NYCH3 #1143

NYCH3 #1143

Date: Sunday January 29th, 2006

Start:  Delancey and Essex

Hares:  The Empress Norma, Deanna, and Don Wannabe

On-In:  Biddy Early’s

Scribe:  F*ck Me I’m Gay


FMIG’s Mad Libs Style Writeup #1


*Note to those who have never seen or played Mad Libs before. According to Wikipedia, “Mad Libs is the name of a word game that uses word substitutions for humorous effect. They are especially popular with children and frequently played as a party game or as a pastime.”  So, this should be right up our alley.


Being a ________________ scribe, I’ve long since forgotten most of what occurred on this ________________trail.  It was a truly ________________ day, the sky was pissing rain and after Friday night’s GGFM and Saturday’s Idiotarod, the pack that did turn out looked like ________________.


Since the Empress never actually sets her own trails, and Don Wannabe had never set trail before, it was something of a relief that Deanna stepped in and   ________________.  Nobody really knows who did what, but around 3:15 we stepped onto Essex Street and headed north, starting what could only be termed a ___________.


We ran about 20 feet before yours truly fell on his ass stopping short on the slick pavement. You could tell The Saint was relieved it wasn’t him, as he was wearing those ________________ shorts he always wears and God knows he wouldn’t want them to be a hashing casualty. A block or two further and we ran out of marks. The assembled hashers __________________, and ____________________, and 10 minutes later we were on but not before a bunch of __________________ headed back towards the start. _____________________!


That pretty much set the tone of the day, as periods of heavily marked trail were followed by nary a mark for blocks at a time. The Body said this was _______________________. We pretty much kept to the east side eventually crossing through Chinatown, an area of New York City usually devoid of traffic and pedestrians on Sunday, but absolutely barren on Chinese New Year. Thoughts of ______________ _____went through those of us who spent 15 minutes looking for the next mark in a sea of confetti, dragon droppings, and Chinese people. 


Trail continued south till we found ourselves over near Washington Market Park. At this point, the rest of the pack ______________________ whereas myself and Tim decided we would check everywhere else for trail and then hang around another 15 minutes until Dave Long _________________and informed us we should be heading towards Biddy Early’s. Soaking wet, freezing cold, and feeling like a pair of ______________, we finished the trail an hour and 45 minutes after we started.


Back at the On-In, the beer was _____________________ and the food tasted like___________________.  Ed Lunch__________________ and a short while later, ____________________ and _________________ were caught _______________________ in the restroom by Fluffy who claimed he had done the same at the __________________ hash in 1986 with Byron Brown.


Eventually,  former Joint Master Got Wood got the circle started, though not before it became apparent that many of the hashers there that day had no idea who she was and vice versa. _______________ she exclaimed. And where were Mean Jean and Jumping Jack Gash? ____________________! Those cheeky monkeys!


Anyhow, I’ve completely forgotten who got down downs, the hares, a bunch of virgins we’ve already forgotten, and yours truly and Ed Lunch took home AOTW. Why? ________________________!