Receding Hareline (All Past Hashes)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s) OnIn
Columbia #129
Start: Bob's Your Uncle, Columbus Ave & 106th St
Transit: B/C to 103rd, 1 to 103rd

The Columbia University New Traditional returns... again!

A to A "traditional" trail with a teamwork drink check. Bring your CRANIUM LAMP. London rules at the on-in.

[Facebook Event]

Drink checker or bag guardian needed!
Cheeky Mussel Birthday Trail
Columbia #128
Start: Dive Bar, 732 Amsterdam Avenue
Transit: 1/2/3 to 96th Street

[Facebook Event] The CUNT returns! Cum on out for an A to B trail with a drink check and a sprinkling of holiday cheer.
Mussel and Cheeky Bastard
LEAP DAY C*ntHHH Sketchy Van Adventure
Columbia #127
Start: What A C's sketchy van
Northwest Corner of W. 116th St. and Broadway,
look for a sketchy-looking cargo van with FREE CANDY in the dashboard
Transit: 1 to 116th-Columbia University

It's leap day! It's the 5th Saturday! That doesn't happen very often!
It's also the return of the sketchy van hash! C*m get into the back of my creepy-looking cargo van (don't worry, there will be beer in there) and enjoy the ride as we LEAP to another kennel for a special secret surprise! Prepare for a wonderful out-of-the-City trail with shiggy that is just close enough that you will have access to a train back to Midtown, should you wish to return before the truck departs.
Please note the early NOON-THIRTY departure
$15 hash cash!
What A C*nt!
Please note early start!
Columbia #126
Start: Harlem Tavern 2153 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10026
Transit: B C 2 3 to 116th Street.
What A C*nt!
Welcome, Freshmen!
Pack away at 2:14 PM EST

Columbia #125
Start: Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor 1135 Amsterdam Ave  
Transit: 1 to 116th St Columbia University


  Pack your bags!!! It is time to go back to school, and the Columbia University New Traditional Hash House Harriers are laying the trail-of-the-day. A swimsuit, towel, and opaque (non-glass) drinking vessel (preferably with a lid or cover)  are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!!! A lock or a friend with a lock recommended.   You’ll need to have a swimsuit to enter the pool area. We may choose to check men’s shorts for a lining if we can’t tell if they are wearing a bathing suit. Feel the need to cover up from the sun? Throw on a plain white shirt or white hat and you’re set. We don’t allow shirts with colors on them on the deck.
Piece O'Slut


What a C*nt!
CUntHHH Classic!
Columbia #124
Start: Harlem Public, 3612 Broadway at 149th St, Manhattan
Transit: 1 at 145th or A/B/C/D at 145th

Don't Forget Your Shiggy Socks! CUntHHH Classic will feature a Harlem start! A NEW on-in!! A virgin lay! Stupid shiggy that will make you confused about where you are! BEER! Stuff that is only marginally legal at best! And SO! MUCH! MORE! Like the important stuff--BEER! A beer check will be on offer from generous harriette Foreign My Twat, and there is likely (LIKELY!) another beer check as well. This trail will be rain or shine - your hares won't give up, and neither should you! And trust us, if it rains we'll get you through quick, and the day will be beautiful and sunny again after! Suggested: Shiggy socks, sunscreen, a dry bag with a change of clothes
Just Canadian Matt and What A C*nt!
It's just Matt's virgin lay, y'all!!
Columbia #123
Start: Buddha Beer Bar 4476 Broadway (btw 190/191)
Transit: 1 to 191st or A to 190

