Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash House Harriers


Founded in 1995. Likes to think of itself as NYC’s late night fun hash.


Friday night closest to the full moon. Starts at 7:15. Additional trails on Halloween and the (New Moon) Torch Trail in the winter.

History of the GGFM

In the best traditions of historical accuracy, there are conflicting historical accounts of the beginnings of this hash. One by the founder and the other by the original On-Sec.

Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash House Harriers History

By Its Founder

The Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash was founded March 8th, 1993, by Marian Konop and Ginny Carroscio, veteran New York City hashers who didn’t want to spend fine Sunday afternoons swilling bad beer in stale cigar smoke and bus exhaust filled hash bars. That was a treat best saved for night time. Although the original full moon hashes were run on the actual night of the full moon, they are now held on a Friday night close to the date of the full moon, and for several excellent reasons:

1. We run in Manhattan and you can’t tell if there is a full moon anyway because the tall buildings block the view of the sky.

2. As New Yorkers we thumb our collective nose at the ‘Laws of Physics and the Universe’ because we believe WE are the center of the Universe and can make our own rules regarding the motions of the solar system, such as full moons fall on Friday nights.

3. New York is a lonely town for those of us who don’t have dates for Friday night and we need something to do.


Marian Konop, March 1998

Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash House Harriers History

Curtis Fong
G2FMH3 On-Sec 1997-98

Ed. note: For several years, the Hash has been struggling to determine the origins of that lunar phenomenon, Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash House Harriers. A large monetary reward was offered, to no avail. Recently, we received the following message, which is reproduced in full below.

December 9th, 1997
Below is my version of the G2FMH3 History for the Homepage. I couldn’t verify what my sources told me, but am relying on it all being fabricated truth ready for publication.

Best holiday wishes,
C. Fong.

Post-war New York City had never seen anything like it before. Not since the Quaker colonization of the West Village, the burning of the Seneca Village, and the threat to turn Riverside Park into the ‘Lee Harvey Oswald Memorial Trailer Park’ had New York seen anything so heinous as what was about to take root within its metropolitan confines. Gotham was about to be inseminated with the demonseed of yet another hash and thus house two roving bands of running drunkards.

As with all other crimes against humanity, it started innocently enough with an idea born and shared by the wrong people.

On a snapping crisp fall afternoon in one of 3rd Avenue’s more famous bars of ill-repute, two very distressed and wayward souls came together to discuss their folly of starting a full moon hash in New York City. The malcontents in this twisted drama: Marian Konop and Keith Kanaga. Konop, a hasher known best for auto-hashing and setting trails laden with alcohol, deigned to conspire with Kanaga, an international hasher with a deceptively friendly demeanor, who had successfully planted the New York City Hash House Harriers with a list of co-conspirators whose names are only mentioned in passing as they have been forced to assume new identities to evade Keith ‘The Jackal’ Kanaga.

The NYCH3 had already been running for nine years since 1984 in sublime notoriety. Now, with a harvest moon rising in direct alignment with a hair in her ass, Marian was ready to make her move on Kanaga while he was comfortably resting on his laurels. A challenge ensued wherein both would drink full beers until one either failed to drink or one yielded to the other. The winner would assume ‘leadership’ of the full moon hash, give it a name, and enjoy all the rights and privileges ascribed to the title. The loser would pay the bar bill and keep the hell out of the way. And so they set to the challenge.

The contest began at a blinding pace and each put forth a valiant effort. Spiteful barbs referencing former romances and warm spots of the body were glibly tossed between the opponents. Empty pitchers started lining the bar as dusk fell to night. A small crowd gathered around the two as one would choke down yet another beer only to be matched evenly by the other. Sharp insults made in jest in the early rounds turned into immature remarks about farting after the first 5 pitchers. After the ninth pitcher, all verbal comments broke down completely to nose-thumbing and offensive third base coach signals until all forms of communication broke down to half-lidded stares, short huffs of breath, and drooling. Finally, the event took a turn.

