KH3 #26 – Fresh Hare!

Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers #26
Wednesday 24 November 2010
Start: Patriot’s Bar
On-In: Milano’s Bar
Hares: Fluffy and Headlights
Scribe: Mickey Mouth


Brought to you by NYC hashes, this is Fresh Hare! I’m your host, Mickey Mouth, sitting in for Terry Gross.

Start film clip:

We gots some real muffinheads on the hash because more than once I heard the question ‘Where is the Beer?’ It’s at the bar people! The bar!!” shouts Noah’s Dinghy.

“Or, come over here cause I’m pissing beer!” gibes Headlights.

“Did you come from heaven?” whispers Just Matt with lusty reverence.

Film clip end

Today, listeners, I am uniquely honored to be interviewing Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers. That was a clip from his latest movie, “Orphan’s Run.” Yes, The KH3. Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers, welcome to Fresh Hare.”

“Thank you Mouth, this is an honor for me. I am a big fan of yours.”

Audibly blushing, “Thank you so much. You are known, like many great actors, by your full name, Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers. How would you like me to address you?”
“Well, Mouth, you can undress me any way you..oh wait, you mean ADdress. Sure, just call me Knick.”
“Haha, great. Knick, how to did start your career? How did you begin?”

“Mouth, just three years ago, I was born out of great minds – Wet Connection, Mean Jean the Down Down Machine and Noah’s Dinghy. Did you know that Athena was born from Zeus’ brain?”

“Yes, I did. But he was trying to hide the fact that he cheated on Hera once again…Ok, um, three human years but you are 18 years old in hash years?”

“That’s right. Actually, hashes have a very quick infancy and a very long adolescence.”

“Interesting. I know some men like that….Anyway, people have described you as being as sophisticated as George Clooney, as hard bodied as Marky Mark, and as funny as Robin Williams. How would you describe yourself?”

“Just like that!”

“Ok, getting to your most recent event, the Orphan’s Run. This run has been done dozens of time. What made your take on it unique?”

“Well, I have to give the credit to the ever resourceful Headlights and the Fluffy. These two hashers pulled together a good run and on-in.”

“Knick, you are always so humble, why?”

“Mickey, when you’re as great as I am, it’s easy to be humble.”
“In Orphan’s Run, Just Peter T. told Barf-fly that she was like Snooky*, only thinner. You are known for appealing to both the young and old…um, I mean more mature audience.”

“I know, Mickey, the youngs one, well, it’s not hard to appeal to those. Just add beer right? But actually, my audience is a good mix. The more mature, as you say, are fun to have around. Remember when Mean Jean was talking about her booby droopage?”

“Haha, Knick, yes, that was a hilarious scene! Or when US Marine Whore raved about bedazzling her undies? Or when she expressed dismay at the disappearing exercise once called “I must, I must, I must increase my bust!” Some great scenes. Let me play one more.”

Film Clip Begin:

Wet Connection: “So Fluffy. Fluffy has been setting this trail for 14 years”

Leggs Lesley (horrified): “Oh my gosh! Has it been that long? I was at the first one!”

Wet Connection: “He keeps threatening to stop and we’ve given him tankards, and shirts but he keeps coming back. But today! Today he swears is his last trail. Come on up here Fluffy! So I forgot, how did you get your name again?”

Barnacle Bob: “Who cares!”

Collective: “ohhhhhhhh”

End Film Clip.

“HAHAH, yeah, you’ve picked a couple good clips, Mickey.”

“Knick, there is only one aspect of Orphan’s Run that just didn’t sit right with me. There was a noticeable lack of hash shirts! Even, dare I say it, some r*nning shirts!”

“Mickey, I am totally with you on this. I fought with the costume designer tooth and nail! But in the end, I have no control over what they wear. I know, it saddens me too…”

“Knick, could you explain what the Santa Claus was all about?”

“Sure. We were in the bar and some of the short cutting bastards like Ow, My Balls and Just Matt were trickling in, claiming they got lost. This guy, and know we did not script this, this guy walks into the bar. Long white beard, long white hair, like santa claus. He was wearing a shirt that read Can You Dig Santa Claus? Yeah, creeped me out too. So we were all milling about when we heard this scream. A mixture of a broken violin, a cat in heat and a pirate. Wasn’t at all like a Ho Ho Ho!!

“Hahaha!! Well, Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers, Knick, thank you so much for talking to me. You don’t do many interviews and I don’t know how we got you on, but thank you.”
 “Mickey Mouth, the pleasure was all mine.”



*Snooky is not one of the Seven Dwarves as I originally thought. I am not sure which Snooky Peter T. is referring to but here are some options:

Snooky Serna: a Filipina film and television actress. (– Wikipedia)

Snooky Bellomo: Part of the music group “Sic Fucks”. She and her sister, Tish, also owned a punk clothing store on St. Marks called Manic Panic.  (–

Snooki (Nicole Polizzi): A sad loser from the TV Show “The Jersey Shore” that is a big slut and tried to get attention from more popular people. (– The Urban Dictionary)

Snooky Young: Young is an American jazz trumpeter.  (– Wikipedia)

Snooky the Cat: Hero of an award winning children’s book. (-