BH3 #295

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #295

March 1, 2004

Hare: Hedgehog

On In: The Brazen Head (“An Old Place”)

Scribe: The Saint


This run might be titled Wet Connection and the Seven or Dozen Dwarfs though I never counted the exact number as it appeared that the venerable Brooklyn Hash had converted – for a week anyway – into a Men’s Hash.  This dear readers is a vestige of the Old Country or Washington DC.  It is too bad that Mean Jean wasn’t there as she was the last in Brooklyn to be seated soooooooh! comfortably between seven dwarves.  Ironically the On In for that Hash was also the BHead suggesting that for some reason Snow White works her voodoo when the BHead is involved – must be some weird Venus-waves are emitted via the web to those surfing hashers leading to this unbalanced phenomenon.  Holy On In, call in Scully and Mulder!  On the other hand this might improve both the number of members of both sexes for the next hash with a BHead On In.  Of course, who knows where the OI will be but a crafty Hare could leak it.


The Hashers ran about for about 45 minutes through the usual streets in this area.

Was a fine hash given the experience of Hedgehog.  Well done, etc. and let’s get to the good stuff.


That plus the fact that this scrawl was completed nearly a month after the run will cause me to cut it shorter than usual.


The one item of interest is that a Brooklyn newbie, Kyle, became the object of affection of a veteran female hasher.  Should said runner be interested in a name contact the scribe.





It has come to the attention of the editor that certain parties – OK one certain party —  feels highly aggrieved by remarks from the Bully Pulpit of your scribe.  It was stated to this writer that a formal protest was going to be lodged in writing even (which is quite rare for a Yank) but would be great because it would allow your scribe to fulfill his role as editor to make my points more strongly.  However, at Run # 296 the aggrieved party – Stephen – asked if I had received his two emails – same one times 2 apparently.  Of course I did not, and although they did not have attachments either their intent or something strange resulted in a SPAM filter catch.  It would make sense that an email from Stephen would easily be mistaken for SPAM but who’s to say?


I state, however, for the Hash record that I will print Stephen’s letter providing it is written in the King’s English; makes sense; does not contain any bloody profanity; interpreted as insulting to anyone without ether factual justification or being humorous; and being short enough to fit into the usual length of these tomes.  So send it in or hand it to me.


Name Retraction


Now all of the above blither could have caused due to the suggestion of naming Stephen, which was forestalled by the JMs seeking a politically correct decision.  Well this scribe hates to presume and especially hates to second-guess our JMs, but I have decided in my wisdom to retract the naming suggestion based on some brilliance uttered by Stacie, one of our JMs.  In #293 it was suggested that Stephen – he does get a lot of press ink – have a Hash name and the suggestion based on his proclivity to mark in a special way was Pencil Dick.  Stacie opined that when she looked at Stephen there was a strong desire to not think about him (permanently) in that way.  Makes sense hence the retraction.  No hasher, even scribes, is above logic and an ability to admit suggesting something plain old dumb.


But, too few NYH3 and BH3 and even QH3 Hashers have names when perfectly good opportunities have arisen.  Let’s be creative here.



New Idea?


Now it seems that having a “Letters To The Editor” might make for good copy provided a sufficient number of you dear readers could and would write.  (Forget well enough)  We know you can read based on comments form the Pack about these scrawls but can you write?  So, The Saint is throwing down the gauntlet and inviting You to write a letter to the editor.  There will be no guarantee that it will ever be published or modified to make you look sillier than you ever believed.  So c’mon and get out those thinking, drinking caps and let us hear from you!






On Out

The Saint.