Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash House Harriers


Founded in 1995. Likes to think of itself as NYC’s late night fun hash.


Friday night closest to the full moon. Starts at 7:15. Additional trails on Halloween and the (New Moon) Torch Trail in the winter.

Receding Hareline (All Past Hashes)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s) OnIn
Full Flower Moon
GGFM #408
Start: Kettle of Fish, 59 Christopher Street
Transit: 1/2 to Christopher Street, A/B/C/D/F/M to W 4 St – Wash Sq

A-to-B trail, chicken-eagle split, with TWO drink checks!  London rules at on-in, many food options nearby.  Cranium lamp possibly needed, so bring one. (Drink check helper or bag hero requested – reach out to Mussel if you can assist!)
Full Pink Moon
GGFM #407
Start: Departed Soles Brewing Company, 150 Bay Street, Jersey City
Transit: PATH to Grove Street

Ditch’s Birthday Bonanza!  A to B trail, outdoor on-in (bring a jacket!) Nominal hash cash.
Ditch Sucker
Full Worm Moon
GGFM #406
Start: Welcome to the Johnsons (103 Rivington Street)
Transit: F/M/J/Z to Delancey-Essex Street, Citibike, r*n!

A-to-B with a drink check! London Rules + nominal hash cash

On-In: Moot Bar, 579 Myrtle Ave in BROOKLYN

Check Motherf***er!Moot Bar, 579 Myrtle Ave in BROOKLYN
Full Snow Moon
GGFM #405
Start: Hollow Nickel, 494 Atlantic Ave (between Nevins St and 3rd Ave), Brooklyn
Transit: 2/3/4/5 to Nevins St, A/C to Hoyt-Schermerhorn, B/D/N/Q to Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center

Headlamp or flashlight encouraged! Hash cash $15 gets you beer, La Croix (maybe NA beer even) and tasty food. Cashless payment preferred via Venmo or Cash App. Thanks!
What a C*nt!
1st Annual Groundhog Day Hash
GGFM #404
Start: Drop Off Service, Ave A between 13th and 14th
Transit: L to 1st Ave, 4/5/6/N/Q/R/W to Union Square (and then L to 1st Ave)

On-In: Drop-Off Service

Mandatory FunDrop-Off Service
Flashlight Hash!
GGFM #403
Start: The Dive Bar, Amsterdam & 96th Street
Transit: 1/2/3 to 96th Street, B/C to 96th Street

Bring your cranium lamps!  There will be a traditional Glogg check, huzzah!
Tall Dark & Hammered, Crazy Bob, and Check MotherFu**ker!
New Year, New Hangover!
GGFM #402
Start: 86th Street & Broadway
Transit: 1 to 86th Street

Short(ish) A-to-B trail to work off those champagne-hangover-sweats, London rules at the on-in!
Hardman & Which Daddy
Full Beaver Moon (tee-hee)
GGFM #401
Start: Solid State, 53-22 Roosevelt Ave, Queens
Transit: 7 to 52nd

Bring a torch
Drink Check
C-E Split
Walker friendly
Hash cash & food

Prairie Dog’n
400th Trail!
GGFM #400
Start: Ear Inn, 326 Spring Street
Transit: 1 to Canal or Houston, C/E to Spring Street

Wear your bestest GGFM haberdashery to celebrate our big 4-0-0!  If you don’t have any GGFM hab yet – well, maybe there will be a new opportunity to order some! A-to-B trail with a drink check, $20 hash cash for beer and pizza at an indoor on-in, like in the before-times
GGFM Committee
Strawberry Moon Hash
GGFM #399
Start: Phoenix Bar, 447 E 13th Street (@ Ave A)
Transit: L to 1st Avenue, Citibike or walk it from other sorta-nearby transit stations

Happy [start of] Pride Month, beginning with a trail right out of RuPaul’s Drag R*ce!  **Fabulous** clothing of all kinds is encouraged, extra points for dressing like a fellow hasher.  Trail will be A to B, with an outdoor dog-friendly on-in (you are also encouraged to bring picnic blankets – hares will have some beverages but BYOB is also welcome and encouraged to make the party last longer!).