You may want shiggy socks! Potential exposure to poison ivy.  The weather will be sunny and warm but there may still be a chill in the air - be prepared for an outdoor circle!
What a Cunt!
Bag help and BEER CHECKER wanted! If you're injured, this is a public service you can provide!
CUNTH3 Goes To Philly!
Columbia #122
Start: Philly throws a great 4 day event.  Go for all 4 days or just Saturday for the main event.  Rego under CUNTH3 so we win the trophy!!! REGO HERE!!!
Transit: Greyhound is a great option, it's fast and cheap...just like your mom!
Harriette's Drinking Practice
Columbia #121
Start: Gin Mill 442 Amsterdam Ave between 81st & 82nd St. This is NOT a r*n, this will be pay as you go, this is a LADIES ONLY event.  There will be cheap beer/liquor (entire bar is 1/2 off until 8pm), beer pong, and flip cup!!!
Transit: 1 to 79th St or B/C to 81st St
Harriettes Note this is not a run and is pay as you go
Columbia #120
Start: Dive 75 101 W 75th St at 75th and Columbus
Transit: 1/2/3 to 72nd, 1 to 79th, B/C to 81st. Note the B/C will not stop at 72nd.
Columbia #119
Start: 7B 108 Avenue B
Transit: L 1st Ave, F 2nd Ave

We'll follow easy Larrakin rules. Two live hares will be randomly chosen by drawing straws and together they will set a trail no more than 1 mile to a drink stop.  Once the pack re-groups at the drink stop, two more hares will be chosen to set another 1 mile or less trail.  We repeat until we're bored, drunk, or dead.  London rules for hash cash. Larrakin style circle.  So bring ideas for good bars and good down-downs.
Could be YOU!
Columbia #118
Start: Schaller's Stube Sausage Bar  
Transit: Q, R to 86th St 4,5,6 to 86th St and Lexington Ave
Piece of Slut
Joint Hash with Hudson Valley H3
Columbia #117
Start: Mahoney's Irish Pub - 35 Main St, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Transit: 12:45 pm pArTy TrAiN from Grand Central to Poughkeepsie Station or catch the same train from Harlem-125th Street at 12:56 pm; Trains are hourly so don't miss this one!!!

We'll be towards the front of the pArTy TrAiN. Wear your Shiggy Socks and don't forget bug spray and sun screen!  The hares are requesting we bring additional cash on trail for Drink Check purposes.  Hash Cash will be $5!!!
Liar Liar Yeast On Fire & Goat Fucker
Prairie Dog'n Takes on Manhattan
Columbia #116
Start: Lupita's 2049 2nd Ave @ 105th St
Transit: 4/5/6 to 103rd St

Drinker friendly live trail, multiple drink checks, & Turkey/Eagle Splits
Prairie Dog'n
LVH3/CUNTH3 Campout Weekend!!!
Columbia #115
Start: The Woods Campground.  Rego here $125 through June 1 when rego ends
Transit: Gag'em to advise.  Contact for additional information.
LVH3/CUNTH3 Please contact Gag'em Style if you would like to help out at all.
Columbia #114
Start: Paris Blues - 2021 7th Ave @ 121st St.
Transit: 2/3/A/B/C/D to 125th St
Columbia #113
Start: Tortoise & Hare, 6115 Broadway
Transit: 1 to 242 St Van Cortlandt Park

The start is about 1/4 mi. north of the station. There will be a shiggy trail, and good beer at the on-in (likely London Rules), with the possibility of a drink check and chicken/eagle split as well.
Cheeky Bastard & Drop A Pin, Slip It In
Special 4th Saturday R*n!
Columbia #112
Start: E's Bar - 511 Amsterdam Ave
Transit: 1 to 86th St. and Broadway, B/C to 86th St. and Central Park West

The pack draws straws, the 2 hashers that draw the short straws set a short 1 mileish trail to the next bar.  We hang out, have a beer, draw some straws and the next set of hares are off.  Don't worry! There's plenty of time for hares to make it to the next bar so the pack doesn't catch them!
Who could be you!!!
69th Day of the Year!
Columbia #111
Start: Harlem Public, 3612 Broadway, New York, NY
Transit: 1 to 145th or A B C D to 145 with a bit of a walk
(it's just six blocks, c'mon!)

There will be at least one drink check; maybe even two if y'all behave yourselves.

