NYCH3 #1406

NYCH3 #1406
Sunday, January 2, 2011
Start: 103rd St & Broadway
On-In: Broadway Dive, 101st St & Broadway
Hares: Yank It! & Wet Connection
Scribe: Doggie Erectus
It was the first NY hash of 2011!  The hares kept the On-In location top secret as we carried our bags the two blocks to the finish line.  That seemed just about far enough at the time, but the hares weren’t buying any beer for an hour so we left.
After a 4 mile trail (6 if you count all the stairs) we arrived at the Broadway Dive Bar and eventually convened the circle and gave out Down-Downs:
The Hares: Yank It! & Wet Connection
Visitors & Virgins: STD & Spermatologist came back from Seattle for a visit.  Michelle hashed once 7 years ago, broke a mirror and had the bad luck to be a born again virgin.
Pimpy Longstocking & Fire in the Piehole got one for shooting snot rockets on trail
Smashmouth got one for unsuccessfully fiddling with his new Garmin
STD & Teabag got one for their girly snowball fight
STD & Spermatologist got one for getting engaged.  Just Say No!
Smashmouth, Laird & Wet Connection got one for being the only ones to have their faces on hash T-shirts
Hardman got one for his birthday
Barfplay got one for showing up early
We drank all the Yuengling in about 10 minutes.  The first hash of the year was definitely not intended to be a New Year’s recovery run.