NYCH3 #1306

NYCH3 #1306Sunday, February 15th, 2009Hares: Manslave and Sarah Down UnderStart: 68th and LexOn In: Pat O’Brien’s, 2nd and 88thScribe: Roy Well after the circle was over Norma sidled up to me and asked if I would do the write up. Call me old fashioned but I thought that was why we have not just one On-Sec but two (Editor’s Note:  you’re old fashioned). And even if the On-Secs are evading their responsibility shouldn’t they be asking before the run so you can make a mental note of where the trail goes, what the various hashers are up to and who gets which down downs. Unfortunately over consumption of Sam Adams impaired my judgment and I agreed to do the write up. Being a Sarah and Manslave run it started on the Upper East Side and there would be no prizes for guessing it would also finish there. The trail headed west to the park and then south on 5th Avenue. Or at least I assumed it did, as there seemed to be quite a few blocks without any marks. Being reduced to walking at the moment I was following Ewa and Scot who seemed to know where they were going. Pack marks led us into the park round the bottom of the pond. We dickered around in the park until we exited north of the Met. Having come out the park earlier than expected I assumed the trail would go over to the East River for a bit but it went straight to the On In at Pat O’Brien’s, making the trail less than three miles. Hardly worth getting out of bed for. Good On In with the back room to ourselves and Sam Adams for those who prefer beer that you can taste. The JMs gave down downs to – the hares of course, virgin Michiko, a couple of visitors from Montreal, Karen returning from DC (she has quit her job, very sensible thing to do with companies laying people off left, right and center. I asked her if she was sponging off her parents. "Oh no" she replied. So where is she staying? "With my parents". Does sponging mean something different nowadays?  Anyway, after a seven week trip to New Zealand we will have the "pleasure" of her company on a permanent basis), Dan and Malcolm, who have finally admitted to their attraction for each other and are shacking up together in Queens, Pussy in Boots for his birthday, Eager 4 Beaver for using the bathroom on trail, Splat for texting in the circle. And where’s Dave Hardy when you need him? The visitor from Montreal was not from there originally but from some obscure part of England, possibly the same obscure place that Hardy hails from. Had Hardy been there he could have translated what the guy said into some recognizable language. As it is we have to guess what he was talking about when he called up someone for "cropping". The barely legible notes from the circle that Norma gave me are not much help unless we have a hasher who goes by the name of leccl in surestutijt(Joul). Said visitor also gave a down down to Stewa for public affection. Guess we can forgive him for not knowing that Stewa are permanently joined at the hip, shoulder and tongue.  Norma was not given a down down for wearing a pair of 1950s pants. Good job guys.  On-out.