On-In: Broadway Dive, 101 and Broadway. Deal was: it was happy hour.

Turd DimensionBroadway Dive, 101 and Broadway. Deal was: it was happy hour.
Valentines Day Hash!!!
Columbia #110
Start: Coogans 4015 Broadway @ W 169th St.
Transit: A/C/1 to 168th St
Columbia #109
Start: Buddha Beer Bar 4476 Broadway, New York, NY 10040
Transit: 1 to 191 St, A to 190th St

Hare promises at least two or more of the following things: shiggy, water crossings, birthday treats, shitty beer, hills, shitty trail.  Yay!

On-In: Mr McGoo's 5602 Broadway, Bronx, NY 10463

1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, WHORE!Mr McGoo's 5602 Broadway, Bronx, NY 10463
The Best for Last of 2017
Columbia #108
Start: One Mile Bar - 10 Delancy Street between Bowery & Chrystie St.
Transit: B/D to Grand St. or F to Delancy St.
Blow in the Park
Sum Cunt Part II/CTD's Dirty Jersey Bday Hash!
Columbia #107
Start: Newark Penn Station with Prelube at Bello's Pub (which is right there says the hare)
Transit: 2:14 pArTy TrAiN from NJ Transit/Penn Station or the Path from World Trade Center.  If you're running late there is a 2:55 train
Cum Test Dummy & Cock Spray
Philly White Dress R*n
Columbia #106
Start: CUNTH3 invades Philly for the last year of White Dress R*n
Transit: There is plenty of crash space in Philly.  The sooner you ask, the sooner you receive!

Please contact Gag'em Style @ for crash space in Philly
WDR Committtee
Columbia #105
Start: Subway Inn 1140 2nd Ave
Transit: 4/5/6/N/R/W to Lexington Ave/59th St F/Q to Lexington Ave/63rd St

On-In: McSwiggans, 2nd ave @ 23rd St

Gabe the BabeMcSwiggans, 2nd ave @ 23rd St
CUNTH3 Invades BK part ???
Columbia #104
Start: 4th Ave Pub
Transit: B/D/N/Q/R/2/3/4/5 to Atlantic Ave-Barclays Ctr
Blow in the Park
Columbia #103
Start: Douglas Park
Transit: Metro-North to Philipse Manor 12:20 pm Party train from Grand Central arrives at Philipse Manor at 1:16 pm. Short walk to start.  

Multiple water crossings. Shiggy. Trail. Drink check (with kayak rental (bring extra $$ if interested.))Ballbuster eagle. Scenic chicken. Outdoor ON-IN.
Cums Faster then Men & Pizza Slut
Topless Barbie's On-Out!!
Columbia #102
Start: Broadway Dive, 2662 Broadway (between 101st and 102nd st)
Transit: 2/3 to 96th Street; 1 to 103rd Street; A/B/C to 103rd Street

Featuring Bollywoodless' newest drink check: Topless Barbie's Dream Cock Tail!
Topless Barbie & Bollywoodless
At Least There's still a trail!!!
Columbia #101
Start: William Jay Gaynor Memorial Cadman Plaza Park
Transit: 2/3 - Borough Hall A/C - High St. N/R/W - Court St. F - York St.

AGM is on HOLD!  Trail will be at normal 3pm time.

On-In: Crocodile Lounge, 325 E 14th St

Piece of Slut & Gag'em StyleCrocodile Lounge, 325 E 14th St
100th R*N
Columbia #100
Start: The Gin Mill, 442 Amsterdam Ave
Transit: 1 to 79th Street, B/C to 81st Street

London Rules and $3 hash cash
Larrikin (Part II)
LVH3 and CUNTH3 4TH Anal Campout at The Woods 2017
Columbia #99
Welcome to the Anal LVH3/CUNTH3 CAMPOUT! This is our fourth year holding it at the fantastically equipped Woods Campground in Lehighton, PA. Never heard of The Woods, the member’s only, clothing optional, LGBT campground? Well slap on your handle bar mustache and spandex, because are you in for it. Rego here:
Who cares? You'll be so drunk and naked it won't really matter.
7th Anal Larrikin trail!
Columbia #98
Start: The Gin Mill - 442 Amsterdam Ave btw 81 & 82
Transit: 1 to 79th or B/C to 81st

