Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers


Founded by Wet Connection, Noah’s Dinghy and Mean Jean the Down-down Machine in January 2009 in response to the ever increasing need of NYC hashers to always have something to do.  Sadly, the Knickerbocker was laid to rest in May of 2012.

Then one fateful night in October of 2012, something rose from within the Knickerbocker, with a need so great it throbbed and pulsed.  That need was born out of having nothing better to do on a Wednesday night and a blatant disregard for the possibility of drinking at a bar without all the complicated mess of hashing to get there.  What A C*nt!, seeing that nobody else was going to take care of this problem, took it upon herself to raise that which had lain dormant.  Employing the help of a gay man, two hot chicks and Cheeky Bastard, she vowed to make whatever strokes necessary to keep it up until its climax in the spring.

The mismanagement of the Knick then became centered around the idea that Wednesday hashes should be simple and easy to get to (hello, downtown Manhattan!), and should employ the use of many songs and lots of bare butts.  The season culminates in the Knick’s only special event, the “Knickerbocker in your Knickers,” just for folks who’ve always dreamed about r*nning around Manhattan in their underwear.


The Knickerbocker H3 runs every other Wednesday (alternating with the NAWW) during the winter months, from October to April.

To hare for the Knick, contact our Hare-raiser, What a C*nt!.

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s)
Long Islands 109 Trails to Heck!
LIL #109
Start: The Semi-Annual Amityville Horror Hash. Amityville Train Station.  
NYC Marathon Hash
NYC #1925
Start: 96th and 5th
Transit: 6/Q to 96th St
Sign up to hare!
NYC #1927
Start: 72nd St Track (UWS)
Beer Mile Rules:
  • Each competitor drinks four 12oz beers and runs 8 laps (it's a 200m track), start - beer, then 2 laps, then beer, then 2 laps, then beer, then 2 laps, then beer, then 2 laps
  • Beer must be consumed before the lap is begun
  • Beer must be a minimum of 5% alcohol by volume. Hard ciders and lemonades will not suffice. The beer must be a fermented alcoholic beverage brewed from malted cereal grains and flavored with hops.
  • Hashers who vomit before they finish the race must complete one penalty lap at the end of the race

24th Polar Bear Hash
Brooklyn #1058
Start: Coney Island
Come run a trail around Coney Island, then an optional dip in the ocean. Bring hash gear, swim gear and warm clothes for after!

Mis-Management 2019-20

Grand Master

Religious Advisors

  • Geordi La Foreskin
  • What a C*nt!
  • Foreign My Twat

Hare Raiser

  • What a C*nt!

Mis-Management 2018-19

Grand Master

Religious Advisors

  • Geordi La Foreskin
  • What a C*nt!
  • Drop a Pin, Slip it In

Hare Raiser

  • Metrosweatual

Past Mis-Management


  • Mandatory Fun, Grand Master and Hare Raiser
  • Cosmopolitits, Grand Maitresse
  • Geordi La Foreskin, Religious Advisor
  • What a C*nt!, Religious Advisor


  • Geordi La Foreskin, Grand Master
  • Cosmopolitits, Religious Advisor
  • Piece o’ Slut, Religious Advisor
  • Massive Load, Religious Advisor
  • Mandatory Fun, Hare Raiser
  • Krispy Kringle, Scribe
  • Young and the Wristless, Fluffer


  • Geordi La Foreskin, Grand Master
  • Mouth Full of Gu, Religious Advisor
  • Turd Dimension, Religious Advisor
  • Mandatory Fun, Hare Raiser
  • Krispy Kringle, Scribe
  • The Young and The Wristless, Fluffer


  • What A C*nt!, Grand Maitresse
  • Cheeky Bastard, Vice Master
  • Geordi La Foreskin, Religious Advisor
  • Mouth Full of Gu, Religious Advisor
  • Turd Dimension, Religious Advisor
  • Mandatory Fun, Hare Raiser


  • What A C*nt!, Grand Maîtresse
  • Cheeky Bastard, Vice Master
  • Irish Spring, Religious Advisor
  • One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, WHORE!, Religious Advisor
  • Mouth Full of Gu, Hare Raiser


  • What A C*nt!, Grand Maîtresse
  • Irish Spring, Religious Advisor
  • Cheeky Bastard, Religious Advisor
  • One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, WHORE!, Religious Advisor
  • She Likes it in the Benjamins, Hare Raiser


The JM trifecta
Wet Connection
Noah’s Dinghy
Mean Jean the Down-down Machine

Latest KH3 Writeups

KH3#13 Live From NY!

Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers #13 Wednesday 16 December 2009 Start: Knickerbocker Club 62nd and 5th On-In: P&G Bar Hare: Just Rich and Just Liz Scribe: Mickey Mouth     Just Rich bellows to the pack huddled against the blustery snow storm, “I cannot tell you! How important this expedition is! If you succeed! You will help all those that come after you! The way will be hard! But remain strong! Have faith!” He turns towards the ToS Four, clad in short trousers, FAD, Eager4Beaver, Wet Willy and Fire in the Pie Hole, “Testicles of Steel! You know your mission! Do not be daunted by those who put on jeans and buffs! Be stout! Even in the face of peacoats! ONON!” The pack beleaguers forward. “Good Luck!” yells Just Rich. “good luck,” he whispers to himself. Just Rich turns to the ones left behind, they have dug deeper into their parkas. “Just Liz! Take Ow My Balls and get to base! Mickey Mouth and I will follow!” Just Liz and Ow My Balls grab a tauntaun and take off. The storm rises up! Wind! Ice! Just Rich yells, “Mouth! Find a tauntaun! We have to get out of here now!” Mickey searches, scrambles, tries to glimpse the reins of a free tauntaun. Success! Mouth hollers to Just Rich, “I’ve got one! Come quick!” Just Rich clambers over and mounts the tauntaun. Mouth throws the bags on, but the snow is falling too fast! Ice is forming quickly around her. “Just Rich! Leave! Go on without me! For the good of the hash!” Just Rich, barely keeping the tauntaun under control...

KH3 #12

Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers Trail #12 on 12/2/09 Ever been to Ireland? It rains a little every day. It’s not a hard or unpleasant rain. Eventually you get used to it. We had such a magical rain last night at the Knickerbocker Hash. It was 53 F and moist. So, I began the hash thinking of Manhattan Island’s kissing cousin to the east. As luck would have it there was an Irish bar at the end. We met at Church and Chambers Streets. I counted 32 Knickerbocker hashers celebrating our twelfth run. I was meticulous in recording these names because I have a theory: I believe that most of you vain bastards will not read the write up unless you are personally mentioned. Present: Basia Doggie Erectus Eric Ewa Fast American Dave (aka Generic Dave #6, I believe) Finger Me First Fire-In-The-Piehole Hard Man Hot Rod I-Feel Tower Jeremy Junky Monkey Kelly Kinky Boots Liz Mary the Greek (aka Chic Kabob in Scotland) Mastercard New York Cock Exchange Noah’s Dinghy Pennsylvania Joe Peter Pussy In Boots Richard the Brit Robin Stewa Tit Totaler Trader Blows Yankit US Marine Whore Wendy Wet Connection & cute blonde in orange hat (Ed: Pamela) I called the rain magical because it saved us on a couple of occasions. Our hare, Yankit, set a very tight trail. By that I mean he used a pretty small piece of real estate to create a twisting, turning, rabbit warren of a trail. So much so that it seemed inevitable that we’d cross trail. We did. Twice. But the rain had a cleansing effect on the marks...

KH3#10 – Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me the OnIn!

Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers #10 Wednesday 4 November 2009 Start: 15th and Irving On-In: Bull’s Head Tavern Hare: Rack n’ Rollher and Barf-Fly Scribe: Mickey Mouth    From KH3 and New York City this is, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me the OnIn! The KH3 write up. I’m Wet Connection and here’s your host, Mickey Mouth (the crowd roars!)   “Thank you WC, thanks everybody! We got a great write up for you today. We’ll be talking about the trail (what trail?!) and the on-in as well as the hilarious antics that flowed that night, like BudLite Lyme through Trips&Balls. So give us a call 1-800-HashNYC. It’s time to welcome our first listener-contestant. Hi, you’re on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me the OnIn.” “Hi Mouth, I’m Offensive Discharge from Denver Colorado.” “Hey, Off Disc, how are you? So what do you do there in Denver?” “Right now, I am contemplating shoveling the 5ft of snow that just fell.” “A real snow-job, huh, Off Disc. Wait, I need to go powder my nose” (crowd roars!) “Mouth, we are not amused.” “Well, welcome to the show. Let me introduce you to our panel. She can be seen often on the Annandale making sure no one else gets on. Or cooking up delicious feasts. It’s Ms. Mean Jean the DownDown Machine!” (applause!) “Hello OffDisc, we miss you!” “Hey Mean Jean!” “Also say hello to one super function of a man, he can be seen excelling in road races and making babies, spread the sheets for Just Rich! (applause!) “Hello Just Rich!” “Cheers OffDisc!” “And finally a man who stole the heart of USMarine...

KH3 #9

  Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers #9    Wednesday 21 October 2009     Start: 9th and University     On-In: TreeHouse Fiddlesticks     Hare: KH3 Committee     Scribe: Mickey Mouth     “Mean Jean is the kinda girl that likes a good spreadsheet”. With that, the on-in began. But I get ahead of myself. Let me take you back a good six, six plus miles…     Gather round for the second season of the KH3, a cultivar. A hash without mortmain. And a fitting start, Knickerbocker Bar and Grill. Not a consumer of flesh, I was unaware it was a quality joint for steak and martinis. I will go so far as to confess ignorance that steak and martinis, a good coupling make. I always thought of a martini as a drink that stood on its own – dirty, with gin and a skewered olive…. Anyway. Mean Jean cheers us on with (and now it occurs to me, I detected a snicker, a dastardly jingle to her voice) “it’s an easy run, no worries! On thata way!”  (It is here that my hammies would like to voice up a whimpering “you bitch”. Yeah, they may be smarting but their diction is weak) So we start, trot though WASHINGTON square park, then east, picked up the trail at Tompkins, through Stuyvesant, across IRVING to Union Square for a nasty check. Then straight west, blah blah blah, a garage, blah, blah blah, not Flannery’s blah blah blah to…Fiddlesticks. Here we were greeted by an apprehensive Ms. Downdown Machine. The original bar reneged on all the prior caboodling so MJ, aided by the trusty bag...

KH3 #1

Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers Run #1 January 16, 2009 Hares: Mean Jean, Wet Connection, and Noah’s Dinghy On In: Plug Uglies Scribe: FMIG    In Which The Events Are Recorded For Posterity The Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers convened their very first trail on Wednesday January 14th 2009 at 7PM. As this was the first new hash in New York since the birth of the NAWW and NASS in 1997*, this generation of hasher is now assured of the chance to one day be able to sit around and claim, “I was at the first one!”, while a bunch of younger hashers wonder why the old farts can’t finally get a life. The KH3 would be the first of several drink-worthy events in the week to come, the next of which would be the miraculous landing of an Airbus 320 on the Hudson Thursday, followed by the weekend, and the inauguration of Obama.  Finally, and paling only in significance to the 1st KH3, Lost returned the following Wednesday.  There was also a BH3 and a NYH3, so you can assume the beer flowed well. For the record, the following Harriers and Harriettes were at the very first Knickerbocker H3.** Founding JM’s: Mean Jean, Wet Connection, and Noah’s Dinghy      Old Farts: Yank it, SmashMouth, Hedgehog, Hardy, Steamer, and Dogface, and Peter Stinky Farts: FMIG, Eager For Beaver, Fire In the Pie Hole, Fad #6, a late arriving Blackout,  Don Juanabe, Junky Monkey,  and Wet Willy Hot Farts: Lesley, USMW, Crawlaholic, Lauren, Hot Rod, and Tit Totaller, Norma, Dana, Doggy Style, Marie Wickham, Baboon Ass, and Lisa Young Farts: Headlights, Splat, Britney,...
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