BH3 #389


Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #389, September 3, 2007

Hare: Eager For Beaver

On In: Eager 4 Beaver's Place

Scribe: Noah's Dinghy

Labor Day is one of those holidays where no one is ever quite sure what we’re celebrating.  Summer is unofficially over, the kids are going back to school, and Yankee and Red Sox fans become truly insufferable as the sports pages indulge their fantasy that their teams are the only ones still playing.  So why not observe the day with a r*n capped off by better beer?


Eager 4 Beaver assured us a precisely 5-mile trail, taking us through various interesting parts of Brooklyn.  As we were starting by Prospect Park, it seemed obvious that a little shaggy would be in order.  So of course, the hare sent us away from the park.  The whole thing was a tease, as the trail involved precisely no shaggy, but instead the parking lots and sidewalks of Red Hook, until we r*n to Carroll Gardens and the home of our hare, who foolishly hosted a bunch of sweaty hashers.  There was a beer check, but only a few imbibed – apparently several hashers (including Lunch!) were under the impression this is a race and just keep r*nning.  Wankers.


As per Labor Day tradition, there was a barbeque and beer.  Lots of it.  Plus, we discovered that Budweiser Select is easily bested in a blind taste test by Bud Light.


This being a hash, there were down-downs: the hare, of course, not just for the trail but for claiming to having “trained” a virgin (you told that she should r*n in the direction an arrow points, E4B; you didn’t teach her Sanskrit).  The virgin, whose name I don’t recall, was also given her beer.  USMW and Screaming Orgasm were made to drink after witnessing a small child on a bicycle get jumped by several older boys and not doing a thing about it.  Lunch was given a down-down, hopefully for his shameful rejection of beer on trail.  There were others, but hey, I’m tired of writing.  See y’all at the AGM.