London Rules! Bring cash on trail! $3 hash cash
Who knows? It could be you!
London Rules! Bring cash on trail! $3 hash cash
CUNT's First Ballbuster!
Columbia #97
Start: Maggie Mae's Bar 4115 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside, NY 11104
Transit:   7 to 40 St - Lowery Street Station

Turkey/Eagle Trail. E ~ 9miles T less than 6miles ENDS IN AN AWESOME QUEENS PLACE NEAR SUBWAY

On-In: Tarro's Bar, 111th & Roosevelt

Sexcel and Shame CrustaceanTarro's Bar, 111th & Roosevelt
Columbia #96
Start: The Stumble Inn, 1454 2nd Avenue
Transit: Q to 72nd Street, 6 to 77th Street

On-In: The Parlour, 86th & Broadway

Gag'em Style and Cheeky BastardThe Parlour, 86th & Broadway
Columbia #95
Start: Malachy's Donegal Inn, 103 W 72nd St @ Columbus Ave
Transit: 1/2/3, B/C to 72nd St

On-In: The Gin Mill

Mandatory FunThe Gin Mill
5th An*l Valentine's Day sextravaganza!
Columbia #94
Start: Bob's Your Uncle, 929 Columbus Ave
Transit: B/C and 1 to 103rd Street

There will be a giveaway for everyone who does trail!

On-In: Bob's Your Uncle

The CUNT CommitteeBob's Your Uncle
Columbia #93
Start: At the Wallace, 3612 Broadway @ 149th Street
Transit: 1/C/A to 145th Street
Creamy Cupcake and Cums Faster Than Men
Pre-New Year's Eve Trail
Columbia #92
Start: Coogan’s (4015 Broadway)
Transit: 1/A/C to 168th Street

*NOTE* 1:00 PM Start
Idle Handjobs
Columbia #91
Start: Lion's Head (109th and Amsterdam)
Transit: 1 to Cathedral Parkway; A/B/C to Cathedral Parkway
CPA and Topless Barbie
Check Motherfucker's Virgin Lay
Columbia #90
Start: Lion's Head Tavern, 995 Amsterdam Ave
Transit: A/B/C/1 to 110th Street
Bollywoodless, Ditch Sucker, & Check Motherfucker
The Amityville Horror Halloween Hash
Columbia #89
Start: Amityville LIRR Station
Transit: 6:25pm PaRTy tRAiN from Penn to Amityville, arriving at 7:31.

It's the resurrection of the ORIGINAL Long Island H3! And both LIL and CUNT are going to help drink their beer while we drag them out of dormancy. Costumes are mandatory and spooky drinking vessels go to the first 69 hashers who RSVP and show-up! Please email Bee Fart or join the Long Island Lunatic's Facebook (closed group) or Meetup events. Prelube at 7pm in the parking lot. Bring $25 hashcash, a flashlight and virgins!
Bee Fart, PhranCruthers & A Little Dirty
Columbia #88
Start: Harlem Tavern - W 116th and Frederick Douglass Blvd
Transit: C or B train to 116th or, a couple more blocks away, 2, 3 to 116th.
Turd Dimension and Topless Barbie
Wet & Wild!
Columbia #87
Start: Harlem Tavern, 2153 Frederick Douglass Blvd
Transit: A/B/C/2/3 to 116th Street

There will be an abundance of sprinklers, get ready to get wet!
Topless Barbie and Foreign My Twat
Looking for a bag hagger/drink checker
Idle Handjob's Beerday Trail!
Columbia #86
Start: Harlem Public, 3612 Broadway and 149th St
Transit: 1 or A/C to 145th St

