NYCH3 #1332


August 12, 2009
HALT Run (NYCH3 1332)
Hare: James
Start: Rivington and Bowery
On In: Cody’s Bar & Grill
Scribe: Finger me first

I am going to make my writeup as long and creative as the trail.

Down Downs:

– James: For being hare as well as setting pretty much exactly the same trail as he set pretty much exactly a year ago. The trail was the same down to having the same suggestion that those who wanted to do an eagle go back to the start and do the trail again just a block after the C/E split
– Virgins: there were about 6 but we don’t remember their names.
– Kurt : for channeling his inner ballerina and pirouetting over the garbage
– Mickey Mouth: Smashmouth award
– Bill, FAD, E4B, Lisa & Tit-Totaller for over-achieving and running extra mileage while the rest of us enjoyed the beer at the on in.

On out! 
Finger me first

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