Turkey Day R*n and Food Fest

Turkey Day R*n and Food Fest

Who is bringing what

monica & ken – carrots & gingerbread
sunghee – ribs?
michelle – ??
geoff – wine
Jacqui – beer
Bob I. – ?
melissa – appetiser or dessert
izzet –
marj – cornbread
danny –

late –
ewa & steve

This will be updated with the list of who is coming and what they are bringing as I get the time to do it.

darby, marj and i will be cooking a turkey again this year and y’all are invited to come and hash, hang, drink and chow down.

if you are coming, or thinking of coming, please let me know as it makes planning so much easier. email me at danny @ hashnyc.com .

address is 258 west 93 #4B between Broadway and WestEnd. nearest subway is 1,2,3 at 96th st. phone is 917-441-6869.

there will be a hash trail at 1pm. the trail is optional and will be a to a. if you want a shower, bring a towel. we run at 1pm from the stoop the our brownstone. if you are running let me know, so i know to wait.

as for the dinner, i am timing the bird to come out at 3:30pm, so we’ll be eating around 4pm.

i am doing turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, a salad and gravy. i will also have some beer and wine.

so i am looking for more beer, wine, desserts, appetizers and side dishes.

cash will be $30 if you show up without telling me, $20 if you let me know you are coming by the friday before thanksgiving, and additional discounts for bringing food and or drinks. any extra monies will be donated to the St Francis Breadline. Last year we sent them a check for $45.

so, talk to me or email me at danny @ hashnyc.com and let me know if you are coming, what you can bring (cash is fine for the cooking impaired), and if you are running.