The New Amsterdam Winter Wednesday Hash House Harriers


Founded by Geoff Baldwin & Alice Harrison on 22 Oct 1997.


Runs biweekly Wed at 7:00 pm from October to April.

Receding Hareline (Previous 90 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s) OnIn
NAWW #377
Start: Harlem Hops, 2268 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd
Transit: 2/3 to 135th St, A/C to 135th St

A to B trail, a drink check or two, outdoor on-in [Facebook Event]

On-In: 31 East 127th Street, backyard

Cheeky Bastard and Just Zoe31 East 127th Street, backyard
NAWW #376
Start: The Gaf, 1696 2nd Ave (note the change)
Transit: Q to 86th, 4/5/6 to 86th

A to A. London Rules at the on-in. [Facebook Event]
Just Sarah & Dime Store Tom Cruise
NAWW #375
Start: Pier 84
Transit: 1,2,3,7,A,C,E,N,Q,R,W,S Times Square

A-A, chicken/eagle split, drink check, circle beers, hash cash TBD, multiple spank checks, and snacks at circle
Lunch & Snack Dat Ass

Mis-Management 2018 – ?

Joint Masters
Howl at the Poon

Momentarily Vertical

Idle Handjobs

Mis-Management 2016 – 2017

Joint Masters
Howl at the Poon
Cum on Moses

Momentarily Vertical

Idle Handjobs

Mis-Management 2015 – 2016

Joint Masters
Stinky Fingers


Surprise! I’m Illiterate!

Mis-Management 2014 – 2015

Joint Master

Punk Ass Bitch

Gabe the Babe

Mis-Management 2006 – 2014

Founder and ex-officio
Geof “Steamer”

Joint Masters

Religious Advisors



Hash Flash

Alice et al.

Mis-Management ?? - 2002
Joint Masters
Geoff Baldwin
Alice Harrison
Religious Advisors
Danny Choriki
Stacie Carr
Hash Flash
Sucks after Dark
Hare Raiser
Hedgehog (Andy)

Latest NAWWH3 Writeups

NAWW #286

Sloppy Cosmo’s Birthday/Virgin Lay! Hash started off promising with Turd Dimension took off his pants in BillyMark’s West, forgetting he had no running shorts on. Started 7:15pm ish at which point almost no one listened to Cosmo’s chalk talk. Good to know Cosmo’s parents are around because they were bag hares and drink checkers… too bad they peaced out early and no one gave them a down-down! So we ran around like idiots for a while in the west side where everything is under construction. I immediately spotted a broken fire hydrant which was sadly too heavy to take for loot (at least 80lbs!). Apparently Just Kyle has also tried to steal a fire hydrant before and it is just too heavy to take. Oh well. At one of the first checks, some hashers went the correct way and up into this elevated courtyard area while the rest of us followed along on the ground. And then we went onto the High Line (before or after this?) where we got just a tiniest bit confused when we ran into a dead end. But we figured it out, because we’re smart hashers! Then the most terrible part of the hash: Times Square. I personally experienced a lot of yelling from pedestrians, who either hated runners or cheered us on. Good thing my fellow Harriette Just Anne helped me out in shouting abuse back at those who questioned why we would do such a thing like run in Times Square. While Just Anne shouted back “we can run wherever we want”, I too pondered why I had made decisions leading to...

NAWW New Year’s Eve 2014

The RSVP deadline has passed! Due to space limitations, it may not be possible to accommodate additional hashers. This New Year, the NAWW is celebrating in Washington Heights, with a very special Start/On In.  What makes it special? No crowded NYE in NYC bars. A to A. No hash cash! This is a BYOB event. More details. Prelube/bag drop starts at 6:00 PM (please don’t show up before 6:00 though). Bring your own food and booze for the evening. There are plenty of liquor and grocery stores in the neighborhood. We can suggest places if necessary. Start is at Casa de Lick (Salt Lick and Mr. Lick aka Ian) You can shower if you want; bring a towel. What’s the catch? Space is limited. YOU MUST RSVP to adefelice2004 at yahoo BY DECEMBER 28! When you RSVP you will receive the exact start...

NAWW New Year’s Eve 2014

This New Year, the NAWW is celebrating in Washington Heights, with a very special Start/On In.  What makes it special? No crowded NYE in NYC bars. A to A. No hash cash! This is a BYOB event. More details. Prelube/bag drop starts at 6:00 PM (please don’t show up before 6:00 though). Bring your own food and booze for the evening. There are plenty of liquor and grocery stores in the neighborhood. We can suggest places if necessary. Start is at Casa de Lick (Salt Lick and Mr. Lick aka Ian) You can shower if you want; bring a towel. What’s the catch? Space is limited. YOU MUST RSVP to adefelice2004 at yahoo BY DECEMBER 28! When you RSVP you will receive the exact start...

