NAWW #186


NAWW # 186
January 21st, 2009
Hare: Gabe
On In: Peter Dillion’s Pub
Scribe: Just Leo

It took an extra cold January evening to bring a pack of ultra masochistic hashers to the original Winter Wednesday Hash.
Walking into the bar, I was surprise to see not only a group of pre-lubing hashers, but also a much larger group of civilians
enjoying the warmth of the pub and the chill of PBR?!?!?

Our illustrious hare Gabe quickly informed us that the trail was "not too long" but would not disclose whether the trail was A-to-A or not.
His cover was quickly blown by a waitress inquiring about the distance of our r*ns and asking when she should expect us.  I remember the
pack heading west. Unfortunately that’s all I remember, likely due to countless fanny packs causing temporary amnesia.  Yes, we passed
through Times Square. The next thing I remember was reaching an unmarked check around 68th st and 3rd ave.  The worst thing you can do
in this situation is follow the advice of a delivery guy on a bike frantically pointing south. Hashers have never been known to possess that common
sense thing.  We gave up hope finding a mark after 5 blocks.  The hash
gods punished us with a red light at every intersection.  Needless to say, we were glad to be back in the bar to sink our sorrows.

The following down downs were administered:
* Our hare Gabe
* Every hasher in attendance for showing up on a cold Wednesday evening. YES!

Pizza was had and beer flowed freely until hash cash ran out.

Just Leo

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