Hash cash will only be $10! (Bag hag and help with drink check needed)
Idle Handjobs
Columbia #85
Start: Ossining Metro North Train Station
Transit: 1:20 train from GCT arriving at Ossining at 2:23 or 1:43 Train from GCT arriving at Ossining at 2:30

**Start is 2:45 HST; Hash cash is $15; there will be TWO drink checks
Columbia #84
Start: The Subway Inn, 1140 2nd Ave New York, NY 10065  
Transit: 4/5/6/N/Q/R to Lexington Av/59th Street or F to Lexington Ave/63rd Street or ride you bike/walk your feets to previously noted address

NOTE EARLY 2PM START TIME! Don't be late or you'll miss the shenanigans!!! $15 HASH CASH! A swimsuit, towel, and opaque (non-glass) drinking vessel (preferably with a lid or cover)  are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!!! A lock or a friend with a lock recommended. Please bring your MetroCard on trail!

On-In: Astoria Park

Cosmopolitits ♥
Drink checking assistance needed!
Astoria Park
Columbia #83
This is an all weekend event. Once again CUNTH3 is teaming up with LVH3 to bring you the hashlympics in The Woods, an LGBT clothing optional campground. We will be coordinating transportation to and from NYC. Rego here: contact Cum Test Dummy with further questions
?th Anal Larrikin trail!
Columbia #82
Start: Bayard's Ale House 1589 1st Ave (Between 82nd and 83rd)
Transit: Transportation: 4/5/6 to 86th Street
Who knows? It could be you!
Columbia #81
Start: Bob's your Uncle, 929 Columbus Ave (between 105 and 106)
Transit: 1, B, C to 103

Multiple drink checks! Brand new outdoor on-in and grilled food (weather permitting)!
The Gynocracy
Columbia #80
Start: Bello's 376 Market St. Newark, NJ
Transit: NJ Transit to Newark Party train: 2:14 pm from Penn station, arrives in Newark 2:32 pm

$10 hash cash! (no food) Directions to the start from the train station will be marked in chalk (it is extremely close)
Surprise Guest Hare!
Columbia #79
Start: Piper's Kilt (4946 Broadway btw 207th St. & Isham St.)
Transit: #1 or A to 207th Street
Rapunzel & Labrawhore
4th An*l Valentine's Day sextravaganza!
Columbia #78
Start: Dublin House, 225 W 79th street
Transit: 1 to 79th, B, C to 81st

There will be a giveaway for everyone who does trail! There will be a surprise- you might want to bring ones...
Ice Ice Pussy and Cum Test Dummy
Mario Kart Hash
Columbia #77
Start: Juke Bar, 196 2nd Ave, New York, New York 10003 (at 13th street)
Transit: L to 3rd avenue, NQ6 to astor place

Themed Run. Each hasher gets three balloons to attach to their person, hasher with most balloons at the on-in wins. Costumes and pointy objects encouraged in advanced. Pointy objects and prizes available. Howl at the Poon's Virgin Lay!
Howl at the Poon and Blow in the Park
Tequila Whore's Birthday Trail!
Columbia #76
Start: Piper's Kilt. 4946 Broadway, New York, NY 10034
Transit: A or 1 to 207th Street

On-In: Mr. McGoo's

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, WHORE!Mr. McGoo's
Columbia #75
Start: Jay Hood Wright Park entrance @ 174th St & Ft Washington Ave
Transit: A to 175th St
Surprise! I'm Illiterate
NYU Invades Columbia!
Columbia #74
Start: The Washington Arch in Washington Square Park
Transit: A/C/E/B/D/F/M to West 4th; N/R to 8th St-NYU
Joint Halloween Hash with GGFM!
Columbia #73
Start: Floridita's, 2276 12th Ave (at 125th street)
Transit: 1 to 125th street

