GGFM #171

The Truth



Official Organ of the Greater Gotham Full Moon

Hash House Harriers

G2FMH3 Hash # 171 Monday, Oct. 31, 2005


Hare: The Committee

Start: Kabin (2nd and 5th or so)

On-In: Plug Uglies,  3rd Ave and 21st Street

Punk Ass Bitch (Scribe) FMIG


Lets just start with the circle and see how much room is left.  Its not like I have much to say about a trail I didnt run anyway.  So, the circle. Oy


The GGFM committee takes its circle seriously and apparently saw the Halloween Hash, prime time event that it is, as a chance to perfect the art of the circle. Unfortunately, all they did was set some sort of longest circle ever record. No doubt someone, probably one of the bollocks, or possibly someone Fluffy (Vampire) will claim that there was a longer circle at some obscure hash, but yada yada yada


Orchestrating this event were Joint Masters Rich (Honest Abe) and Cockstar (I Dream Of Penie). Rich, drunk with power, seems to love being up there at the center of it all, courting the madness, trying to expand our four song repertoire (I think 54321 will catch on), and generally pissing into the wind. Cockstar on the other hand is more of the dominatrix type willing to throttle anyone who gets in her way. Her tongue lashing (Shut Up!) of Wet Connection (Witch) was just an indication of the darkness deeper inside.


After an extensive preamble, Down Downs were awarded to every single hasher who ever existed, the staff of any bar we ever On-Inned at, the cast of Lost, and several homeless people who just happened to wander into the bar. Heres the lowlights


Our Hares The GGFM Comittee: Cockstar, Rich , Lisa (Devil With a Blue Dress)  Chad (United States Marine Whore, Red Dress Version). The rest of the committee having seen the list of down downs wisely were at the bar next door.


Virgin Carl (Roadrunner): Adrienne (Acme Dynamite) made him cum. Carl again for wearing his roadrunner hat in the circle


Vivian (Swimmer) I think Adrienne made her cum too. Adriennes a relative newcomer, but apparently has the kind of skills that make their way into the write-up.


There were some other virgins present but thankfully, the JMs didnt care enough to haul them up there.


Devo (Superman): Not very surprisingly, Devo took home the FRB award which currently contains a bag o rocks, a large sneaker, and a Wriggly Rascal doll pinned to the back.


Visitors From the Infamous Summit Hash: There were many and they were visitors.


Rebecca (Richs Wife): Rich paid some woman to dress up as his wife for Halloween and compounding that, in a wonton display of faux nepotism, he awarded her the Random Abuse Of Power Down Down which went to The Saint (Batgirl).


George and Elaine (A couple of Hawaiians): George again for a crown in the circle.


Does anyone besides me think hat in the circle down downs should be outlawed on Halloween? How about forever?


Peter and Dr. Steve: took home the I Have No Costume Award.


Junior (Keg) and Kyle (Rasta): Most hash like costume went to these clowns. 


Carla (Sexy Egg Woman), Mary (Hooters Girl), USMW  (USMW): won best Halloween Female Persona. Ken (Himself in the 80s) should have been awarded a down down for drooling, but dont you think this has gone on long enough already?


Hillary and Roadrunner (Iraq and Iran): There was a joke behind this down down reinterpreting their costumes but its been a couple of weeks and I forgot it. Youre not missing anything.


At this point the pizza arrived and anyone (anyone? Beuller?) still paying attention lost interest in the circle.  Fortunately  the JMs had been cut off from the bar and were nearly out of beer, so they had to wrap things up…


Devo and MasterCard: Repeater Award. Its not their fault theyre so gassy but Im sure the beer didnt help. Yeah, even I know that was a crap joke.


Wet Connection: I have no idea why she was up there but she whined to me about how everyone always knows its her when she dresses for Halloween, and thats a good enough reason as far as Im concerned.


Sketchy Dave (Winnie The Pooh): First of all Dave, I want that shirt I left at the on in last August back in time for this summer. Second of all, he got the Worst Costume Award. The thing was filthy too.


USMW received the best costume award,  the JMs finally stopped shouting, and at last, the circle was complete.


Trail went north from the Prelube at Kabin and West on St. Marks. After a beer stop at Grassroots Tavern, we continued west and headed North on 3rd Avenue.  From there it went straight to the On-In. Along the way a lot of people serenaded me (Baseball Fury)  with Warriors, Come Out To Play-ay. If that sounds pretty short thats because it was the trail that fellow gimp Lauren (Bat) and I took. From what I understand, true trail pretty much did the same thing with a loop further west to the parade. I imagine that was a real pain in the ass.