**Show up early to the start to catch part of a RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing party!**

[Facebook Event]
Just Val
Flower Moon (and Cinco De Mayo!) Hash
GGFM #398
Start: Blue Mezcal Cantina 758 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Transit: R train to 25th Street, D/N/W to Prospect Av (can transfer to local R or just walk), OR Citibike!

Trail is A to B (live chicken/eagle trails and ~3 mile walker trail) outdoor on-in so bring WARM clothes. Cranium lamps and vessels/koozies recommended! Circle beers for purchase nearby. Hash cash TBD. [Facebook Event]
Nerves of Squeal; Jack in the Bus; Tall, Dark & Hammered
Looking for a bag hero!
Pink Moon Hash
GGFM #397
Start: Fourth Avenue Pub 76 4th Ave, Brooklyn
Transit: R*n there, Citibike to Bergen/4th, or 2/3/4/5/B/D/N/Q/R/W to Atlantic Terminal

[Facebook Event] A to B trail!
Check Motherfucker
Worm Moon Hash
GGFM #396
Start: Scallywag’s, 508 9th Ave
Transit: A/C/E to 42nd St Port Authority Bus Terminal

Snack Dat Dog’n & Prairie Ass say worms hate runners and so do we! Walker focused boozy trail. Bring forth your walking virgins, booze hounds, and the mobility challenged.

Live trail, runner/walker split, A —> B

Three drink checks!!!

[Facebook Event]
Snack Dat Ass & Prairie Dog’n
Snow Moon Hash
GGFM #395


531 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10016
Transit: 6

A to A London Rules.  Expect a short trail without a lot of checks. [Facebook Event]






27th An*l Flashlight Hash!
GGFM #394
Start: Out front of the Hayden Planetarium on 81st & Central Park West
Bring your cranium lamps, kerosene lamps, flashlights, fleshlights, whatever will help you see better in the dark!  Trail will be A-to-B, London rules @ On-In.  There will be a glug check!!! [Facebook Event]
Tall Dark and Hammered, Crazy Bob,  + Check Motherfucker
Cold Moon
GGFM #393
Start: Shenanigan’s Pub, 802 Caton Ave, Brooklyn
Transit: F/G to Fort Hamilton

Cold Moon

A-to-A. London Rules.

[Facebook Event]
Zeno’s Pairadicks
Beaver Moon
GGFM #392
Start: Uncle Paul’s Pizza NY, 70 Vanderbilt Ave (Midtown East)
Transit: 4/5/6/7/S to Grand Central – 42nd St

Happy hour at the start ends at 7. A to B trail with a drink check and ‘special treats’ for someone’s birthday. [Facebook Event]
Just Reilly and Cheeky Bastard
Blood Moon
GGFM #391
Start: Top of The Isaiah Wall, corner of E 43rd Street and 1st Avenue
Transit: 4/5/6/7 to Grand Central and walk east, B/D/F/M/7 to Bryant Park and walk further east, CitiBike

[Facebook Event] Trail will be A-to-A starting near a tiny pocket park because it’s easier to see the full-ish moon outdoors! On-after at an indoor bar nearby.  Will have some pre-lube beer and circle beer available, feel free to BYOB if you are a beer snob!  Hash cash ~$5

Tequila Whore!

Harvest Moon – Pre-RDR PUB CRAWL!
GGFM #390
Start: Start: Drop Off Service 211 Avenue A, Manhattan
Transit: L to 1st Avenue, 4/5/6/N/Q/R/W to Union Square and walk a bit

Do you miss our beloved dive bars of yore?  Have you ever walked into a bar and thought, “Oh yeah, I’ve been drunk here before!”? Well come exercise your liver at GGFM’s pre-Red Dress R*n Pub Crawl & Dress Exchange, featuring a collection of your most favorite holes-in-the-wall (no, not THAT kind of hole in the wall, unless that’s your thing)!  If you have extra red dresses you’re looking to clear out of your closet, or if you procrASStinated too long and/or forgot to thrift a red dress, this is your chance to swap and exchange! Trail will be marked; hotline and Facebook to be updated, and if the hare (or an associate) can work the tech via mobile then the hareline will be updated too!  BRING CASH AND TIP YOUR BARTENDERS GENEROUSLY! On-out from the start around 7:30 HST!
GGFM Committee
Sturgeon Moon
GGFM #389
Start: BierWax, 556 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn (Prospect Heights)
Transit: 2/3 to Grand Army Plaza, B/Q to 7th Ave