A-to-A trail. There will be costumes, beer, candy, beer, drink checks, beer, candy, and non-pizza food (actual food, in addition to the candy).  Start planning your costume today- there might be awesome prizes for amazing costumes!
The GGFMNT Committees
Columbia #72
Start: Inwood local, 4957 Broadway
Transit: A to 207th street
Blow in the Park
Joint Hash with Long Island!
Columbia #71
Start: (and prelube) Oyster Bay Brewing Company, 76 South St. (close to the station)
Transit: 12:25 LIRR PaRtY tRaIn from Penn to Oyster Bay (transfer at Jamaica), arrive at 1:46pm.
Cum Test Dummy
Columbia #70
Start: Paddy's, 125th and Broadway
Transit: 1 to 125th street

On-In: The Duck

Bolly Woodless and Foreign My TwatThe Duck
Columbia #69
Start: Coogan's, 4015 Broadway, New York, NY 10032
Transit: A, C, 1 to 168th street

This will be the 69th running of the CUNT! Multiple Drink Checks! There will be swimming at the on-in, so bring a suit if you'd like to swim. 69! NOTE THE EARLY START TIME!

On-In: Barretto Point Park, Hunts Point, Bronx

The GynocracyBarretto Point Park, Hunts Point, Bronx
Joint Campout with Lehigh Valley/Hashlympics!
Columbia #68
Start: The Woods, Lehighton Pennsylvannia
This is a full weekend event and you need to rego in advance.
Rego here!
Contact Cum Test Dummy with questions/for more info
Columbia #67
Start: Ryan's Daughter, 350 E 85th St
Transit: 4, 5, 6 to 86th street

On-In: Merrion Square, 95th & 2nd Ave

Who knows? It could be you!Merrion Square, 95th & 2nd Ave
Columbia #66
Start: Gun Hill Brewing Company, 3227 Laconia Ave, Bronx, NY 10469  
Transit: 2, 5 to Burke Avenue, 5 to Gun Hill road.

On-In: Mr. Magoo's

Twat My Mom (guest haring from Boston!)Mr. Magoo's
Columbia #65
Start: Prime One 16, 2257 1st ave at 116th st.
Transit: 6 to 116th street
Gay If It Suits Me and Topless Barbie
3rd Anal Valentine's Day Dirty Sex Hash!
Columbia #64
Start: Paddy's, 3155 Broadway (at 125th street)
Transit: 1 to 125th street

This trail will be penis themed! If you have a penis, definitely bring it.
The Gynocracy
Tequila Whore's Birthday Hash!
Columbia #63
Start: Gleeson's Sports bar and Grill, 6115 Broadway, The Bronx
Transit: 1 to 242nd

Bring dry shoes since there will be shiggy. Bring a headlamp just in case you get lost in the shiggy. Bring a flask if you have one (empty is fine, the hares will have supplies to fill it). There will be two drink checks in addition to whatever is in your flask.

On-In: Mr Magoo's Pub, Broadway @ 231st St

Tequila Whore and Just AmandaMr Magoo's Pub, Broadway @ 231st St
Columbia #62
Start: Paddy's Bar, 3155 Broadway
Transit: 1 to 125th street
Bolly Woodless and Rapunzel
Columbia #61
Start: Buddha Beer Bar, 4476 Broadway
Transit: A to 190 or 1 to 191

Cum Test Dummy's Birthday hash!
Ditch Sucker
Columbia #60
Start: Amsterdam Restaurant at 119th and Amsterdam
Transit: 1 to 116th

$15 hash cash including food!
Cheeky Bastard and Cum Test Dummy
The House of Ooze's Birthday trail!
Columbia #59
Start: Freddy's Bar and Backroom, 627 5th ave (between 17th and 18th)
Transit: R to Prospect Ave

CUNT invades Brooklyn version 2.0. SIX DRINK CHECKS! Bring a headlamp!
The House of Ooze and Solar Eclits
CUNTHHH 5 year analversary hash!
Columbia #58
Start: Le Cheile, 181st and Cabrini
Transit: 1 or A to 181st street
Type A Hole
Columbia #57
Start: Applebee's at 125th and 5th
Transit: 2/3/4/5/6 to 125th street

