BH3 #541

BH3 # 541
Monday, November 22, 2010
Start: 4th Ave. & Union St.
On-In: Court & Spark
Hare: Trader Blows
Scribe: Nads on Film


It’s not the size of your pack, it’s how much you screw with it that counts. And at tonight’s trail there was much a-screwing to be done. By 7:10 there were, what? Maybe 12 of us at the start? Surprising for the unseasonably mild weather. Guess too many hashers were preoccupied with visions of impending turkeys and taters to attend a little BH3.

Well, you missed out on a pretty decent trail. There was a check in a park a block after onset that had yours truly confused for the better part of ten minutes, a long climb up Union to Grand Army Plaza, a speed check, and a numbered back check that sent Barnacle and Porno for Putz a half mile in the wrong direction (admittedly, I was there too and that BC was totally covered in shiggy). And while directionally challenged, I’m pretty sure the trail looped itself back to a block from the start before proceeding into Carroll Gardens. There it zigged and zagged through Smith and Court Streets – mostly zagging. Over and past… some part of Brooklyn I’ve never been to before. And finally ending at Court & Spark, a non-descript establishment suitable for a cozy, little pack.

Down-downs were meted:

Hare: Trader Blows (4.5 miles? Still not convinced)

Visitor: Bushy from Budapest.

Hedgehog: Showed up late with Little Pear’s socks… so sweet it’s giving me a toothache.

Canine Fixation: Paid hash cash in change. Seriously?

Barnacle & Porno for Putz: For above-mentioned overshooting and allegedly not marking trail (they did).

Whoremaster: Ran into the pack on trail. Two-Buck Fuck drank in his stead. Wait… so anytime a hasher accidently meets a pack he has to stop whatever he’s doing and join trail? Man, you guys are tough.

Nads on Film: For, I dunno, something stupid. Splat gets the assist (the down-down).

Cheeky Bastard: RACEIST. If you’re going to wear a marathon medal to a New York hash, make sure it’s from a New York marathon.

Little Pear: DFL… because of the socks.

Headlights: Why not?

Whatever hijinks ensued after circle will have to be relayed word of mouth. I left early and missed, oh let me take a wild guess: pizza, hash cash running out, and everyone going home alone. Or maybe hashers are still at Court & Spark, drinking and making out all over the place. But I’m at home, so I’m going to go with the former. If I’m wrong, lie to me. Ignorance is bliss.



Nads on Film