[Facebook Event]

On-In: Wild East Brewing Co., 623 Sackett St

Just Katie and Cheeky BastardWild East Brewing Co., 623 Sackett St
Thunder Moon
GGFM #388
Start: Battery Park – FiDi –> follow the marks in
Transit: R/W to Whitehall, 1 to South Ferry, 4/5 to Bowling Green

A-to-A, BYOB (Duane Reade nearby for purchasing hooch) – come stretch out your legs/liver, & perhaps burn off a few calories in advance of Saturday’s pub crawl!  Potential on-after nearby at White Horse for any overachievers needing pre-pub-crawl drinking practice. [Facebook Event]
Tequila Whore
🍓 Strawberry Moon 🌝
GGFM #387
Start: Chelsea Park (27th St & 9th Av)
Pre-Lube: Billymark’s West at 6:00 pm (332 9th Ave)
Transit: A/C/E to Penn, 1 to 28th or 7 to Hudson Yards

A-to-B + Walker friendly

Possibly live, possible drink check, Injured reserve/volunteers always appreciated (and rewarded)

[Facebook Event]
Prairie Dog’n
Flower Moon & Friday the 13th!
GGFM #386
Start: That Witch Ales You Brewery, 116 Madison St, New York, NY (Two Bridges/Chinatown)
Transit: F to East Broadway, J/5 to Chambers St, D to Grand St

A-to-B Trail. Great beer at the start and even better beer at the on-in. Indoor on-in. London Rules. Probably a drink check.
Drop a Pin
Pink Moon
GGFM #385
Start: The Brazen Head 228 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
Transit: 2, 3, 4, 5 to Borough Hall; A, C, F to Jay Street-MetroTech; G to Hoyt-Schermerhorn; Ferry to Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier Six / Atlantic Avenue; CitiBike

A to B trail! Drink check! London Rules. Indoor and outdoor options at on-in.
Nerves of Squeal
Sugar Moon
GGFM #384
Start: Beer Authority, 300 West 40th Street
Transit: A/C/E to 42nd St – Port Authority Bus Terminal. Also any of the bus lines that serve PABT. Citibike at West 41st St and 8th Ave.

A to A prime trail. Chicken Eagle Split. Indoor on-in, likely London Rules. Hare is looking for a bag hag or drink checker. If interested, contact him.
Cheeky Bastard
🔦🌑 Flashlight Hash 🔦🌑
GGFM #383
Start: Middle of the 102nd Street Crossing in Central Park. Ish.
Transit: 6 to 103rd on the East Side, or B/C to 103rd on the West Side,

This is the **25th Anal R*nning** of the esteemed Flashlight Hash!  There is no actual commemoration, we just thought you should know.  The hares DO promise the best frigging trail this year.

Check the batteries on your cranium lamps, you’re going to need them!

UPDATE: Looks like the rain will taper by the start of trail tonight, but it might be chilly in the dark so bundle up! On after is a bar but the end of trail might be briefly outdoors.
Crazy Bob, Check Motherfucker, and Tall Dark & Hammered
🐺 Wolf Moon 🐺
GGFM #382
Start: Dive 75 101 W 75th St (75th & Columbus)
Transit: A/B/C & 1/2/3 to 72nd

Trail will be A-to-A & London Rules – Dive75 has a heated outdoor area for circle.  Plus, free candy!!! **Bring a cranium lamp!**
Tequila Whore
🌔 Long Night Moon 🌔
GGFM #381
Start: Bob’s Your Uncle, Columbus and 106th (UWS)
Transit: B/C to 103rd, 1 to 103rd

A to A. London Rules (BYOB). Cranium lamp recommended.
Doner Kebab w/ assistance from Red Hot Chili Pooper
Beaver Moon
GGFM #380
Start: Hare Krishna Tree in Tompkins Square Park
Transit: L to 1st Ave, 6 to Astor Place, F to 2nd