A rousing cheer broke the silence as Marian gently returned her empty glass to the beer-pocked table and slid it under Keith’s bearded visage. An unidentified hand warily emptied a fourteenth pitcher into the glass and positioned it once again in front of Keith. ‘This should’ve ended by now,’ registered in Keith’s beer-soaked brain as he mustered his remaining energy to stay upright in his chair. He felt bloated; heavy from the liquid sloshing around the macerated piece of mushroom pizza he ate earlier. Also, someone had apparently tied his cowbell around his neck and it would now clang a doleful thunk every time he lowered the glass from his mouth.

‘Whose idea was it to have a hash on a full moon hash?’ he imperceptibly wondered as he aimed his hand at the beer glass handle. His entire focus was on this one beer and he found himself in a zen trance as he wiped away all thoughts of the previous thirteen pitchers he and Marian had just finished. Keith brought his focus on Marian across the small table–well, the Marian in the middle of the three Marians he was seeing–and tilted the bottom of the glass upward.

Sounds of awe trembled out of the surrounding spectators and evolved into laughter as Keith emptied his glass onto the table in front of him. Apparently, he had begun pouring his beer two inches before he had actually put the glass to his mouth thus soaking himself and the table in a rush of beer. ‘Thunk’ went the cowbell as he brought the glass down, still staring at Marian with one eye while the other eye listed about the room, completely unaware of the malt bath he was currently taking. The three Marians let out a triumphant laugh, got up from the table, and staggered off to the ladies room–but not without first removing the shirts from three fellows standing back by the pool table and declaring herself Grand Mistress of the Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash House Harriers.

Ever since that fateful day in 1993, the G2FMH3 has been rearing its foamy little head on Friday evenings closest to the monthly full moon and hosting a Halloween Costume Hash. Marian maintains her role as Grand Mistress of the G2FMH3 and finally, in 1997, appointed mismanagement after having appropriated enough Full Moon hash cash to finance her purchase of Laird and Christine’s apartment.

Ed. note: The Hash is indeed grateful to Mr. Fong for providing this authoritative account of the GGFMH3’s genesis. His skilled research also sheds new light on the origins of the degenerative condition sadly observed in both Ms. Konop and Mr. Kanaga.

Receding Hareline (All Upcoming Hashes)

Never hashed? Wondering what this is all about? Click here...

Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s)
Full Pink Moon
GGFM #407
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD

Ditch's Birthday Bonanza
Ditch Sucker
Full Flower Moon
GGFM #408
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
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Full Strawberry Moon
GGFM #409
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
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Full Buck Moon + Arbitrary General Meeting
GGFM #410
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
The Committee
Full Sturgeon Moon
GGFM #411
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
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Full Harvest Moon - RDR Pub Crawl!
GGFM #412
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
Full Hunter's Moon
GGFM #413
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
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2024 Beer Mile / Super Beaver Moon
GGFM #414
On a Friday night this year!! No excuses to not participate!
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Full Cold Moon
GGFM #415
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
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Joint Masters
Tequila Whore
Tall Dark and Hammered

Hare Raiser
Surprise! I’m Illiterate!

Past Mis-Management

  • Marion Konop, Grand Master (Inception – 1997)
  • Andy & Betsy Raybould, Joint Masters (1997)
  • Curtis Fong & Mike Hoffman, Joint Masters (1998 – 1999)
  • Chris Troise & Mike Hoffman, Joint Masters (1999 – 2001)
  • Scot Gleason and Danny Choriki, Joint Masters (2001 – 2003)
  • Scott Gleason and Mean Jean the Down Down Machine, Joint Masters (2003 – 2004)
  • Mean Jean the Down Down Machine and Jumpin’ Jack Gash, Joint Masters (2004 – 2005)
  • Cockstar and Rich Kammerer, Joint Masters (2005-2007)
  • Empress Norma and USMW, Joint Master (2007-2008)
  • USMW and Tit-Totaler (2008-2009)
  • Empress Norma and Tall Dark & Hammered (2009-2013)
  • Speedo Gonzales and Tall Dark & Hammered (2013-2015)

