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New York City Hash House Harriettes


This is the female hash founded by Elaine Kerr & Michele Thompson in 9 Feb 1999. On the second Thursday of every month, we have either a girls-only hash or happy hour. The hashes work the same way as every other hash ($20 hash cash, trail to a bar, etc.) whereas the happy hours are just meeting up at a bar and pay as you go. We’ll let you know ahead of time if it’s a hash or a happy hour.

We also have annual theme costume hashes that are coed; these include Santa’s Sluts, Back to School Catholic School Girl hash, and the Playboy Easter Bunny hash. Also, around every Memorial Day weekend, we do a girls only pubcrawl for Fleet Week. New ideas are always welcome.


Current Committee

JM: US Marine Whore (Karen)

Hareraiser: Headlights (Ashley)

Haberdasher: NY Cock Exchange (Norma)

Hashcash: Finger F*cked (Brittany)

Fluffer: Technically Foul (Bex)


Runs on the second Thursday of the month.  To see the current schedule go to:   

Mailing List

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