NYCH3 # 1486

Pre lube – gaslight
Hares – bed master , just chris
On-in – paddys duggans pub

This was a while back ago……. maybe i should start writing these up my self instead of outsourcing them….. we’ll see…. 

 All i can really remember is that it started in queens, in ended in queens and it was HOT!! Oh and we ran out of gatorade at the drink check 🙁

Down Downs were handed out as follows:

Hares – bedmaster n just chris
Visitors – sad bastard, short time, designer stud
Virgin – just dave
Conealingus – smashmouth award
Grettel – memorizing a new song for smashmouth award
Cpa – got yelled at by garbage man
Hares + beth, running out of Gatorade
Ran to the start – cheeky bastard, solar eclits, conealingis, nads on film, lauren, grettel
Actually found trail – splat. Smashmouth, lisa