Latest GGFMH3 Writeups

GGFM #240

GGFM #240 July 23, 2010 Start: 53rd St. & 3rd Ave. Hares: Hoboken Dave & Just Amy On-In: The Gaf, 1st Ave. & 89th St. Scribe: Doggie Erectus We gathered on 3rd Ave. to celebrate the end of the work week.  There were some ominous looking clouds off in the distance so Hoboken Dave gave us a very hurried chalk talk and sent us on our way.  He forgot to mention that there would be much thunder and lightning on trail and that some of the marks would be gone by the time we got there.  A sin for which he would pay dearly! A few of the more ambitious runners gallantly tried to finish the trail after the rain really started and ended up soaking wet.  Maybe they were a little dirty and wanted to rinse off. NY Cock Exchange & Just Scott were eager to punish someone for getting them wet and gave out the following Down Downs: The Hares: Hoboken Dave & Just Amy. Visitors & Virgins: Hairy Crack, Cetified R.U.N., Just David & Just Craig. Hoboken Dave for calling down the thunder and lightning.  Just Amy swore it was all Dave’s idea and she had nothing to do with it. Dan Bartos for solving checks incorrectly. Just Ken for hitting on a lady cop and not knowing if he was a virgin or not.  Maybe he’s been to jail?? Steve, Dan & A LIttle Dirty for starting out FRB and ending up DFL. Finger F*cked for chipping a tooth. Total Random Abuse of Power Down Down was awarded by Ewa to Doggie Erectus for taking...

GGFM #227

Friday January 1st 2010 GGFM#227 New Years Day Recovery R#n Hares: Brittany Start: Grand & Roebling at a bar called Clem’s On-In: Bushwick Country Club (CC) on Grand & Leonard Its 2010, and Clem’s played host to a festive group of hashers. Many it seamed had not stopped the party from 2009. These party favor wearing pack members were successful in inspiring everyone to run the 3.1 mile eagle trail through some scenic portions of Greenpoint and Williamsburg.  Alas, even this short distance proved to be too much for a hung over pack. It was only through teamwork and alcholol flavored sweat that the pack reached the Bushwick CC. This place included at hot tattooed bartender, pickles, street inspired artwork, and backyard bbq. Great job on the grill Pussy in Boots; And special thanks to Empress Norma for including all of the snacks and contraceptives. We had a Virgin who immediately got into the hashing spirit when he was asked if he will come back to the GGFM.  Just Jake said “Yea, but not this one.” There was a plethora of visitors from across the planet. Whore of Sarajevo and Free Willie are from Sarajevo. Also we had Puppy Love Machine from NOLA and Teflon from Boston. All the visitors fit right in with the pack but should not be invited back for health and sanitation reasons. For a memorable downdown make sure you include a little bit of nudity, a story about alcohol related injury, and found objects.  Here are some highlights: Just Liz was called to the circle so that she could explain a remarkable situation where...

GGFM #226

Friday August 7th 2009– GGFM #226 Hares: Anna and Red-Headed Steve Bag Hags: Hoboken Dave Start: Columbus Circle – Merchant’s Gate On-In: Peter Dillon’s at 40thand Park Scribe: Red-Headed Steve and Anna The sun was shining on the street, Shining with all his might:He did his very best to makeThe hashers wet and tight–And this was odd, because it wasThe middle of the night. The moon was shining sulkily,Because she thought the sunHad got no business to be thereAfter the day was done–"It’s very rude of him," she said,"To come and spoil the fun!" The air was wet as wet could be,The pavement dry as dry.You could not see a cloud, becauseNo cloud was in the sky:No pigeons were flying overhead–There were no pigeons to fly. The Boozer and the Redhead Were walking close at hand;They wept like anything to seeSuch quantities of land:"If this were only path marked,"They said, "it would be grand!" "If seven FRB’s with seven chalksChecked it for half a year.Do you suppose," the Boozer said,"That they could mark the trail?""I doubt it," said the Redhead,And shed a bitter tear. "O Virgins, come and r*nwithus!"The Boozer did beseech."Some pleasant chalk, a pleasant talk,Along the slimy breach:We cannot do with more than four,To give a hand to each." The eldest Hasher looked at her,But never a word he said:The eldest Hasher winked his eye,And shook his heavy head–Meaning to say he did not chooseTo leave the park instead. But four young Hashers hurriedup,All eagle for the treat:Their shirts were soaked, their faces flush,Their shoes were clean and neat–And this was odd, because, you know,They hadn’t any feet. Four other Hashers followed them,And yet...

