Ancient NYCH3 writeups

New York City Hash Writeups

Date Run
Start and Finish Hare Scribe
4/28/02 936 Start:
On-In: Cannons
Alice and Geoff Heather Malloy
4/21/02 935 Start:
On-In: Westside Brewery
Bahamonde and Diane Heather Malloy
4/14/02 934 Start: GPO 10001
On-In: 37th and 3rd
Crusty and Jesse Heather Malloy
3/10/02 929 Start: Port Authority Bus Terminal
On-In: Collins Bar
DBB Heather Malloy
3/3/02 928 Start: Grand Army Plaza
On-In: Eighty 1 Nine?
Aussie Sarah and Polish Andres Heather Malloy
2/10/02 925 Start: Far Rockaway
On-In: O'Healy's
Fluffy Lockerman Heather Malloy
1/13/02 921 Start: 301 E 51st
On-In: Jake's Dilemma
Mickey Mouth & Dave "Too" Long Heather Malloy
1/6/02 920 Start: Village Nursing Home
On-In: Village Idiot
Fireman Bob and Wet & Sticky Heather Malloy
8/8/01 897 Start: Bowling Green
On-In: Carriage House, E59 St.
Cree and Mike Hoffman Heather Malloy
7/18/01 894 Start: 14th & 7th
On-In: Flannery's, 14th & 7th
Dave Long Heather Malloy
7/11/01 893 Start: Provence Restaurant, McDougal & Prince
On-In: Puffy's, Hudson St.
Ewa Mobus & Heather Malloy Christine Hinz
7/4/01 892 Start: Kew Garden stop N/R line Queens
On-In: "On In One" Club house bar, Kasenna Golf Course Queens
Action Man Vince Cloud aka Viagra Spice
6/27/01 891 Start: 68th St. and Lexington Ave.
On-In: The Big Easy, 2nd & 92nd
John and Aleks O'Connor Christine Hinz
6/20/01 890 Start: 110th & Lexington
On-In: Hooligan's
Fireman Bob, Lipstick Leslie, Ed Lynch Heather Malloy
6/13/01 889 Start: Lincoln Centre
On-In: Carriage House, E59 St.
Slow to Blow and Junior Heather Malloy
6/6/01 888 Start: British Consulate
On-In: Waterside Towers Bar & Grill
Mike Murphy & Steve Douglass Christine Hinz
5/30/01 887 Start: 23rd and 7th Avenue
On-In: Garden Tavern, 32nd & 8th
Fireman Bob and Lipstick Leslie Christine Hinz
5/23/01 886 Start: 125th St. & Malcolm X Blvd.
On-In: Jake's Dilemma, Amsterdam & 81st
Slow To Blow & Chris Rust Heather Malloy
5/16/01 885 Start: Roosevelt Island
On-In: The Carriage House, E59th St.
Elaine Kerr Christine Hinz
5/9/01 884 Start: Broadway & Cedar
On-In: Raccoon Lodge, Warren St.
Dave Long & Peter Trunfio Heather Malloy
5/5/01 883 Start: Columbus Circle
On-In: The Back Page, 3rd & 83rd
Roy Gilbert & Peter Trunfio Christine Hinz
4/30/01 882 Start: CPW & 96th
On-In: Westside Brewing Company, Amsterdam & 76th
Dave Hardman Hardy & Laird Stiefvater Heather Malloy
4/21/01 881 Start: Off The Wagon, MacDougal St.
On-In: Ace Bar, 5th & Ave.C
Chris Troise, Jimmy Akhbari, Rick Chann Christine Hinz
4/15/01 880 Start: Broadway/Lafayette on 6 train
On-In: Tom & Jerry's
Fluffy Lockerman Scot Gleason
4/8/01 879 Start: 96th & CPW
On-In: Dive Bar, 96th & Amsterdam
Dave The Body Croft & Steve Brett Melissa Schimke
4/1/01 878 Start: Times Square
On-In: Malachy's, W72 St.
Elaine Kerr & Crazy Bob Peter Trunfio
3/25/01 877 Start: Astor Place
On-In: Puffy's, Hudson St.