This trail will be an epic adventure. Bring your metrocard on trail and don't come if you have dinner plans, as it is rather time-intensive.
Cum Test Dummy and Gilden Sac
CUNT invades Brooklyn!
Columbia #56
Start: Hank's Bar, 46 3rd avenue on the corner of Atlantic.
Transit: D/N/Q/R/2/3/4/5 to Atlantic
Gag'em Style and Coneylingus
Columbia #55
Start: Lion's head, 109th and Amsterdam
Transit: 1 or C to 110th street

Squirty Dancing's virgin lay! (previously known as Just Natalie)
Squirty Dancing and Blow in the Park
Columbia #54
Start: Alma Mater Statue, 116th between Broadway and Amsterdam
Transit: 1 to 116th street

10 Dix With Wing's on-out trail 🙁
10 Dix with Wings and CPA
4th An*l CUNTH3 campout and hashlympics!
Columbia #53
Start: Ossining New York
Transit: Metro north

Campout will be held June 6-8. For details and rego go to
Columbia #52
Start: Alma Mater Statue (116th between Broadway and Amsterdam)
Transit: 1 to 116th street

? An*l Larrikin
Who knows? It could be you!
F. A. R. T.'s birthday hash!
Columbia #51
Start: Lion's head, 110th and Amsterdam
Transit: 1, C to 110th
Gag'em Style and Cheeky Bastard.
Columbia #50
Start: Harlem Tavern, 116th and Frederick Douglass
Transit: C to 116th
Blow in the Park
Joint CUNTHHH/Summit H3 trail, In Observation of the Martyrdom and Resurrection of St. Partigras of Hoboken
Columbia #49
Start: Port Imperial Ferry Terminal (Jersey Side)
Transit: NYC terminal is at 39th st and the river. Take 1,2,3,A,C,E,7,N,R,Q,S to Times Square

Come in costume: Kilts, green clothes, painted boobs, or just a skallycap and beads!
Type A-hole
Sex themed hash in honor of Valentine's day
Columbia #48
Start: Billy's Sports Bar 856 River Ave, Bronx, New York 10451
Transit: 4/D/Metro North to Yankee Stadium

There will be a sexy game with a sexy prize!
Bolly Woodless and 10 Dix with Wings
NYU invades Columbia!
Columbia #47
Start: The Arch in Washington Square
Transit: A/C/E/D/F to West 4th or N/R to 8th Street
Splat and Skidmark
Cum Test Dummy's Birthday Hash!
Columbia #46
Start: Lion's head Tavern, 995 Amsterdam Avenue
Transit: 1, B, C to 110th street
Gag'em Style and Tequila Whore
Columbia #45
Start: Amsterdam restaurant, 1207 Amsterdam Ave
Transit: 1, B, C to 116th street
Cum Test Dummy
Columbia #44
Start: The Piper's Kilt, 4944 Broadway (at 207th street)
Transit: A to 207th Street
Just Katie
Columbia #43
Start: Village Pourhouse, 109th and Amsterdam
Transit: 1, C to 110th street

Wear your shiggy socks!
Gag'em Style and Trojan Whore
CUH3 #42 - Fall Semester Kickoff
Columbia #42
Start: Prelube is at Tipico Dominicano Restaurant and Bar, 4172 Broadway (at 177th St)
Transit: A to 175th, 1 to 181st

Great weather forecast. Picnic On-In. Sketchy white van with free candy inside. Special ltd. edition haberdashery for the first 25 hashers!
What a C*nt!
Columbia #41
Start: McDermott's Pub, 2634 East Tremont Avenue
Transit: 6 to Westchester Square/E Tremont Av

We're returning to the barge: Bring a swimsuit (you cannot swim in a sports bra/running shorts)! Wear shiggy socks! Let Type A know if you can bring a substantial food dish, and he'll knock $10 off your hash cash.
Type A-Hole
Columbia #40
Start: 116th and 3rd, prelube at Harley's smokeshake at 116th and 1st
Transit: 6 to 116th

