BH3 #547

BH3 #547        

Start:              Park Place and Carlton

On-In:             Canal Bar, Gowanus

Hare:              Donar Kebab

Scribe:            Dental Damned


If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up.” – HST


Harry S. Truman spoke few quotes more applicable to hashing on a cold evening than the above.   Reliable witnesses would say that around 15 showed up, and those lucky folks were subjected to a bizarre chalk talk by Donar Kebab that alluded to markings in foreign substances, unusual checks, and other questionable minutae.  As for the trail….well, how about those Green Bay Packers winning three road games to make the Super Bowl, huh?  Anyways, the best thing that can be said it about was that nobody got seriously injured.  The trail went through Prospect Heights, Park Slope and spent a considerable amount of time in the extremely icy and very poorly lit sections of Prospect Park.  After a tremendous bit of confusion at a check on 6th Ave, the pack made their way down the hill and eventually ended up at Canal Bar, a few blocks from the eponymous body of sludge.


Canal Bar pops a mean bar popcorn, and the disgruntled, cynical hashers availed themselves to numerous bowls before the circle was called.  The lovely and talented JM and a wannabe JM presided, with the following participants taking DD’s:


Hare:   Donar Kebab

Virgin:  Amanda

Donor Kebab: For a less than optimal trail.

Doggie Erectus:  The JM spoke of how herself and a few other hashers were scouting new locations, and had gone to a place on Flatbush called Charlenes, where Doggie Erectus had hared a hash several months earlier.  When the hashers attempted to discuss the possibility of holding an upcoming hash there, Charlene said, “Oh No!  Not you people again!” – Thanks Doggie Erectus!

Death Breast:  Compared to Death Breasts standard shenanigans, this one was relatively tame – while waiting at a check, Death Breast bragged about she had a surprise for her fellow hashers, and then proceed to reach into a snow bank and pull out…an almost empty bottle of Hennessy!  She then finished the last swallow by doing an anal chug with another unknown hasher. 

Katie:  Katie put all her key possessions (wallet, keys, ID) into her pocket before the run started, and then forgot to close the pocket….Whoops!  None of those items made it to the On-In-

Dan:  For Twisting his ankle on trail

Nads on Film:  For bragging “I finally beat Barnacle to an On-In!”

Technically Foul:  For making the virgin into her “cerveza puta” and forcing her to get all of her beer

Technically Foul: For not knowing that the legendary Charlie Doogan is a founding member of the BH3

Virgin (Amanda):  For being Technically Fouls sister

Barnacle (post circle): For bragging about how never had to drink for having new shoes…maybe spoke to soon on that one my Canadian friend- 


Things ended on a high note, and the pizza was consumed….kudos for the meatball slices.


On-Out till next time-


Dental Damned

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