BH3 #408

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #408 / 5-12-08

Hares: Headlights and Blackout

                                                              On In: Shenanigans

Scribe: House Of Weenies


Another dark, cold, Brooklyn Monday hash.  Thank g-d the rain let up so we did not have another seven mile washed out flour debacle.  As the crowd assembled FMIG lauded the r*nner’s sale at Paragon and proudly displayed his new drinking cups.  He was very disappointed nobody else had similarly clean shoes and would be drinking alone.


Virgin hare Headlights and Hareraiser Blackout started at the Prospect Park B/Q stop with clouds and a mixed flour chalk trail.  We traipsed through Prospect Park then exited and ran through Victorian Flatbush – a small stretch of very grand mansion like houses between Flatbush and Coney Island Ave near Beverly road.  I especially loved the hose styled like an old Japanese mansion that was hidden in the woods.  Oddly, as soon as you leave Victorian Flatbush, you end up on Coney Island Ave in a mix of gas stations and 99 cent stores.  Very odd neighborhood transition; the type of thing you expect to find in NYC.

Outside one missed check, whereby we picked up the trial a block later, it was a very straightforward r*n of near 3 miles.  We continued into Kensington and finished the trail at Shenanigans.


We circled up, and the drinking commenced.  Gifts of beer were issued for:

  1. Our hares for setting such a lovely trail – no seriously, it was a really good trail!
  2. Gee Dicky was rewarded for the sh*tty trail of the previous hash.
  3. Pencil Dick – for calling the hotline at the missed check.
  4. Dave Byron Brown – Called the hotline for the on-in, still ran the wrong way.
  5. FMIG drank for and from his new gear, of course.  He had only been commenting on them the entire trail.
  6. Jeremy for running over a woman and her groceries
  7. Shani complained we didn’t know how to spell her name.  She drank for complaining despite Headlights warnings. 

Two new committee members were announced.  Horray Beer!

  1. Just Nina was appointed Fluffer for the Brooklyn Hash.  Lots of comments were made about multicultural penises.
  2. House of Weenies is the co-On-sec with Eager 4 Beaver.

The pizza arrived before, the circle, so, the eating commenced.  All was well with the world and all were happy.  And the beer ran on forever, well at least until I took the F train northward.

On Out

House of Weenies


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