GGFM #225

  The Truth     Official Organ of the Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash House Harriers G2FMH3 Hash #225  Friday, July 10th, 2009 Hares: Lauren and Cary Grant’s Clone (Richard)        Start: 72nd and Broadway On-In: Parlour 86th and Broadway Scribe: Bulldozer   The sea was angry that day my friends, just like an old man trying to return soup in a deli.  The hares delivered their instruction in neo-Babylonian Aramaic.  The pack received these instructions with knowing winks and nod, as befitting a group that was well above average in looks and intelligence.  A moment of silence was observed to commemorate the fact we are losing too many of our celebrity role models in their prime.  With hops and skips, the pack picked up the scent of the trail, which meandered through the soft forgiving trails of Central Park and the hard concrete and asphalt of Manhattan. Actually, I did not r*n with the pack. I only showed up at the on-in, and only after most of the pasta was consumed. So there you have it.    The circle was convened by US Marine Whore and Norma.      Down Downs (I think I got most of them)   The hares: Lauren and Cary Grant Jr.   Virgins and Visitors Two of the former came forward, while rumors circulated that more were loitering on the edges of the circle. Cowards all. Public Shame was administered to Fireman Tim for deeming a wall to climb. “What a Wank” was the just punishment   Help me I’ve fallen Down and Can’t Dress Myself to Kerry for wearing socks with L and R...

GGFM # 222

The Truth – GGFM Hash #222 The Truth     OfficialOrgan of the Greater Gotham Full Moon HashHouse Harriers G2FMH3 Hash #222 – Friday, April 10, 2009 Start: Columbus CircleFountain (I always thought the fountain was in the middle, not by the entranceto Central Park!!!) On-In: O’Connellson 108th streetand Broadway Scribe: Rajesh (asucker for agreeing to do a write up coz a girl asked him to) Oh good! It’s Friday! I am attending a hash run after about 4 months. I show up ontime at 7:00 pm at the Columbus Circle Fountain (at least what a few others andI thought was the Columbus Circle Fountain). I asked this person, who lookedlike he was there for the run if he was there for the hash. He thought I waspeddling drugs. Remember; don’t ask people “Are you here for the Hash?”  Anyway, I remembered that the pre-lube was atColiseum (on 58th and Broadway) and found Leaky Faucet (a hasherfrom Atlanta),his friend Michael (more on him later), Amalea (who I kept calling Alea, tillshe finally corrected me in the bar) and Numbnuts.  Ross from Oz also was present at pre-lube.   One of the hares comes to the bar and tries to get us to goto the start. We finish our beer and go to the Columbus Circle Fountain andlook for the start. After a few tries by multiple people to locate the sign,two brave souls (read as self and Bjorn) decide to cross the sea of trafficaround Columbus Circleand go to the entrance of Central Park.  We find the hares and other hashers there.One of the brave souls decides to cross...

