NYCH3 #1404

NYCH3 # 1404

Sunday December 20, 2010

Start: 168th St. and Broadway, Mitchell Square Park

Hare: Devo

Scribe: Trips & Balls


 A Devo trail if there ever was one… 

            If you’re ever interested in seeing a new bit of Manhattan (and running 5+ miles in the process) might I suggest r*nning a Devo trail.  Not to unnecessarily increase his ego, but this was a pretty great trail.  We started at the tiny triangular Mitchell Square Park, right by the end of the C train at 168th street.  It was a chilly day, but nice and sunny so ~25 hashers came out to the start.

            The first check came quickly and the many FRBs scattered far and wide.  Someone eventually solved it and we went right by the Morris-Jumel Mansion!  Don’t worry I had never heard of it either.  Apparently, built in 1765, it’s the oldest home in Manhattan (yes, Washington Heights is still Manhattan).  George Washington even briefly used this home for his headquarters.  Check it out, fascinating stuff:

            Then we ran on a bunch of fun little trails up and down the many hills of Highbridge park.  Exiting the park we came upon our next “what the heck is that building?” moment.  Turns out it was George Washington Highschool at 193rd St and Audobon Avenue:

            The eagles were “treated” to more mountain biking trails in the park while the chickens got to ride the elevator for the 1 train.  The elevator and long underground tunnel finally spit us out at 190th and on into Fort Tryon Park.  By now we had all had enough of parks and landmarks and were very thirsty.  But Devo couldn’t resist bringing us through both Inwood Hill and Isham parks as well before thankfully leading us to the on-in “Irish Eyes” at 213th and Broadway.

            The downdowns were given out by Fast American Dave:

n      First to our hare Devo. 

n      Second to our hare Devo for giving FAD the wrong on-in location.  Seems, FAD had wanted to lock up his bike at the on-in before trail started and Devo couldn’t remember the address of his own on-in.

n      Stewa, Wet Willy, and Jason were given smashmouth down-downs for all crashing into each other on the muddy trails.

n      Wet Willy got another one for debating using bathroom facilities at my apartment (we ran right by it!) instead of waiting to get to the on-in.

n      Eager for Beaver got to drink for being an overachiever…running to the start from Brooklyn made it a 21+ mile day for him.

n      Just Nicole got one for technology on trail

n      And finally Vince got one for using his newly acquired (or non-existent) Spanish skills:  I believe he scared a 3 year old saying “hola” to him in the elevator.


      The best thing about this Devo trail was that the beer was so cheap we couldn’t manage to drink all of our hash cash.  At one point it was suggested everyone take shots, but we opted for the more sane (it’s a school night afterall!) option of donating the leftovers to the hash kitty.  You’re welcome people!

      Oh and the other best thing about a Devo trail is because he loves upper Manhattan so much I got to WALK home from the on-in!



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