It’ll probably be dark. Headlamps never hurt. There are plenty of food and drink options around the park. Hopefully nice enough for A-to-A: plan for the weather appropriately you wankers!
Idle Handjobs
🌕 Hunter’s Moon 🌕
GGFM #379
Start: For this very special Hunter’s Moon, the start is near the playground named for those most fierce hunters of the animal kingdom… 🦛hippos🦛! No joke though, I heard they hunt watermelons. Find the rocks between the 🦛Hippo Playground🦛 and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at W 90th St & Riverside Drive
Transit: 1/2/3 to 96th Street

October is the Hunter’s Moon which is superbly appropriate because it’s getting darker out earlier and we often find ourselves *hunting* for trail marks.  Is that flour? Chalk?  Oh crap, it’s just spray paint from surveyors!?  Are you???! Come join for a spectacular fall trail, and maybe bring a cranium lamp?  A-to-A trail outdoors, BYOB (plenty of places nearby on Broadway)
Foreign My Twat +Fail of Two Titties
🌽 Corn Moon 🌽
GGFM #378
Start: Southwest corner of Greenpoint Avenue and Manhattan Avenue, by the Dunkin’ Donuts!  Get a pre-hash snack!  
Transit: G to Greenpoint

Come celebrate the Corn Moon at the GGFM!  Did you know that corn is a common adjunct in mass-market beers produced in North America, and is typically used as up to 20% of the grist? Corn produces a lighter color and flavor in beer than barley malt does.  Both Miller Light and Coors Light use corn syrup in their brewing. Trail will be A-to-A-prime-ish, BYOB and BYO-snacks, but with location nearby the end to purchase such things.  Or you could buy donuts in advance at the start of trail.  You do you.

On-In: Manhattan Avenue Park (northernmost tip of Manhattan Ave) – on after at Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co.

What A C*nt! & Leaky BladderManhattan Avenue Park (northernmost tip of Manhattan Ave) – on after at Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co.
🐟 Sturgeon Moon 🐟
GGFM #377

Thomas Greene Playground

Transit: R Union Street Station or CitibikeBYOB / A to A

Will provide ice cooler and Coors Light Pre-lube beer. Beer check pending available bag hag.

Plenty places to purchase beer if needed

Check Spreader


Looking for a Bag Hag for beer check

🤶 Santa Sluts Present Christmas in July sponsored by GGFM!🤶
GGFM #376
Start: Chelsea Park (Google Coordinates) Located between 28th & 27th Streets, and 9th & 10th Avenues – follow marks into the park
This will be an A-to-A 5pm trail on a Saturday evening. It’s BYOB for circle in a park and an (optional) on-after at a bar for those comfortable being inside. Multiple drink checks! Excellent people-shiggy! Scenic sights to see!  Break out that lacy red lingerie and Santa hat, because you’re not freezing your cojones off December, you’re sweating them off in July!  As a Xmas gift to the city we love, we will be collection (optional) donations to be shared with a local food bank or mutual aid organization. Sign up here if you are cumming!
The Harriettes
🍓 Strawberry Moon 🍓
GGFM #375
Start: DeWitt Clinton Park 11th Ave, between 52nd & 54th Streets
Transit: B/D/E to 7th Ave or 1/2/A/B/C/D to Columbus Circle, and head west

A-to-A and BYOB – there are nearby locations to obtain provisions. Possible on-after for libations at a nearby joint!
Tequila Whore
🌼🌹🌺 Flower Moon 🌻🌸🌷
GGFM #374
Start: 🆕Washington St & W 13th St🆕 – Meatpacking District
Transit: A/C/E/L to 14St-8Av, 🚴 CitiBike


A-to-A, probably a drink check. BYOB, but also an option to buy beer near the end of trail.

On-After (depending on how the pack is feeling): The Standard Biergarten

Sign up here if you are cumming!