Alice Harrison & Pat Flanagan Christine Hinz
3/18/01 876 Start: St. Patrick's Cathedral
On-In: Bar None, 3rd & 12th
Basil Ashmore & John Cardinal O'Connor Heather Malloy
3/11/01 875 On-In: Reade St. pub Pat Cuff & Danny Choriki Heather Malloy
3/4/01 874 On-In: Mug Shot Bar Paul Ashlin & Sara Willis Heather Malloy
2/27/01 873 Start: Kingsbridge on 4 train
On-In: Woodlawn Cafe, Woodlawn 4 train stop
Roy Gilbert and Ewa Mobus Danny Choriki
2/18/01 872 Start: Brighton Beach on the D
On-In: The (Something) Saloon
Annual Polar Bear Run/Swim
Fluffy & Lipstick Leslie Christine Hinz
2/10/01 871 On-In: The Bar Formerly Known As Boo Radleys Steve Brett and Matt Fludgate Heather Malloy
2/4/01 870 Start: Roosevelt Island
On-In: Astoria somewhere
Dave Byron-Brown & Dave Long Christine Hinz
1/28/01 869 On-In: Chez Trisha Trisha Hoffman, Ed Lynch, Fireman Bob Heather Malloy
1/21/01 868 On-In: Jeremy's Ale House, near Fulton fish market Cree Lawson, George & Cole Corwin Heather Malloy
1/14/01 867 Start: 72nd & Broadway
On-In: Dive 75, 75th & Columbus
Michele Thompson & John Dogz Bollox Burke Christine Hinz
1/7/01 866 Ellen O'Dee's, 40th & Lex Lesley Brough & Kyle Krall Heather Malloy
12/30/00 865 Start: Chambers & Hudson
On-In: Reade St. Pub
Danny Choriki & Crazy Bob White Christine Hinz
12/24/00 864 Start: South St. Seaport
On-In: Ryan's, nearby
Dave The Body Croft Peter Trunfio
12/17/00 863 Start: 23rd & 3rd
On-In: Another Bar, 32nd & 2nd
Dave Long & Melissa Schimke Christine Hinz
12/10/00 862 Garden Tavern, 32nd & 8th
Sancta Lucia Run
Fluffy, Alison Hope, Rudy Klein Heather Malloy & Christine Hinz
12/3/00 861 On-In: Coogan's, way uptown Daniel Salchow, Ted Pitt, Tim Urekew Heather Malloy
11/26/00 860 On-In: Garden Tavern, 32nd & 8th Christine Hinz Heather Malloy
11/19/00 859 Start: 200th St./Dyckman Ave.
On-In: Bronx somewhere
Roy Aneeva Christine Hinz
11/12/00 858 Start: 96th & Lex
On-In: Hooligan's, 94th & 2nd.
Scot Gleason & Devo Heather Malloy
11/4/00 – 11/6/00 856/857 Marathon Weekend happenings Various Christine Hinz & Tiger's Woody
10/22/00 854 Start: 2nd Avenue & Houston
On-In: Coyote Ugly, 1st Ave. & 11th
Rick Chann Heather Malloy
10/15/00 853 Start: Woodlawn subway
On-In: South Bend, Broadway & 252nd
Devo Christine Hinz
10/8/00 852(2) Start: 72nd & CPW
On-In: Dive Bar, 96th & Amsterdam
Pete "Bomber" Lancaster & John Burke Christine Hinz
10/4/00 852(1) Start: World Trade Centre
On-In: G.B. Shaw's, Fulton St.
Peter Trunfio Heather Malloy
9/27/00 852 Start: 23rd & 5th
On-In: Dewey's Flatiron, 25th & 5th
Debbie Ulis & Laura Johnson Heather Malloy
9/20/00 851 Start: 42nd & 9th
On-In: Tobacco Road, 41st & 9th
Dave O'Donnell & Crazy Bob Heather Malloy
9/13/00 850 Start: 1st Ave. & 51st St.
