September 20, 2006
Start: the Apple Store, 59th and 5th
Devo and G’dick
On-In: L.I.C. (45th St in Queens)
Scribe: Lauren

NYCH3 Run #1178   hosted by

Tall, skinny guy w/ hairy legs (Devo) to pack of about 25 runners: “Just bring your Metrocards with you if you’ve got ‘em” —59th and 5th outside the Apple store

Older gentleman w/ glasses and goofy facial expressions(YankIT!):oo-wee Metrocards…this will be a true Devo trail!” —entering Central Park at SE corner

Mother to daughter: “wow, look at all those people running a marathon!” —2nd Avenue

Commuter: “Yuck…check out that girl (Courtney) actually using the ‘privacy bucket’” —Roosevelt Island Tram

Soccer players whistling at girls: “Yo mamacitas, keep runnin’!” —R.I. soccer pitch

Man in baseball cap running over Queensboro Bridge (Peter):On-on!”

Hot brunette w/ teacher glasses(Donna): “This is the most beautiful on-in ever!” —L.I.C. bar, Queens

Cute short girl to skinny, sweaty guy (Lauren/Fast American Dave): “A photo booth in a bar?  I hope Stewa doesn’t get any ideas…” —L.I.C.

Loud blond woman w/ big boobs (Mean Jean): “Circle up!  Do we have any hares?!  Do we have any hares?  Where the hell are the hares?
Hasher #1: “At the bar dealing with hash cash issues
Loud blond woman: “Do we have any visitors?”
Two cute English girls and a geek from Boise(Charlotte/Hillary/Harry Twatlicker):We’re visiting!” [they chug cups of beer]
Loud blond woman: “Do we have any damn hares?”  —L.I.C.

Loud blond woman to irate resident living over LIC bar: “Don’t worry we’ll be finished here in just another 10 minutes”

Super-cute older guy in glasses (Jumpin’ Jack Gash): “Do we have any virgins?!

Super-cute old guy: “Can we see Wet Connection up here?!
TALL blond wearing glow-in-the-dark T-shirt: “Here I am, but why?”
Loud blond woman: “Because I’m mad at you!   You ditched us girls and Leslie ended up forging a trail for us!” [TALL glowing blond chugs a beer]

Super-cute old guy: “Can we see Bruce, Speedy Gary and Jeremy up here?!

Loud blond woman: “These are our Lost Boys who spent an excessive amount of time making friends in the projects, so for that we’ll make you drink!”
Skinny guy w/ shaved legs (Gary):At least our new friends from the projects were nicer than you guys!” [All three chug beers]

Loud blond woman: “Since they weren’t available earlier lets make them as*holes of the week…come on up hares” [two guys approach]
Super-cute old guy: “What’d we think of the trail?!”
Cute blond (Erica): “I’m pissed!”
Loud blond woman: “S…H…I……T…T…Y……T…R…A…I…L….”

[the tall hot one drinks from his new shoe and the other from a plunger]

Tall hare immediately after end of the circle: “These are the last hash cash beers so take what you can get!”—L.I.C.

Hasher #2: “Did you have a fun night?”
Hasher #3: “Yeah…the hash never disappoints…”
Hasher #2: “On-out

Overheard by: Lauren