NAWW #214

Start:  West 72nd St & Broadway On-In:  Pat O’Brien’s, 2nd Avenue & East 88th St Hare:  Copa Cum Bloody Scribe:  Speedo Gonzalez, from notes by FMIG It was the middle ofDecember, and winter was at last upon us. The time when idle chatter about the weather turned to bitching aboutthe cold.  "Oh, it’s so fuckingcold!" someone would say to someone else. "Sure is!" someone else would say.  Then they’d turn to a third person to gettheir opinion, and this third person would usually agree that it was, indeed,cold.  So, with nigh-unanimous agreementthat on a mid-December night in New York, the temperatures would be lower thanmost people found comfortable, the Hashers set off. Many who showed up thisnight were lured by the promise of that rare bird, the cupcake check.  How grand it would be, we thought, to stop atsome point mid-run and feast on frosted, sugary treats.  I mean, I’ll be honest, it’s the only reasonI was there.  Did you see that firstparagraph?  It was fucking cold outthere.  But this turned out to be anexample of the old bait-and-switch! There would be no cupcakes on trail, oh no.  We’d have cupcakes at the on-in, or so ourillustrious Hare claimed.  But, havingbeen lied to once already, who could believe him? The trail went southalong Amsterdam, before clamboring up and around Lincoln Center, then cuttingeast through Central Park.  After leavingthe Park, it zig-zagged up through the East Side to the park around Gracie Mansion,where presumably the cupcake check would have been held, if only MayorBloomberg hadn’t had "better things to do" (also: "actuallylived there").  We then shot upalong the East River for a stretch,...

NAWW #199

Date:                            December 23, 2009 NAWW Hash #:          199 Hare:                            “Just Dan” Bartos Start Location:              Columbus Circle On In:                           Blondie’s [212 West 79 Street, New York, NY 10024 – (212) 362-4360,] Scribe:                          Joe Pennsylvania     Two days before Christmas and the NAWW set a trail.  Twasn’t many folks in town, most local hashers chose to bail!   Alright – I will stick with my day job.  “Just Dan” Bartos set this trail, NAWW #199, on a cold and blustery wintry Wednesday evening.  About 10 hashers showed up at Columbus Circle to run the trail, several more to act as bag bitches.  Our pack included one virgin, Drew, who came with the young lady formerly known as “Just Rebecca”.  More on that below.   At 7:10PM, Dan gave us instructions, to the effect of “trail is set in Kool-Aid and after that ran out, chalk, it’s cold and icy out there, be careful, 5 miles long, if you get lost, go to Belvedere Castle, and that there is one check”.  That latter statement drew the ire of the male half of Stewa, who complained that hashing involves checks and there should be at least 8 checks on a hash.  To which Dan noted that he was a last minute hare, did the best he could dealing with the snow and ice, and if you didn’t like it, to go f- yourselves!   Hey — at least we had one check – last Sunday’s run in Manhattan included zero checks!   Anyway, we were off at 7:15PM.  The trail sent us immediately into dark, snowy and icy...

NAWW #198

  NAWW #198 December 9, 2009 Start: Broadway and Whitehall St. by the Charging Bull statue Hares: Finger Me First & BJ and the Bareback On-In: Lucky Jack’s (129 Orchard St. near Delancey St.) Scribe: Doggie Erectus We gathered near the Charging Bull statue and watched as some men took turns sticking their heads up the bull’s @ss.  No wonder the bull looks so annoyed. Then we were off.  I had agreed to do the write-up and stayed behind for a minute to take notes so I wouldn’t have to depend on my beer-addled brain later.  Needless to say, I got left far behind and ended up running much of the trail like a bloodhound, head down, looking for marks.  Kudos to the hares for laying a good trail.  Curses to the hares for pointing arrows right into immovable obstacles. Some notable sights on trail (not that I could enjoy them with a splitting headache from running headfirst into a locked gate) were The Irish Hunger Memorial and Teardrop Park where trail went down a sliding board that was quite sticky from too many sweaty hasher @sses.  There we had a drink check manned by BJ and the Bareback. After a few more miles through Chinatown and Little Italy, trail ended up at Lucky Jack’s where we had much pizza and beer. Then we convened the circle and the Down-Downs started.  And were promptly interrupted by Basia coming in at just the right time for her tasty beverage. So then the Down-Downs continued… The Hares: Finger Me First & BJ and the Bareback Doggie Erectus for complaining about arrows...