On-In: McQuaid's, 44th & 11th
Sucks After Dark Dr. Seuss a.k.a. Pat Cuff
9/6/00 849 Start: Bryant Park
On-In: The Back Page, 3rd & 84th
Peter The Brit & Invisible Alistair Christine Hinz
8/30/00 848 Start: 6th Ave. & Central Park South
On-In: Malachy's, 72nd & Columbus
Elaine Kerr & Chris Rust Christine Hinz
8/23/00 847 Start: 14th & 7th
On-In: Flannery's, 5 yards from start
Danny Choriki & Heather Malloy Dave Long
8/16/00 846 Start: Washington Square Park
On-In: The Village Idiot, 14th & 9th
Michael Bahamonde & Melanie Ashmore Heather Malloy
8/9/00 845 Start: 77th & Lex
On-In: Reif's, 92nd & 2nd
Dave Long & Melissa Schimke Christine Hinz
8/2/00 844 Start: Union Square South
On-In: Gold Rush, 10th Ave. & 37th
Chris Troise & Jimmy Akhbari Heather Malloy
7/26/00 843 Start: Union Square South
On-In: Antarctica, Hudson St.
Peter Trunfio Detective Inspector Friday a.k.a Pat Cuff
7/19/00 842 Start: Rockefeller Centre
On-In: Jake's Dilemma, Amsterdam & 81st
Slow To Blow & Christine Hinz Heather Malloy
7/12/00 841 Start: L'Alliance Francaise, E60th St.
On-In: Sandy's Place, 2nd & 37th
Ariane Juzen, Ewa Mobus & Froggy Christine Hinz
7/5/00 840 Start: 42nd & 3rd
On-In: Nevada Smith's, 3rd Ave. & 11th
Dave Byron-Brown Heather Malloy
6/28/00 839 Start: William & Fulton
On-In: G.B. Shaw's, Fulton St.
Andy Hedgehog Millard & Beth Scarborough Christine Hinz
6/21/00 838 Start: Plaza Hotel, 59th & 5th
On-In: Richter's, 90th & 3rd
Geoff Baldwin, Alice Harrison Heather Malloy
6/14/00 837 Start: 59th & Lex
On-In: Backpage, 83rd & 3rd
Lesley Brough, Matt Fludgate Danny Chokiri
6/7/00 836 Start: Columbus Circle
On-In: Dive Bar, 96th & Amsterdam
Slow To Blow, Ann-Marie Joyce Chris Rust
5/31/00 835 Start: Wall St. & Broadway
On-In: Blarney Something, Water St.
Devo Christine Hinz
5/24/00 834 Start: Christopher St. on 1,9
On-In: Off The Wagon, McDougall St.
Scot Gleason, It's Pat Cuff (the horror, the horror…) Christine 'n' Heather
5/17/00 833 Start: 23rd & 8th
On-In: Bar None, 12 St. & 3rd Ave.
John O'Connor, Aleks Tkocz Rick Chann
5/14/00 – post-AGM recovery run 832 Start: Columbus Circle
On-In: Reif's, 92nd & 2nd
Incoming JMs Roy Gilbert & Peter Trunfio Christine Hinz
5/13/00 – AGM 831 Start: Union Square
On-In: Ukrainian National Home, 2nd & 11th
Hares: Outgoing JMs Roy Gilbert & Lesley Brough New on-sex Christine Hinz & Heather Malloy
5/7/00 830 Start: 125th & Broadway
On-in: Broadway Dive, 102nd & Broadway
Dave Hardy, John Burke, Bill Janeway, Doug Guiley Dave Long
4/30/00 829 Start: 72nd & CPW
On-In: Bear Bar, 73rd & Broadway
Rick Chann & Michele Thompson Dave Long
4/22/00 – Red Dress Run 828

Start: Near Bull McCabe's, St. Mark's Place
On-in: Off The Wagon, McDougall St.

Chris Donkey Dong Troise, Jimmy Akhbari & Rick Chann Davina Long
4/2, 9, 16/2000 825, 826, 827 Various Various Dave Long
3/26/00 823 Start: 86th & Lex
On-In: Westside Brewing Company, Amsterdam & 76th
Dave Long & Melissa Schimke Dave Long
3/19/00 – St. Patrick's Day Mk.II 822 Start: Old St. Patrick's Cathedral, Mott St.
