BH3 #289

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #289

December 8, 2003

Hare: Mean Jean

On In: Brazen Head

Scribe: The Saint


This might be titled Mean Jean and Her Seven Dwarfs, as this comprised the group brazen enough to venture into another cold Brooklyn night.  There was snow from the day before necessitating a prophylactic approach to footwear.  Probably the most impressive, but most useless, was Stephen’s quasi-combat boots, but we did not expect him to do much running (again) anyway.


The motley crewe gathered in front of the police sub-station by the Bergen Street underground stop – we’re trying to use the patois that the British Daves will understand as we are in the midst of our new, acclaimed series: Name That Dave!  After MJ strode up we were off.  As usual where we went beats the hell out of me although it must be stated unequivocally and for the record that marks were exemplary given the slushy, mushy nature of the streets and sidewalk of our beloved Brooklyn.  We went through the usual territory but it was enjoyable and the natives must have thought we were a bunch of mad dogs and Englishmen.  The run lasted around 45 minutes – for those of us who did it, ahem!


We gathered in the back of a well-used haunt – nice job on the creativity side MJ – but the boisterous dart players urged us away.  Fortunately a group in front celebrating the season decided to leave and we were hunkered down before they had their scarves and mitts on to venture into a cold December night.


This is where Mean Jean excels as her seven gathered around her to keep her toasty and warm.  The seven – not all ran as 2 of the British Daves elected to show in civvies again:

  1. Andy
  2. Pile Driver (Nail Driver?)
  3. Stephen
  4. Crofty
  5. DB2
  6. Fluffy (dba Mungo Jerry)
  7. Saint

Down Downs were attempted and per past experience generally botched by Stephen.  Stephen elected to pull another short version of the course likely calling in via his cell.  As Pile Driver tells it, they came to a check where Stephen said he thought the course went straight – but he promptly proceeded to go right?  Oy!


The BHead had a nice touch in feeding us with barbequed wings and had cask-conditioned IPA, which was mighty tasty.


OK, without further ado and because I remember nothing else, here is the next installment of Name That BD.


Installment #2: Name That (British) Dave!


                        Column A                                                         Column B


  1. Name of Company 3 BDs worked for              1.  BIS, LLC
  2. Minimum number BDs ever @ NYH                            2.  PIS, LLC
  3. Can a US citizen be considered a real BD                     3.  One
  4. Lived w/o a refrigerator – for 2 Yrs!                             4.  Two
  5. Never got a US license                                     5.  Three
  6. Never learned to drive                                                  6.  Yes
  7. Born in a pub                                                                7.  No

                                                            8.  Dave Long

                                                                        9.  Dave Crofty

                                                                        10. DB2

                        11. Dave Hardy


Rules: Match a selection in Column A with one from Column B.  Obviously as you can all count because you need to make change for beer, selections in Column B can be used more than once.  Answers will be subsequently provided as soon as I find the real ones or make something up.






On Out



The Saint