NYCH3 #1427

Wednesday, May 18, 2011, 7PM

NYCH3 #1427

Start/Pre-lube: Finnerty’s, 221 2nd Ave. btw 13th & 14th Sts

On-In: Keybar, 432 E. 13th St, btw Ave A & 1st Ave

Hares: Just Nancy, Just Kelsey & Doggie Erectus

Scribe: Just Matt

Just sit right back and you’ll hear our tale,
How just Kelsey, Just Nancy*
And Doggie Erectus were hares*
Of a trail oh so sh*tty

Was it their thoughtful planning
That we pre-lubed before the r*n
The pub was dark but on the mark–
They’re serving two for one, they’re serving two for one


The weather started getting rough
Doggie’s floured balls were tossed
If not for the “courage” of D, N and K
The white goo would be lost, the white goo would be lost

Perhaps distracted by the ladies
As we gathered on the walk
Someone (let’s say D. Erectus)
Forgot to hand out chalk, forgot to hand out chalk*

His directions were emphatic sure
Before we’d disembark
Doggie made it extra clear
Not south from Washington Park, not south from Washington Park*

The pack set off hashing this uncharted flour trail
With five virgins,*
Some visitors too,
From Thailand, and Guam,*
The birthday girl
(We celebrate with Lesley)*
Here on NYCH3!

So this is the tale of the hares’ big trail
To Union Square for a long time there
After pack had checked all around
On-on to Washington Square

Checking underneath the arch recalling
Famous words from Doggie’s mouth
Surprise surprise with our own eyes
The trail exits to the south!*

Following the white ball splotches
We got a sense of deja-vu
Third time in a week in East River Park*
A drink check waits for you

Nancy and Kelsey kindly offered
Without it ever being said
The trail was so sh*tty bang bang!
You want shots to the head? You want shots to the head?

As brave hashers we all harried on
Fast American Dave needed to win
He beat two virgins joyfully*
A mortal hashing sin

The on-in was a small and smelly box or so they say
It had a dog
And just one bathroom
Lots of dark beer, and sticky buns
Jon kicked a dog**
We gave out many drink it down down downs
Here on NYCH3!

Just Matt

* down down
** a**hole of the week

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