On-in: Paddy O'Reilly's, 1st & 32nd
John O'Connor & Basil Ashmore Dave Long
Run No.'s 820 and 821. 820, 821 Various Various Idaho Sue,
Christine Hinz
Run No.'s 817, 818, 819 817, 818, 819 Various Various Various
2/13/2000 817 Start: Sacred Heart Church, E33St. On-In: The Carriage House, E59St. Lesley Brough & Peter Trunfio Heather Malloy
2/6/00 816 Start: Canal St. & Varick
On-In: Mojo's, Houston & Allen
Ariane Juzen, Heather Malloy Dave Long
1/30/00 815 Start: NFL Headquarters, Park & 48th
On-In: Chez Trisha
Danny Chokiri, Trisha Hoffman, It's Pat Cuff Christine Hinz
1/23/00 814 Start: Union Square
On-In: Coyote Ugly, 1st Ave. & 11th
Ed Lynch, Scot Gleason, Mickey Mouth Dave Long
1/16/2000 813 Start: W3 St. & 6th Ave.
On-In: The Village Idiot, 14th & 9th
Pierre Soncke & Steve Yoman Dave Long
1/9/2000 812 Start: 181st on the A
On-In: Cannon's, 103rd & Broadway
Slow To Blow & Mickey Mouth Dave Long
1/1/2000 808 Start: Times Square.
On In: Shandon Star, Eighth Avenue between 55th and 56th Streets.
Keith Kanaga Mickey Mouth
New Year's Party na na na na
11/28/99 803 Start: 207th Street and Broadway.
On In: Woodlwan Caffe, 213th Street and Jerome Avenue, Bronx
Roy Gilbert,
Viagra Vince Cloud
Dave Long
11/14/99 801 Start: 181st Street and Fort Washington Avenue.
On In: Cannon's 108th Street and Broadway.
Marcus "Devo" Schodorf,
Danielle Farrell
Dave Long
11/7/99 800 Start: Guggenheim Museum, 89th Street and Fifth Avenue.
On In: Mile 23 and a bit, NYC Marathon.
On On In: Jake's Dilemma, Amsterdam Avenue and 81st Street.
J.M.'s Lesley Brough,
Roy Gilbert
Christine Hinz
10/31/99 798 Start: Slaughtered Lamb Pub, West 4th Street.
On In: Off the Wagon, McDougal Street.
Chris Troise,
Mike Hoffman
Davina Long
10/17/99 796 Start: Woodlawn Station, Bronx.
On-In:Station Tavern, 231st Street and Broadway, Bronx.
Roy Gilbert,
Michele Thompson,
Rick Chann
Dave Long
10/10/99 795 Start: 79th Street and Broadway.
On-In: Dive Bar, 96th Street and Amsterdam
Scott Gleason,
Elliot Sobel
Chris Troise,
Dave Long
10/3/99 794 Start: 211th & Broadway.
On-In: Irish Eyes, just north of the start.
Dave Hard Man Hardy &
John Dog’s Bollocks Burke
David Byron-Brown
9/29/99 793 Start: Washington Square Park.
On-In: The Village Idiot, 14th & 9th.
Paul Ashlin,
Patrick Reagan
Dave Long
9/15/99 791 Start: 77th & Lexington Ave.
On-In: American Trash, 1st Ave. & 76th.
Tricia Hoffman,
Marie Wickham
Dave Long
9/8/99 790 Start: Rector St. station.
On-In: O'Keeffe's, Court St., Brooklyn.
The Senior Half of the 4 British Daves (Byron-Brown & Croft) Dave Long
9/1/99 789 Start: 125th & Broadway.
On-In: Cherokee Phoenix, 88th & Amsterdam.
Mike "Slow To Blow" Andonov,
Ewa "Slow To Drink" Mobus
Dave Long
8/18/99 787 Start: Houston & Varick.
On-In: Westside Tavern, 23rd & 9th .
On-On-In: Flight 151, Chelsea somewhere.
Heather Malloy,
Michael Bahamonde
Dave Long
8/11/99 786 Start: 96th & Lexington.
On-In: Jake's Dilemma
Bo Petkovich,
Joe Bencivenga
Dave Long
8/4/99 785 Start: Chez James Dean, 19 West 68th Street.
On-In: Cherokee Phoenix, Amsterdam and 88th Street
Chris Troise,
Jimmy Akhbari
Dave Long
7/28/99 784 Start: Police Booth, 43rd Street and Broadway.