Drop a Pin, Slip It In
GGFM #373
Start: Subway Inn 1140 2nd Avenue (2nd Ave @ 60th Street)
Transit: 6 to 59th Street/Lexington Ave, or F/M/N/Q/R to Lexington Ave/63rd Street

Friday the 13th, again!  Super spooky.  The moon may be bright but bring a cranium lamp just in case! Crow Moon  NOTE FROM MISMAN: We pride ourselves on our hash community and the MisMan at GGFM wants everyone to be happy, healthy halfminds, as always; our little trail doesn’t seem to meet the guidelines for cancellation of large group gatherings and so we intend to go on with the show! We will provide you with the sh*ttiest trail we can under the circumstances, a drink check with your own personal disposable cup, and as much beer as you can afford on London Rules!  That said, exercise common sense, if you have it.  Remember – safety third!  On-on!! – GGFM Misman

On-In: Sutton Bar Room 1074 1st Ave (1st Ave b/w58th & 59th St)

PrelubeSutton Bar Room 1074 1st Ave (1st Ave b/w58th & 59th St)
Valentine’s Day / Chaste Moon
GGFM #372
Start: Desmond’s 433 Park Ave (south of 30th St)
Transit: 6 to 28th St, R/W to 28th Street

Don’t care for made-up Hallmark holidays?  GGFM has your solution: copious amounts of beer!

On-In: Atlas Social Club 51st St & 9th Ave

Blows in the ParkAtlas Social Club 51st St & 9th Ave
Flashlight Hash!
GGFM #371
Start: Pre-lube and start: Malachy’s 72nd and Columbus
Transit: Transit: 1, 2, 3, B, or C to 72nd St.

The twenty-second (more or less) anal running of the torches. See how Blows in the Park fills the big shoes left by A Little Dirty. All the usual flashlight shenanigans, especially including a glug check.

On-In: The Parlour, 86th and Broadway

Tall Dark & Hammered and Blows in the ParkThe Parlour, 86th and Broadway
Cocoa Moon
GGFM #370
Start: Cowgirl SeaHorse, 259 Front St
Transit: A C J Z 2 3 4 5 to Fulton St

Bon Voyage Swords! Also Friday the 13th, again.
Sword Swallower
Raisin Moon
GGFM #369
Start: The Adirondack, 1241 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn
Transit: F/G to Ft Hamilton

Yup, Sixty-nine! Plus another digit no one cares about. Less Spooky. Still good.  Bring cranium lamps…it gets dark early!
Probably Prairie Dog’n, possibly Gag’em Style
GGFM / Knickerbocker Halloween!
GGFM #368
Start: One Star 147 W 24th Street
Transit: 1 or F/M to 23rd Street

Halloween. More spooky. (Note this is a THURSDAY!)

On-In: One Star One Star Friday
September 13
7:15 pm

Friday the 13th Pub Crawl – Red Dress Moon
GGFM #367
Start: Slaughtered Lamb Pub, 182 W 4th Street
Transit: A/C/E/B/D/F/M to West 4th St, 1 to Christopher St

Friday the 13th!  Come kick off your RDR shenanigans on this spooky creepy crawl-y themed(ish) tour de Village.  Each stop will be 30-45 minutes, trail will be marked, and the hotline will be set with each new crawl location! Note: Although there may be options for snacks at later crawl stops, the start bar is  a great place to grab some solid, hearty food so you have a base to soak up all the beverages for the whole night long – but maybe get to the start a bit earlier (6:30) if you plan to order food here.
The GGFM Committee
Grog Moon
GGFM #366
Start: Walter’s Bar, 389 8th Ave between 29th and 30th Sts
Transit: 1 to 28th St, A/C to 34th St, 2/3 to 34th St

Just Marc’s Virgin Lay!
Just Marc & Drug Bust Sign up to hare another trail here!
Daiquiri Moon
GGFM #365
Start: Mister Wright Fine Wines & Spirits 1592 3rd Avenue, New York (3rd Avenue b/w 89th & 90th Streets)
Transit: Q, or 4/5/6 to 86th Street

Also note that the following day, July 20, will be the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing! Binoculars will be on hand for enhanced observation of this magnificent celestial orb.
Bourbon Moon
GGFM #364
Start: McSwiggan’s, 393 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10010
Transit: 6 Train to 23rd/ N Q R W to 23rd/M23 SBS/M15 SBS/Ride your bicycle

