Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your beers! The attendance of all citizens, be you Patrician, Plebeian or slave, is requested to mourn the 2,049th anniversary of the assassination of mighty Caesar. The 3rd Anal NYCH3 Toga Hash and Bacchanalian Feast will be held Sunday, March 20th 2005AD. Togas shall be MANDATORY!!! The Hares (Cunicula Magnificus)– *Headeus Up Gluteus Maximus* *Creeligula* *Mickeus Mouthus* *Meania Vajeania* *Slippereus Maximus* The Start– *Tony’s Nut House (AKA Mulberry St Bar)–176 1/2 Mulberry St. (btwn Grand & Broome)* *Pre-Lube starts @2:00* *Trail starts @ 3:00* The Goods– *One free virgin to the first 50 citizens in attendance* *Use of the Vomitorium is included in Hash Cash* *Orgy room available! Make your reservations now* *Beer, Beer, Beer*

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