Dick ShowNYCH3
93Pickle SnatchSkull and Boners
94Pizza SlutNYCH3
95Post Facial DripNYCH3
96Prairie Dog’nNYCH3
97Princess Monkey Spanker (PMS)Calgary Hash House Harriers
98Professional Ball HandlerAVL H3
99Pussy RepellantNYCH3
101Rocky Mountain Spotted BeaverSkull and Boners H3
102SassyLassySummit H3
106Snack Dat AssNYCH3
107Spam RiskQueens Black Knights H3
108Spank The PlankNYCH3
109Splat!jHavelina H3
110Spreading My GenesNYC
111Strap-On CramponCalgary Hash House Harriers
112Suck ’em UpSummit H3
113Tall Dark & HammeredGreater Gotham Full Moon Hash
114The BodyBH3
115the buttler hit itboston moom
116Tie Dye Me DownNYCH3
117Tiger’s WoodyBH3
119Topless BarbieBoston H3
120TreeRexSummit H3
122Turbo Trophy TitsAsheville H3
123Unleavened HeadNych3
125Wet ConnectionNYCH3
126What A Cunt!NYCH3 / Knickerbocker H3
127Yank ITNYC H3
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