Bolly’s Last Time Haring in NYC
Bourbon themed drink check made by Bolly
Crustacean Moon
GGFM #363
Start: Subway Inn: 60th Street & 2nd Avenue
Transit: 4/5/6 to 59th Street, N/W/R to 59th Street

Live trail! Still looking for Bag Hags! 🙂
Dunkel Schweiβ
Amaretto Moon
GGFM #362
Start: Clinton Hall, 90 Washington St, FiDi
Transit: 4/5 to Wall St, 1 to Rector St
Drink checker needed!!
Peanut Moon
GGFM #361
Start: The Library 7 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009
Transit: F to 2nd Avenue
Tequila Whore
Margarita Moon
GGFM #360
Start: Arriba Arriba Midtown 762 9th Avenue, Manhattan Margaritas!
Transit: B/D/E to 7th Avenue, 1/2 to 50th Street, N/Q/R/W to 49th Street and walk over a few blocks

On-In: The Parlour!

Tequila Whore & Gag’em StyleThe Parlour!
Umpteenth Annual Flashlight Hash
GGFM #359
Start: Dive Bar 96th Street & Amsterdam
Transit: 1/2/3 to 96th Street, or B/C to 96th Street and walk over

Bring cranium lamps, flashlights, glow sticks, light-up pasties, a medieval torch – whatever light-bearing device you have in your tiny NYC apartment that doesn’t need to be plugged in to a wall!  As always, the hares promise a possibly sh*tty but definitely shadowy trail for our umpteenth anal Flashlight Hash.
Crazy Bob, A Little Dirty, Tall Dark & Hammered
Long Moon
GGFM #358
Start: 141 LAWRENCE ST between Willoughby St and Fulton St in Downtown Brooklyn
Transit: Jay-St Metrotech A/C/F/G Dekalb Ave D/B/N/Q/R

Winter Solstice = shortest day of the year = longest night = most full moon
Sword Swallower & Surprise! I’m Illiterate
Consumer Moon
GGFM #357
Start: O’Hara’s
120 Cedar St, FiDi
Transit: N/R to Cortlandt St, 4/5 to Wall St, 1 to Rector St
Blowzo the Clown
Beer Moon
GGFM #356
Start: Gramercy Ale House 272 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10010 (3rd Avenue b/w 21st St and 22nd St)
Transit: 6 to 23rd Street, R/W to 23rd Street

It’s your Red Dress PreLube Pub Crawl, and we have an important milestone BIRTHDAY to celebrate – Red Dress Turns 21!

Bring your birthday tiara (and spare liver), because we’re planning one hecking good traipse around town, downing beers and booze and pickle-backs like only a 21-year-old can, until we can’t take it any longer (or your hare passes out).  Trail will be marked from bar to bar, and we’ll update Facebook and the hotline as we go (+/- 20-30 min. per bar).  Cheers!

GGFM Committee!
Can Opener Moon
GGFM #355
Start: Dive 75, 101 W 75th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam.
Transit: 1/2/3 to 72nd St, B/C to 81st St
Bagpipe Moon
GGFM #354
Start: Highlands, 150 West 10th Street
Transit: 1 to Christopher St-Sheridan Sq, A/B/C/D/E/F/M to West 4th-Washington Sq
Cheeky Bastard
Waffle Moon
GGFM #353
Start: Old Town Bar, 45 E 18th St
Transit: N Q R W 4 5 6 L to Union Square
Solar Eclits
Vintner’s Moon
GGFM #352
Start: Dive 75, 101 W 75th St
Transit: 1/2/3 to 72nd St, A/B/C to 72nd St or 81st St

Just Amy’s & This Side Down’s Virgin Lay!
Just Amy & This Side Down (FKA Just Mary) featuring Mandatory Fun
Roast Moon
GGFM #351
Start: Jeremy’s Ale House 228 Front street
Transit: 2/3/4/5/A/C/J/Z
Gag’em Style & Prairie Dog’n
Sylvan Moon
GGFM #350
Start: The Cock 93 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10009
Transit: 4 6 to Astor Place, F M to Second Ave, R W to Eighth St.