On-In: Rudy's, 9th Avenue and 44th Street
Marc "Devo" Schodorf,
John "Dumb Dick" Hartley
Dave Long
7/21/99 783 Start: South Ferry
On On: Blarney Stone, Greenwich and Morris
Buncha Belgians Dave Long
7/14/99 782 Start: French Consulate, 74th Street and Fifth Avenue.
On-In: Jean-Jacque's Dilemme
Miho Kimura, Ariane Juzen, Alice, Joy, "and any other French speaking bastard that cared to join them" Chris Troise
7/7/99 781 Start: 96th & Broadway.
On-in: Hogs & Heifers, 95th & 1st
Michele Thompson & Janet Slobodian Dave Long
6/30/99 780 Start: Vicinity of 191st & Broadway On-in: Station Tavern, 231st & Broadway, Da Bronx. Roy Aneeva Dave "Alright Shorts" Long
6/23/99 779 Start: Grand Street Subway Stop.
On-In: Café Right Bank, Brooklyn
Jerry Nelson Chris Troise
6/9/99 777 Start: 59th Street and Columbus Circle.
On-In: M-something or other on 77th Street or so and Columbus Avenue.
Michael Bahamonde,
Jennifer Fust
Chris Troise,
Crazy Bob
6/2/99 776 Start: 66th Street and Broadway.
On-in: Cannon's, 108th Street and Broadway
Elaine Kerr-amer,
"It's" Pat Cuff
Dave Long
5/26/99 775 Start: 103rd Street and Broadway.
On-in: Cowboy Bar, 78th Street and 1st Avenue
Melanie Ashmore,
Joe Bencivenga
Dave Long
5/19/99 774 Start: Astor Place.
On-in: Antarctica, Hudson St., South Pole
Alice Harrison,
Geoff Baldwin
Tricia Hoffman
5/12/99 773 Start: 77th Street and Lexington Avenue. On-in: Beacon Hill, 76th Street and 1st Avenue. Lesley Brough Dave Long
5/5/99 772 Start: City Hall.
On-in: Nevada Smith, 3rd Avenue and 11th Street
Dave Byron-Brown, Dave "Too" Long #1: Too Long
#2: Ciderman
5/2/99 771 Start: 72nd Street and Central Park West.
On-in: Reif’s Tavern, 92nd Street and 2nd Avenue
JM's Roy Gilbert,
Lesley Brough
Dave Too Long
5/1/99 770 Start: Washington Square Park.
On-in: Ukrainian National Home, 2nd Ave and 9th Street.
JM's David Croft,
Vince Cloud
Chris Troise
4/25/99 769 Start: 96th Street & Amsterdam Avenue. Finish: ? Ross Holden Mike Hoffman
4/11/99 767 Start and Finish: Village Idiot, 14th Street and 9th Avenue. Second Annual Red Dress Run. Chris Troise,
Rick Chann,
James Akhbari
8 Yellow Snow, Long Beach H3
3/14/99 763 Start: St. Patrick's Cathedral (51st St & 5th Ave).
On-In: Paddy Reilly's (29th St. & 2nd Ave)
John O'Connor,
Basil Ashmore
Mike Hoffman
2/27/99 761 Start: West 10th st. & Hudson St.
On-In: The 19th Hole. (19th St. & 3rd Ave).
Kerry McVeigh,
Mike Murphy
Mike Hoffman
2/20/99 760 Start: Brighton Beach stop on D/Q line
On-In: Atlantic Ocean!! @ Brighton Beach.
On-On-In: Russian Restaurant on the Beach (offering Barrel drinks!)
On-On-On-In: Captain Walters in Sheepshead Bay.
Jerry "Fluffy Lockerman" Nelson,
Pierre Sonke
Mike Hoffman
2/16/99 Hogwash 1 I Trulli, 122 East 27th Street Roy Gilbert Miho Kimura
2/14/99 759 Start: Upper Montclair bus stop on the DeCamp line.
On On: Just Fate, Montclair.
Jerry McKenzie Keith Kanaga
1/31/99 757 Start: 116th St. & Broadway (Columbia Univiversity).
On-In: Trisha Hoffman's (537 East 87th Street).