Really, really old NAWWH3 Write-ups

New Amsterdam Winter Wednesday Hash Writeups


2001-2002 Season

Date Run No. Start and On On Hare(s) Scribe
Oct 10, 2001 60 Start:
On In:
tbd pending…
Oct 24, 2001 61 Start:
On In:
tbd Alice
Nov 7, 2001 62 Start:
On In:
tbd Alice
Nov 21, 2001 63 Start:
On In:
tbd pending…
Dec 5, 2001 64 Start:
On In:
tbd Alice
Dec 19, 2001 65 Start:
On In:
tbd Alice
Jan 2, 2002 66 Start:
On In:
tbd Alice
Jan 16, 2002 67 Start:
On In:
tbd Alice
Jan 30, 2002 68 Start:
On In:
tbd Alice
Feb 13, 2002 69 Start:
On In:
tbd Alice
Feb 27, 2002 70 Start:
On In:
tbd pending…
Mar 13, 2002 71 Start:
On In:
tbd pending…
Mar 27, 2002 72 Start:
On In:
tbd pending…
Apr 10, 2002 73 Start:
On In:
tbd pending…
Apr 24, 2002 74 Start:
On In:
tbd pending…
1997-1998 Season

Date Run No. Start and On On Hare(s) Scribe
10/22/1997 1 Start: First Avenue and 42 St
On In: Ellen O’Dees, Park Ave and 40 St
JM Geoff JM Alice
11/5/1997 2 Start: Broadway and 8th St
On In: Blind Tiger
Roy & Ewa JM Alice
11/19/1997 3 Start: Columbus and 59St
OOn In: West Side Willie’ 2nd Ave and 30 St
Barry Cohn JM Alice
12/3/1997 4 Start: Park/34St
On In: Bull’s Head Tavern 3rd/23St
Dave Croft JM Alice
12/17/1997 5 Start: Park/40St
On In: Third and Long
Petra & Peter JM Alice
12/31/1997 6 Start: Tavern on the Green
On In: Strawberry Field
JMs JM Alice
1/14/1998 7 Start: U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Bowling Green.
On On: Thai restaurant, Chinatown
Keith Kanaga Joint Master Alice Harrison
1/28/1998 8 Start: Columbus Circle.
On On: Raccoon Lodge, York Avenue and 75th Street.
Rick Chann,
Mike Murphy
Joint Master Alice Harrison
2/11/1998 9 Start: Christopher St
On In: Antartica, Hudson/?
Curtis Fong JM Alice
2/25/1998 10 Start: 2nd Ave and 6th St
On In:
Cardinal JM Alice
3/11/1998 11 Start: 2nd Ave and 86 St
On In:
Ewa ??missing??
3/18/1998 or 3/25/1998? 12 Start: Park/33St
On In: Ellen O’Dees, Park/40St
Bo & Joe JM Alice
4/1/1998 13 Start: St Thomas, 2nd-3rd/53St
On In: Mexican, 5th/53St
Alice the virtual hare Roy the virtual scribe
4/15/1998 14 Start: Columbus Circle
On In: Coliseum Bar, 8th/58St
Ariane Juzen & Miho Kimura Rudi Klein
1998-1999 Season