On-In: East River Bar on South 6th next to the Williamsburg bridge

Turd DimensionEast River Bar on South 6th next to the Williamsburg bridge
Lorax Moon
GGFM #349

Transit: 2/3/4/5/A/C/J/Z to Fulton Street, 6 to Brooklyn Bridge


On-In: A to A

BollywoodlessA to A
Woodchuck Moon
GGFM #348
Start: Ginger’s Bar 363 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Transit: R to 9th Street, F/G to 4AV – 9th Street Station

Chicken/Eagle Trail, Bring a flashlight or headlamp, especially for the eagles.
Blowzo the Clown
18thish Annual Flashlight Hash!
GGFM #347
Start: Malachy’s (72nd & Columbus) 103 W 72nd Street, New York, NY 10023  
Transit: A/B/C to 72nd; 1/2/3 to 72nd St-Broadway

Bring a cranium lamp!  Bring a flashlight!  Bring a battery-powered LED night light – whatever you’ve got!
Tall Dark and Hammered,
Crazy Bob, and A Little Dirty
Once-in-a-Blue-Moon Hash
GGFM #346
Start: Brooklyn Brewhouse, 229 Duffield Street, Brooklyn
Transit: 23 to Hoyt Street, ACFR to Jay Street – Metrotech, BQ to Dekalb Avenue

Not a typo – same start as Wed. Hare promises a totally different trail and on-in.
Cheeky Bastard
Halloween Hash
GGFM #345
Start: One Star Bar 147 W 24th Street (24th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues)
Transit: 1 to 23rd Street, F/M to 23rd Street

It’s that spooky time of year again!  Come out in full costume for our an*l Halloween Hash! We know you have a whole drawer full of hash costumes, so slap something together or paint on a fake mustache, whatever gets you in the candy-selling-commercialized-holiday SPIRIT!  And if that doesn’t work, come for the candy! Trail is A-to-A, so feel free to swing by as early as 6:30 if you need to get in character.  Or just to drink beer.
The Committee!
Hunter’s Moon
GGFM #344
Start: Tap a Keg (A Hell of a Joint) - 2731 Broadway between 104th & 105th St
Transit: 1 to 103rd St

On-In: McAleer’s Pub, Amsterdam Ave between 80th & 81st

Surprise! I’m Illiterate!McAleer’s Pub, Amsterdam Ave between 80th & 81st
Harvest Moon
GGFM #343
Start: Franklin Park, 618 St Johns Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Transit: 2/3/4/5 to Franklin Ave, S to Botanic Garden

Cum On Moses
Sturgeon Moon – Sandy We Hardly Knew Ye Sendoff!
GGFM #342
Start: Nassau Bar, 118 Nassau St, FiDi
Transit: A/C/J/Z/2/3/4/5 to Fulton St.

Join us as we say adios to a couple of hash amigos. The lovely Sandy Syphilis will be moving to Chicago and she’s taking Cum on Everybody with her! We’ll be sending them off in proper hashly fashion – with insults and brews. Bring your stories as well as vessels! It’ll be a night not to be forgotten – but you probably will. On-on!

On-In: Ft Greene Park

Sandy Syphilis  & CosmopolititsFt Greene Park
Buck Moon
Slut’s Birthday Trail

GGFM #341
Start: House of Wax, 445 Albee Square W #4410 On 4th floor across from Alamo Drafthouse  
Transit: A/C/F to Jay St MetroTech, 2/3 to Hoyt St, B/Q/R to DeKalb, 4/5 to Nevins St

Walker <3 : Chicken 4ish : Eagle: 6+ Drink check!