Ed Lynch,
David Godbold
Michael Hoffman
1/17/99 755 Start: 82nd Street & 3rd Avenue.
On-In: Beacon Hill Ale House (77th Street & 1st Avenue)
Joe Bencivenga,
Bo Petkovich
Michael Hoffman
1/10/99 754 Start: Mustang Sally's (28th Street & 7th Avenue).
On-In: Blarney Stone (30th Street & 9th Avenue)
Michael Hoffman,
Chris Troise
Mickey Mouth from Shanghai
1/3/99 753 Start: 86th Street and Central Park West.
On On: Tap-A-Keg, 105th Street and Broadway
Dave Croft,
Roy Gilbert
Michael Hoffman
12/13/98 749 Start: Woodlawn stop on the 4.
On In: Some bar at the Bronx terminus of the 2 and 3.
John Burke,
Doug Guiley
Mike Hoffman
12/6/98 748 Start: Broadway between 50th and 51st Streets.
On In: Village Idiot
Chris Troise,
Jimmy Akhbari
Mike Hoffman
11/29/98 747 Start: 207th Street on the A line.
On In: Pauline and Rodgers, Broadway and 236th Street, Bronx, NY
Roy Gilbert,
Ewa Mobus
Vince Cloud
11/22/98 746 Start: 77th Street and Lexington Avenue.
On-In: Racoon Lodge.
Peter Trunfio Mike Hoffman
11/15/198 745 Start: West 4th Street & 6th Ave.
On-In: Antartica, Hudson & Spring Streets
Arianne Juzen
Mike Hoffman
11/8/98 744 Start: 6 East 44th St.
On In: Racoon Lodge, 84th Street and Amsterdam Avenue
Bo Petkovich
Joe Bencivenga
11/2/98 743 Start: Plaza Hotel, 59th Street and Fifth Avenue.
On In: Carriage House, 59th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.
Keith Kanaga Scribe Needed
11/1/98 742 Start: 86th St. & 5th Ave.
On-In: Just past Mile 23.
On-On-In: Jake's Dilemma, 82nd St. & Amsterdam Ave
Trisha Hoffman Mike Hoffman
10/30/98 741 Start: New York Public Library, 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue.
On In: tbd
Mike Bahamonde Scribe Needed
10/25/98 740 Start: Bowling Green
On On: Ryans
Steve Brett Judy Ross
8/26/98 731 Start: Columbus Circle
On On: Jake's Dilemma
British Daves Michael Hoffman
8/19/98 730 Start: 23rd Street and 7th Avenue.
On-In: Flannery’s, 14th and 7th
Matt Fludgate,
Kerry McVeigh
Christopher Troise
6/17/98 721 Start: Lexington Ave/77th Street.
On In: Hogs & Heifers (East) @ 95th St and First Avenue
Vince Cloud Geoff Baldwin
5/20/98 717 tbd Roy Gilbert Trisha Hoffman
4/5/98 709 Start: Village Idiot, 14ths Street and 9th Avenue.
On-On: Ditto
Chris Troise,
Rick Chann
David Croft
3/15/98 706 Start: Old St. Patrick's Cathedral, Mott Street near Houston Street.
On-In: Fiddlesticks, Greenwich Avenue near 7th Avenue
Basil Ashmore,
John O'Connor
Dave Byron-Brown
3/8/98 705 Start 86th Street and Broadway.
On-In: Mug Shot Bar @ 75th St. and 1st Avenue.
Petra Heitmann,
Chris Troise
Paul Ashlin
3/1/98 704 Start: 86th Street and Lexington Ave.
On-In: Bradys 1583 Second Avenue
Bo Petkovich,
Joe Bencivenga.
Alice Harrison
2/22/98 703 Start: Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn.
On-In: The Gate, 3rd Street & 5th Avenue, Brooklyn
Roy Gilbert,
Pierre Sonke
David Croft
2/15/98 702 Start: 41st Street & 1st Avenue.
On-In: Ship Of Fools, 83rd Street & 2nd Avenue
Steve Brett Dave Byron-Brown
2/1/98 700 Start: New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue and 41st Street.
On-In:Crossroads, 77th Street and Second Avenue
Joint Master David Croft Steve Kurtzer
1/25/98 699 Start: Central Park West and 86th Street.
