Kh3 #93: Tales of the Knickerbocker H3

October 21, 2015

Writeup by Krispy Kringle

Drink Check

Past, present and future met at the pre-lube at Emmons Tavern on October 21, 2015 as we celebrated Back to the Future Day.
The trail was laid by Man-Doc Brown-Fun. It featured many check-backs, making it all a herky-jerky affair. But first we started off going in circles, ultimately managing our way west, south and then to the first drink check at the North end of Madison Square Park. Some brightly colored concoction was served in test tubes. We then staggered east from the park, then south, then west again. Mass confusion arose on Park Avenue. Super Dave managed to guide us to the second drink check at the South End of Madison Square Park. Spiked Gatorade welcomed our return. Faux Newspapers were distributed retelling some of the events from Back to the Future. Ultimately, we made it to the On-In, One Star. The trail ending up looking like this.


In honor of the day, there were two Marty McFly’s on trail: Cosmo-Marty-McTits and Surprise-I’m Illiterate-Marty. There was also a Krispy Doc Brown.

Various crimes were committed. Those responsible were held accountable: Geordi LaForeskin was the RA and doled out down-downs.


Although there were virgins on trail; they escaped before receiving any abuse. The Hare was assisted by Surprise I’m Illiterate and Frank Lloyd Wrong. The latter did excellent work keeping a steady supply of suds flowing. Visitor, Foul Balls, was from San Francisco. And he had some prior NY Street Cred for taking on former Mayor Giuliani. Tech Use on trail was rampant, both Doggie Erectus and Cum Test Dummy were punished for cell phone use. Just Yuri received a Russian themed down-down. Both Cosmo and What a Cunt were glued to their lap tops at the On-In and received down-downs for blatant tech use. Krispy-Doc Brown won a Hoover Board for best costume beating out the Martys. Cum Test Dummy was punished for being a FRB along with Just Sammy and Super Dave. The DFLs were Topless Barbie and Ahh Shit.

down downs

And this was Just Hector’s second hash. It is always nice when they return. Announcements were made. Circle was then concluded with a round of Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

Pizza arrived in abundance. Baseball fans stayed to watch the NY Mets take the National League Pennan

Hash Attendees:

  1. Gabe the Babe
  2. Off Duty
  3. Super Dave
  4. Just Yuri
  5. What-a-Cunt
  6. Just Diane
  7. Surprise I’m Illiterate (Co-hare)
  8. Turd Dimension
  9. Mandatory Fun (Co-Hare)
  10. Cheeky Bastard
  11. Frank Lloyd Wrong (Co-Hare)
  12. Topless Barbie
  13. Cosmopolitits
  14. Spank the Plank
  15. Geordi LaForeskin
  16. Just Hector
  17. Abigail (Hash Name ?)
  18. Erectionally Challenged
  19. Just Dave
  20. Krispy Kringle (Scribe)
  21. Just Sammy
  22. Pearl Necklace
  23. Body Swerve
  24. Dog Face
  25. Coneyligus
  26. Just Andy
  27. Unknown Virgin 1
  28. Solar Eclits
  29. Unknown Virgin 2
  30. Metrosweatual
  31. Foul Balls (Visitor)
  32. Duty Free
  33. Tequila Whore
  34. Doggie Erectus
  35. Cum Test Dummy
  36. Ahh Shit
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