GGFM #220

The Truth: OfficialOrgan of the Greater Gotham Full Moon   HashHouse Harriers G2FMH3 Hash #220 – Friday, February 6, 2009   Hare: Virgin Hare Sari and Wet Willy Start: Subway Bar on 60thand Lexington On-In:  85th and 1st – Ryan’sDaughter Scribe: Just Boozer It was a cold night in Gotham, the wind howling down the avenues. We were to seea lot of those avenues this evening, crossing back and forth searching (oftenin vain) for the scant chalk that marked our trail. But I get ahead of myself…   Our hash began mostly on time,mostly uninformed and mostly cold. We headed due east down 60th Street with F.A.D. takingthe early lead. Our pack hustled along at a brisk pace until we neared a bridgethat would take us out of Manhattan.But isn’t this the Gotham hash? Indeed. We were thankful(for once) to have a backcheck. And we headed back to find the pack togetheronce again, a more grumbling pack mind you, but we were together again.   The trail continued darting backand forth across those windy, icey, Upper East Side avenues, eventuallybringing us to Central Park, the very core of Gotham.And this was the point when all became fraught. The pack scrambled too and fro,looking for signs of trail. Marks were few and far between. Brave souls whowent off to check for trail often did not return. Had they found trail? Did thefall? Were they overtaken by the ever-silent Living Statues, never to be heardfrom again? Another hasher and I were weighing these possibilities after ourdesperate calls of R U?!?! went unanswered by a particularly belligerenthasher. As we turned back to retrace our...

