BH3 #542

BH3 # 542
Monday, November 29, 2010
Start: 4th Ave. & 9 St.
On-In: Buttermilk
Hare: Two buck f*ck
Scribe: Barnacle

A small and chilly pack gathered at the corner of 9th and 4th.  We were told in
a very quiet voice by a very quiet speaking hare that the trail was about 4.5
miles and the first mark was that way (which was him pointing across 4th ave
just as the light was about to go red).  That didn’t stop myself from quickly running and actually managing to make the light in enough time that the cars did not honk their horns, but I did hear many a groans and a, "no don’t," from the pack.
I honestly thought I’d be joined by others, I was not.

The trail quickly moved it’s way to Prospect Park where we ran the ring road for
about a mile, and yet still got off trail for a few minutes thanks to Cheeky
Bastard seeing a mark that was not a trail mark (now thinking about it that
should have gotten him a down down).  Once we left the park the trail got fun
and, well interesting.  Let’s see, there were the very large, large trail marks,
easily 2 feet square, the marks that had us possibly jumping off a bridge (there
were stairs on the opposite side of the road it turns out, jumping was not
required), the on through a subway stop, the Brooklyn neighborhood that had
local residences yelling at some of us, threatening to call the cops and to, "get
out of their neighborhood," and the large male pit-bull that was tied up on it’s
own to a fence in a dark park (though some swear there was an owner when they went past).

About 4.5 miles later and only 4 checks we arrived at the On-In where the beer
deal was excellent, down downs where given as such:

General Hare – Two Buck F*ck
Giant Trail Marks – The Hare
Visitors – Peter Jackoff from East Bay
For "correcting" the "Welcome Runners" sign outside the bar to read correctly
R*nners – Smashmouth
Smashmouth award – Noah’s Dingy
For getting yelled at by locals on trail – Barnacle and Cheeky Bastard
For not calling while on trail – Dental Dammed
For being "f*cking" anal about what beer he will drink at the on-in – Blackout
DFL – Eager 4 beaver
Racist at the start (mentioned above) – Barnacle

The evening turned briefly in to a dance party when many of the hashers started cutting a rug to a Biggie Smalls (notorious BIG) album that came across the speakers at the on-in.  Hash Cash never actually ran out, our Hare wanted to leave around 11pm and took the rest of the cash for the kitty, or at least I
believe that is what happened as that was the last I heard but I did leave a few minutes before the hare, so they could have stayed and drank till Hash cash literally ran out especially since some of the male members of the pack were taken by the female bartender.