Bolly Woodless's virgin lay!
Bolly Woodless and Conelingus
Columbia #39
Start: Scarborough metro north station
Transit: Take either the 1:20 or 2:20 Hudson line metro north trains (which will get you to Scarborough at 2:16 or 3:16)

A choose-your-own-hashventure duel of two trails to finally settle for once and for all the question of who the shittier hare is
Cum Test Dummy vs. Jerzey Asshole
Columbia #38
Start: Le Cheile, 831 W 181st Street
Transit: A to 181st street

Not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR DRINK CHECKS!
Type A Hole
Columbia #37
Start: Alma Mater Statue (116th between Broadway and Amsterdam)
Transit: 1 to 116th street

This is the AGM Hangover run and the 4th an*l c*nt larrikin!
Who knows- it could be you!
Columbia #36
Start: Area 98 Bar 2997 Westchester Ave, Bronx, NY 10461
Transit: 6 to Buhre

Get ready for an epically sh*tty trail, full of planes, trains, automobiles, and the occasional sunken boat.
1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, WHORE! and Gag'Em Style
NYU invades Columbia
Columbia #35
Start: Underneath the Washington Square Arch
Transit: A,B,C,D,E,F,M to W 4th St, N,R to 8th St or others get you close, too.
Dirty Sex Hash
Columbia #34
Start: Van Cortland Park - 242 St
Transit: Take the 1 train uptown until the end. Follow hash marks from there.

Cum in your sexiest outfit.
10 Dix with Wings, Cum Test Dummy and What A Cunt!
Columbia #33
Start: tba
Transit: tba
Hares Needed
Random General Meeting, come vote for new orificers!
Columbia #32
Start: Alma mater statue, Columbia University (116th between Amsterdam and Broadway)
Transit: 1 to 116th street
10 Dix with Wings and I am Cumstain
Columbia #31
Start: Harleys Irish pub, 366 River road, Hackensack NJ
Transit: 82 bus leaving from the GWB bus terminal, and getting off at the corner of River and Anderson. There are also dallavans (google it) leaving the GWB terminal (platform 24) every 5 minutes, dropping off under a mile from the start, if you're running late/forgot your metrocard/speak spanish with an uninflected Venezuelan accent.
Jerzey Asshole
Columbia #30
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD

Columbia #29
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD

Columbia #28
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD

The Summer Never Ends Hash (CUNTH3 #27)
Columbia #27
Start: 170th St and B'way, NYC. Prelube at Coogan's Pub (168th and B'way)
Transit: A/C/1 to 168th St

Tasty mimosas and Bloody Marys at the prelube! $15 hash cash!! A trail unlike any you have hashed before (I hope)! Shiggy! Beer drops!! **Please be prepared with your hash cash, as ATMs are hard to come by near the on-in.
What a C*nt!
CUNTH3 #24 3rd Anal Summertime Larrikin
Columbia #24
Start: Alma Mater Statue - 116th and Broadway
Transit: 1 Train to 116th

*Trail will be made up live, completely on the fly, with hares chosen by drawing straws. If you've never hared before, don't worry, we'll be drawing at least two hares for each leg and it's not like you could do any worse than this past month. If the hare is caught, the flour/chalk is handed off and that person immediately becomes the hare. Pantsing is optional. Since we have no idea how many bars we'll be hitting, we'll run on London Rules ($3 for down-down beer, you're on your own for other drinks and food).
Short Straw* (Larrikin Rules)
Columbia #23
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD

Columbia #26
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD

Columbia #22
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD

Columbia #25
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD

CUNTH3 #21
Columbia #21
Start: Spring Lounge, 48 Spring St. (at Mulberry st)
Transit: 6 to Spring, N/R to Prince, or BDFM to Bway/Lafayette with a decent walk
Jersey Asshole
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