Really, really old GGFMH3 Write-ups

Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash Writeups

Date Run No. Start and Finish Hare Scribe
03/29/02 ??? Start: Astor Place
On-In: 19th Hole
Crofty Lynn Wolff
09/07/01 ??? Start: 72nd & 5th
On-In: Bar East, 1st & 90th
Elaine Kerr Wet ‘n’ Sticky
08/03/01 ??? Start: City Hall
On-In: Reade St. Bar (?)
Cree & Lynn Wet ‘n’ Sticky
07/07/01 ??? Start: 125th St. & Lexington
On-In: Cannon’s, Broadway & 102nd
Devo Wet ‘n’ Sticky
01/??/01 ??? Start: Broadway and 110th St.
On-In: Hooligan’s
Scot Gleason and Sarah Fifield Fluffy Lockerman
12/08/00 ??? Start: Pomona Fountain, Plaza Hotel
On-In: Ellen O’Dee’s, 40th & Lex
Steve Yoman Crazy Bob
11/11/00 ??? Start: Columbus Circle
On-In: Ellen O’Dee’s, 40th & Lex
Heather Malloy & Christine Hinz Geoff Baldwin
10/31/00 ??? Start: 71st & Madison Ave.
On-In: Yogi’s, 76th & Broadway
Pat, Scot, Elaine, Kerry War ‘n’ Peace Of Shit
10/12/00 ??? Start: City Hall Park
On-In: Blarney Star, Murray St.
Sarah Fifield & Pat Flanagan Danny Choriki
??/09/00 ??? Start: ???
On-In: The Village Idiot, 14th & 9th
Ed Lynch & Fireman Bob ‘Cool Papa’ Troise
8/18/00 ??? Start: 14th St. & 1st Ave.
On-In: The Village Idiot
Tiger’s Woody Elliot Sobel
7/14/00 ??? Start: 96th & Central Park West
On-In: Cannon’s, 106th & Broadway
John Lynch, Debbie Ulis, Melissa Schimke Mike Hoffman
12/17/99. unk Start: Near the Plaza Hotel.
On-In: The Gin Mill, 82nd and Amsterdam
Scot Gleason,
and Lipstick Leslie
Mighty Mouth
9/4/99 unk Start: Rockefeller Center, Manhattan.
On-In: Ryan’s Bar & Grill, Vernon and Jackson Blvd., Queens! Yes, Queens!
Back Seat Box and
Minnie Brew
Chris Troise
8/27/99 unk Start: 96th and Broadway.
On-In: Cannons, 108th and Broadway.
Michele Thompson,
Rick Chann
Scott Gleason
7/30/99 unk Start: 89th Street and 3rd Avenue.
On-In: Mug Shot Bar and Saloon
Kevin Ryan,
and NOT Don Brosnon
Heather Malloy
6/25/99 unk Start: 46th Street and 3rd Avenue.
On-In: ‘Sandy’s’ in Murray Hill (do not use this bar again).
Kerry ‘Dumb and Dumber’ McVeigh,
Mike Murphy
Vince Cloud
6/4/99 unk Start: 23rd Street and 9th Avenue.
On-In: Matt’s Apartment
Matt Fludgate,
JM Mike Hoffman
‘It’s Pat’ Cuff, and
Danny ‘Ed McMahon’ Choriki
4/30/99 unk Start: 40th Street and Park Avenue South.
On-In: Ellen O’Dees
Leslie Brough,
Peter Trunfio
Elaine Kerr,
Geoff Baldwin
1/8/99 unk Start: 115th Street and Broadway.
On-In: The Gin Mill, 82nd Street and Amsterdam.
Scott Gleason,
Elaine Kerr
Chris Troise
11/13/98 unk Start: 2nd Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Streets.
On-In: Ship of Fools, 2nd Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Streets.
Peter Trunfio Roy Gilbert
10/31/98 unk Start: Columbus Circle.
On-In: Jake’s Dilemma
Elaine Kerr Brent ‘Back Seat Box’ York,
plus special guest,
That Christmas Tree Chick
10/2/98 unk Start: Broadway and 96th.
On-In: Dive 75, 75th and Columbus
Rick Chann,
Michele Thompson
‘Marathon’ Rick Chann
7/10/98 unk Start: 70th and Amsterdam
On-In: Dive 95
Allison Hope Christopher Troise
6/12/98 unk Start: 72nd Street and Central Park West. On-In: The Shandon Star, 54th Street and 8th Avenue. Kyle Krall,
Peter Trunfio
Christopher Troise
5/8/98 unk Start: 71st-Continental Avenue / Forest Hills, Queens
On-In: A really nice bar just a block away
Seth Chanowitz,
Rudi Klein
Christopher Troise
2/13/98 tbd Start: 300 Eighth Ave (Eighth Ave & 25th St).
On-In: Caliban, Third Ave & 26th St.
Mike Hoffman & Yoshi Ozaki Mike Hoffman
1/16/98 tbd Start: Bloomingdale’s 59th St. & Lexington Ave.
On-In: Fitzpatrick’s 85th St. & 2nd Ave.
Lisa Unger & Trisha Hoffman Lisa Unger
12/12/97 tbd Start: NYC Public Library
On-In: Donohue’s 72nd St & Broadway
Geoff Baldwin Curtis Fong
November 1997 tbd tbd tbd tbd
10/31/97 tbd Start: 77th & Lexington.
On-In: Beacon Hill Ale House, 1st Ave. between 76th & 77th Sts
Idaho Sue Szubert Curtis Fong
  • October 17, 1997, Hunter’s Moon. Elaine Kerr and Yoshi Ozaki set the run, Mike Hoffman set the critique.
  • September 19, 1997, Corn Moon. Hares Jerry Nelson and John Cardinal O’Connor. Scribe Joyce Saltalamachia.
  • August 15, 1997, Sturgeon Moon. Hares Yoshi Ozki and Beth Stutzman. Scribe: Jerry Nelson. Soundtrack: Curtis Fong
  • July 18, 1997, Thunder Moon, hared by Pete Trunfio. Scribed by Michael Hoffman and edited by Curtis Fong.
  • June 20, 1997, Strawberry Rose Moon, by Geoff Baldwin
  • May 30, 1997, Corn Planting Moon. Hare: Bo Petkovich. Scribe: Fluffly Lockerman
  • April 25, 1997, Sprouting Grass Moon (where do they get this stuff?) and Bienniel General Meeting.
  • March 21, 1997, Sap Moon. More appropriate than most.
  • January 24, 1997, Wolf Moon. Hare: Geoff Baldwin. Scribe: Curtis Fong.
  • December 27, 1996, Long Night’s Moon, Hare Laird Stiefvater. Scribe Michael Hoffman.
  • November 22, 1996, the Beaver Moon. A. Hare, scribe Michael Hoffman.
  • Halloween Hash, Marian Konop and Curtis Fong, Hares. Steve Kurtzer, scribe.
  • September 27, 1996, the Harvest Moon. Hares Curtis Fong and Michael Hoffman. Scribe Guillermo Metz.
  • Guess what! Curtis Fong got suckered into writing up the August 2, 1996 run!
  • November 10, 1995
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