Date Run No. Start and On On Hare(s) Scribe
10/14/1998 15 Start: UN 1st/43St
On In: Jolly Roger, 2nd/9St
JM Alice JM Alice and Elaine the Scribe
10/28/1998 16 Start: St Barts Park/50St
On In: Shannon Star, 8th/54St
JM Geoff Goeff the Hare
11/11/1998 17 Start: Fulton/Bdwy
On In: GBS
Hedgehog JM Alice
11/25/1998 18 Start: Broadway/Lafayette
On In: Murphy, Houston/Allen
Jerry Nelson & Vince Cloud JM Alice
12/9/1998 19 Start: Astor Place
On In: Grass Roots, St Marks Place
Ewa & Roy JM Alice
12/23/1998 20 Start: Bdwy/72St
On In: Shannon Star, 8th/54St
Barry Cohn & Marion Konop JM Alice
1/6/1999 21 Start: Battery Park
On In: Antartica, Hudson St
Peter Trunfio Hedgehog
1/20/1999 22 Start: Broadway/Liberty St
On In: The Beekman, Bdwy/Beekman St
Trish Hoffman ??missing??
2/3/1999 23 Start: 51st Street and Lexington Avenue.
On-in: East Side Ale House
Paul Ashlin Bill Humnicky
2/17/1999 24 Start: Diamonds Astor Pl?
On In: Ellen O’Dees, Park/40St
Kyle Krall JM Alice
3/3/1999 25 Start: Woolworth Bldg
On In: Barrow St Pub
Jimmy Akhabari & Diane JM Alice
3/17/1999 26 Start: Madison-5th/47St
On In: Chez Elaine
Elaine Kerr JM Alice
3/31/1999 27 Start: Madison/57St
On In: Carriage House, 2nd
JMs Alice and Geoff Dave 27
4/14/1999 28 Start: Main Post Office, 8th Ave and 33rd St
On In: Garden Tavern, 8th/32St
Aleks Thocs & Rebecca Miles JM Geoff
4/28/1999 29 Start: ??
On In: Carriage House, 2nd-3rd/59St
Ariane Juzen ??missing??
1999-2000 Season
Date Run No. Start and On On Hare(s) Scribe
10/6/1999 30 Start: 43rd St and 1st Av.
On In: Garden Tavern
J. M. Alice Hedgehog
10/20/1999 31 Start: 14th & 8th.
On In: Antarctica’s.
Hareraiser Andy
J.M. Alice
11/10/1999 32 Start: Union Square by the statue of Ghandi
On In: Jeremy’s under the Brooklyn Bridge
David and Rasheed JM Alice
11/24/1999 33 Start: Fulton St
On In: Between the Bridges
Jerry and Vince JM Alice
12/8/1999 34 Start: 86th St and Columbus Av.
On In: Tap a Keg on 103 & Bway
Elaine Kerr and Michael Andonov JM Alice
12/22/1999 35 Start: South Street Seaport.
On In:  Ryan’s on Gold Street?
Crofty JM Alice
1/5/2000 36 Start: 14th St and 8th Av.
On In: Lucy’s
Roy and Ewa David Godbold
1/19/2000 37 Start: 47th St and 1st Av.
On In: The Carriage House, 59th St btwn 2nd and 3rd
Geoff the Hare Geoff the Scribe
2/2/2000 38 Start: 86th Street and Lexington Ave
On In: Snapper Creek on First Ave in the 80’s
Elizabeth and Dominic Pat the Cuff
2/16/2000 39 Start: Fulton and Broadway
On In: GBS on Fulton St
Hedgehog, aka Andy Millard Geoff the JM
3/8/2000 40 Start: Pershing Square
On In: Flannery’s at 7th Ave and 14th St
Christine Hinz Crazy Bob
3/22/2000 41 Start: 23rd and Broadway
On In: Reade Street Bar on said street
Steve Yoman and Pat Flanagan JM Alice
3/29/2000 42 Start: Columbus Circle
On In: Coliseum Bar around the arc on 58th St
Dave Byron-Brown JM Alice
4/12/2000 43 Start: 32nd Street and Eighth Ave (10001)
On In:Antarctica on Hudson Street
Pat Cuff and Danny Choriki JM Alice
4/29/2000 44 Start: 81st Street and Central Park West
On In: Westside Brewery on 76th Street and Amsterdam
Dave Godbold and Bob JM Alice

2000-2001 Season

Date Run No. Start and On On Hare(s) Scribe
10/11/2000 45 Start: Lexington Ave. & 96th
On In: Raccoon Lodge on York Ave and 76th Street
JMs Alice and Geoff Pat ‘The Bionic Ear’ Cuff
10/25/2000 46 Start: Broadway and Lafayette North of Houston
On In: Rosie Pub, Murray Street, Between Church and West Broadway
Hedgehog and Beth JM Alice
11/8/2000 47 Start: Chambers and Hudson St
On In: Antarctica on Hudson and Spring St
Tiger’s Woody Gaff Baldwin
11/22/2000 48 Start: Southwest corner of Union Square Park
On In: The Right Bank in Williamsburg
Vince and Jerry JM Alice
12/6/2000 49 Start: 9th Ave and 57th St
On In: Lincoln Park Bar and Grill, 9th Ave between 56th and 57th Street
Pat Cuff JM Alice
12/20/2000 50 Start: St. Thomas Church at 5th Avenue and 53rd St
On In: Carriage House on 59th St between 2nd and 3rd Av.
The Committee Scot Gleason
1/3/2001 51 Start: 86th Street and Lexington Avenue
On In:Malachy’s on 72nd and West of Amsterdam
The Body, CEO, Elaine Kerr, Pat Cuff, and Danny Choriki, peons JM Alice
1/17/2001 52 Start: Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall
On In: Between the Bridges
Pierre JM Alice
1/31/2001 53 Start: 51ST ST & LEXINGTON AVE
Christine Hinz JM Alice
2/14/2001 54 Start: Flashdancers 52nd & Bwy
‘St. Valentines Day Mass of Curses Run’
On In: Carriage House, 59th between 2nd and 3rd
Ewa Mobus JM Alice
2/28/2001 55 Start: Park & 72nd Street
On In: Amsterdam & 76th Westside Brewing Company
Crofty JM Alice
3/14/2001 56 Start: Franklin Street
On In: GB Shaw’s
Andy Millard JM Alice
3/28/2001 57 Start: 59th & 5th
On In: Ship of Fools
Peter Trunfio Sarah Willis
4/11/2001 58 Start: 24th and Broadway
On In: Bar None 13th and 3rd
Scot Gleason and Yi Shan JM Alice
4/25/2001 59 Start:
On In:
The Committee pending…
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