On-In: Trisha Hoffman's Apartment, 537 East 87th Street
Jon Glanville Steve Kurtzer
1/18/98 698 Start: Union Square West and 14th Street.
On-In: Coyote Ugly Saloon, First Avenue between 9th and 10th Streets
Rick Chann,
Bill Humnicky
Steve Kurtzer
1/11/98 697 Start: Spring and Lafayette Streets.
On-In: Blind Tiger Ale House, Hudson and West 10th Streets
Ewa Mobus Steve Kurtzer








New Year's Eve Party,






New Year's Eve: Dive 75, 75th Street and Columbus Avenue;

695 – Start: 75th Street and Columbus Avenue 
On-In: McAleer’s Pub Amsterdam Avenue and 80th Street;

696 – Start: Columbus Circle, Eighth Avenue and 59th Street On-In: Village Idiot 14th Street and 9th Avenue

The Committee,




Keith Kanaga,




Laird Stiefvater

Steve Kurtzer
12/28/97 694 Start: Third Avenue and 53rd Street 
On-In: Dive Bar Amsterdam Avenue and 96th Street
Steve Kurtzer  Dave Byron-Brown
12/21/97 693 Start: Metropolitan Avenue/Middle Village Queens
On-In: 11th Alley 71-36 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale
Dave Byron-Brown Steve Kurtzer
12/14/97 692 Start: Rockefeller Center
On-In: Jake's Dilemma Amsterdam Avenue and 81st Street
Jerry Nelson,
Allison Hope,
Bjorn Thegeby,
Aleks Tkocz,
Rudy Klein
Steve Kurtzer
12/7/97 691 Start: Grand Central Station.
On-In: Carriage House, 59th Street between Second and Third Avenues
Yoshi Ozaki,
Elaine Kerr,
Petra Heitmann
Steve Kurtzer
11/30/97 690 Start: Third Avenue and 87th Street.
On-In: Iggy's, Second Avenue between 75th and 76th Streets.
Joint Master Lisa Unger,
Trisha Hoffman
Steve Kurtzer
11/26/97 689 Start: Central Park West and 72nd Street.
On-In: Tap-A-Keg, Broadway and 104th Street.
Vince Cloud,
Kathy Friedman
Steve Kurtzer
11/23/97 688 Start: Central Park West and 79th Street 
On-In: Dive Bar Amsterdam Avenue and 96th Street 
Dave Hardy and 
Bubbles (Jeff from the West London H3)
Steve Kurtzer
11/16/97 687 Start: Broadway and Houston Street 
On-In: Boo Radley's 11 Waverly Place
Pierre Sonke,
Ariane Juzen
Steve Kurtzer
11/9/97 686 Start: Hoboken, NJ PATH Station 
On-In: Cryan's Exchange 110 First Street, Hoboken
Robert White,
Steve Brett
Steve Kurtzer
11/2/97 685 Start: Guggenheim Museum Fifth Avenue and 88th Street 
On-In: Marathon Mile 23 inside Central Park.
On-On-In: Beacon Hill Ale House, 1470 First Avenue between 76th and 77th Streets
Joint Master
David Croft
Steve Kurtzer,
Michael Hoffman
11/1/97 684 Start: Columbus Circle, Eighth Avenue and 59th Street. 
On-In: Shandon Star, Eighth Avenue between 55th and 56th Streets
Michael Hoffman Steve Kurtzer
10/26/97 683 Start: Chambers and Varick Streets 
On-In: The North River Bar 145 Hudson Street
Rick Chann
Paul Ashlin
Steve Kurtzer
10/19/97 682 Start: Hoboken, NJ PATH Station 
On-In: Cryan's Exchange 110 First Street, Hoboken
Dave Hardy,
Steve Brett
Steve Kurtzer
10/15/97 681 Start: Lexington Avenue and 89th Street. 
On-In: Kelly's Korner Second Avenue and 89th Street
Tom Church Steve Kurtzer
10/8/97 680 Start: Madison Square Park Broadway and 23rd Street. 
On-In: Bulls Head, Third Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Streets
Matt Fludgate
Sue Szubert
Steve Kurtzer