NY Hash Fourth of July Hudson Valley Romp

NEW YORK HASH HOUSE HARRIERS present yet another  HUDSON VALLEY* 4th of July  (well, actually, the 2nd, 3rd & 4th of July) ROMP *"HUDSON VALLEY" is a Copyright Trademark of  the Hudson Valley Hash House Harriers 

  Sat. Jul. 2nd   Preamble - Hyde Park    Meet At:    2-10 pm at Hyde Park Brewery (8 mi North of                        Poughkeepsie on route 9,                         opposite FDR library)    Run:        4:30 pm.     Hare:       Poptop.  No Sweep    On-On:      Hyde Park Brewery. 6 microbrews,                 CIA quality food.  Buy your own.    Bugout:     Sometime between 9-11pm.  Evacuate to                Casperkill Game Club, 20 minute drive,                 maps will be provided.    O'Nite:     Sleep in the Casperkill cabin, no charge,                 bring your own bedding.  Or camp out, bring                 your own tent or luxury mobile locker-room.                  NY Warmtub with Rumson-burner.  Bonfire,                 keg and snacks.   Sun. Jul. 3rd   3rd of July Romp Casperkill Game Club    Breakfast:  Irish Breakfast    Seminars:   Who are these strange people?  Why isn't                 Poptop the way he was?  10 reasons why I'd                 rather be home mowing the lawn.  Why did                 the keg taste better last night?    Scenic    Tours:      Liam's tent.  Poptop's van.  The falls.                  Eleanor's secret path through the woods.    Lunch:      Cold cuts, beer.    Run:        3pm    Hares:      Don Scarborough, Fluffy Lockerman.                   And Larry and Chris's dogs.    OnOn:       Casperkill Game Club.  Outstanding culinary                 display by well seasoned cooks, including                 Beefsteak Continental Army, Saucison Columbus,                 Salsa Mexicana and Patriots Pie.  Samoas.                  Microbrew.  NY Warmtub.     Bonfire:    see Tubslut and Poptop leap the flames, hear                 the screams.  Optional midnight optional                 clothing optional run.  There may be some                 singing while the card set play bridge.       Hash Cash:  $25 (this doesn't include what you spent Sat.)   Mon. Jul. 4th   4th of July Aftermath Casperkill    Breakfast:  Pancakes and syrup.  Bloody Marys.     LAZY FAT BOYS STROLL - 10:00 am. To be avoided if possible.     Lunch:      Leftovers.  Finish keg.  GO HOME!   EMAIL POPTOP if you plan to be there poptop6 at juno dot com   Tue. Jul. 5th    RECOVERY RUN - Meet at White Plains                  RR depot Parking lot. (use meters)    Run:        7:00 pm.     Hare:       1st one there