How to Hare in NYC – Short Version

So you want to be a hare (short version)

By Roy Gilbert, 24 Sept. 2004

Refer to the for Detailed Version for additional information.


  • Decide on an on-in and make a deal – large enough space/adequate beer selection (cheap stuff/good stuff).
  • Target prices: max of $13.00 for a 64 oz pitcher for microbrews/ $11.00 for light/$5 per head for food.
  • Choose a start location where you can easily get a cab.
  • Recce (scout out) the run in advance so you know where you are going when you set the trail.
  • If you have time, confirm the beer deal with the bartender or manager on the day you’re setting trail.

Setting the trail

  • Have at least two hares unless you are certain it will be a small pack.
  • Virgin hares must team with an experienced hare.
  • It takes about twice as long to set a trail walking as it will for the pack to run it.
  • If it looks like rain use flour and use plenty of it – chalk disappears instantly.
  • Use a minimum of 10lb of flour to set a complete trail. Note: Flour is frowned upon these days. Try toilet paper if it is raining.
  • If using chalk, use sheet rock (aka plaster board or dry wall). If none of this is available then use nothing smaller than large sidewalk chalks – white only, other colours are invisible. DO NOT use classroom chalk.
  • Use raspberry Kool-Aid in the snow.
  • Checks shouldn’t be too difficult. You want to delay the FRBs (front running bastards) and bring the pack together.
  • It’s best to stick with three marks and you’re on with all falses marked.
  • The trail should be four to five miles. Front runners in after 45 minutes, the pack after an hour. Nobody complains about a short trail (assuming it’s well set).

At the start

  • Give chalk to runners for pack marks, keeping a piece to write the on-in location and hotline (212-HASHNYC) at the start, and mark the on-in at the finish.
  • Explain our markings to newcomers; tell them to take quarters for the hotline; explain that the on-in location will be written at the start.
  • Start the pack fifteen minutes after the scheduled start time.
  • Wait  ten minutes or so after the start for any late comers.
  • Write the on-in location on the sidewalk and set an arrow to the first mark.
  • Set the hot line–ask a committee member for instructions.

At the on-in

  • First get plenty of water and a few pitchers of beer ready for the pack.
  • Confirm the price and beer selection with bartender; tell him whom he may serve; set up an initial tab with a limit (typically $100); and give him/her a starter tip ($20.00 for a pack of twenty or more).
  • Tip each time you pay –if we get good service you should tip 15-20%.
  • Hash cash ($20) covers beer, food, and money for the hash kitty. Typical breakdown for $20.00 hash cash is $1.00/kitty, $5.00/food, $11.00 – $13.00/beer, $1.50 – $2.00/tip.
  • Collect hash cash from everyone (hares included) – be vigilant about this.
  • Give left-over hash cash to Hash Cash (the person) or a Joint Master.
  • If the $$ runs out collect supplemental hash cash or tell everyone they’re on their own.
  • Pizza is the easiest hash food: approx 5 hashers per pie — 1.5 slices each, delivery two hours after the start.
  • Check the bar tab once or twice – remember, anything not covered by hash cash comes out of your own pocket.