On-In: Slut’s Roof

Piece O’SlutSlut’s Roof
Strawberry Moon
GGFM #340
Start: St Dymphna’s, 118 St Marks Pl, 10009
Transit: L to 1st Ave, F to 2nd Ave (exit on 1st Ave side), 6 to Astor, R or W to 8th St/NYU. Citibike stations at St Marks and 1st Ave and 7th st and Ave A

On-In: Skidmark’s apartment in the East Village

Skidmark & Gag’em Style
Bring your ID for the on in!
Skidmark’s apartment in the East Village
Flower Moon
GGFM #339
Start: Wicked Willies, 149 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012
Transit: 1 to Houston Street, 6BDFM to Bleeker/Lafayette, RW to Prince

On-In: McSwiggans, 2nd ave @ 23rd St

BollywoodlessMcSwiggans, 2nd ave @ 23rd St
Pink Moon
GGFM #338
Start: Barcelona Bar, 923 8th Ave between 55th St & 54th St
Transit: N / R / Q to 57th St.

On-In: Bourbon St, Amsterdam & 79/80th

ConeylingusBourbon St, Amsterdam & 79/80th
Worm Moon
GGFM #337
Start: Earl’s Beer and Cheese 1259 Park Avenue (Corner of 97th Street)
Transit: N/Q or 6 to 96th St

On-In: Reif’s Tavern, 92nd and 2nd Avenue

Tequila Whore, et. al. (You?)Reif’s Tavern, 92nd and 2nd Avenue
Snow Moon
GGFM #336
Start: Subway Inn, 1140 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10065  
Transit: N/Q/R to Lexington Ave./59 St; 4/5/6 to 59 St; F to Lexington Ave./63 St

Cranium Lamps Strongly Encouraged!

On-In: Dive 75, 75th & Columbus

Surprise!Dive 75, 75th & Columbus
17 (more or less) Annual Flashlight Hash
GGFM #335
Start: The Museum of Natural History
Transit: B/C to 81st St,2/3 to 72nd St. and walk or 1 to 79th St. and walk a little less

All the usuals for this annual winter extravaganza, including a glugg check, dark glasses, and new haberdashery. Don’t forget your flashlights, you wankers!

On-In: The Parlour @ 86th and Broadway

Tall, Dark & Hammered, A Little Dirty, Crazy BobThe Parlour @ 86th and Broadway
GGFM #334
Start: Maxwell’s Central Park, 1325 5th Ave, Harlem, NY
Transit: 2/3 to Central Park North/110th St, 6 to 110th St

On-In: Ryan’s Daughter

Mandatory Fun and Nice MugsRyan’s Daughter
Cold Moon
GGFM #333
Start: White Horse Tavern (FiDi) 25 Bridge St, New York, NY 10004  
Transit: 1 to South Ferry, 2/3 to Wall Street, R/W to Rector Street, 4/5 to Bowling Green, J/Z to Broad Street

UgLy SwEaTeR pArTy!  Prizes to the ugliest sweater(s).  Prizes guaranteed to be as sh*tty as the hare’s budget

On-In: The Patriot Mudville 9

Bolly Woodless & RapunzelThe Patriot Mudville 9
Cosmo’s 2nd An*al B-day Hash/ ACLU Fundraiser
GGFM #332
Start: The Coliseum, 312 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019
Transit: A, B, C, D, 1 to Columbus Circle or N, Q, R to 57th- 7th ave

Please join Cosmo in celebrating the big 2-5! 🎈 There will be non-shitty beer flowing🍻, non-pizza foods🍔🌭, multiple drink checks 🍹🍸 and she’ll be bringing back the booze-filled piñata! BRING WARM CLOTHES FOR THE ON-IN! Should more than 14 people show up, the remaining Hash Cash will be donated to the ACLU so they may continue to fight for what is right #LoveTrumpsHate

On-In: Casa de Cosmo, Astoria

Cosmopolitits <3Casa de Cosmo, Astoria
NYC Halloween Hash and Costume Party
GGFM #331
Start: 169 Bar- 169 E. Broadway
Transit: F to East Broadway, B/D to Grand, J/M/Z to Essex, 6/N/Q/R to Canal St

Flashlights/Headlamps recommended! Bring warm clothes for the brand new on in!
Trail starts in Manhattan
Piece o’ Slut, Cum on Moses, Mile High Cherry Pie
Joint with Brooklyn
Hunter’s Moon
GGFM #330
Start: Drop Off Service, 211 Avenue A @ 13th St
Transit: L to 1st Ave or 4, 5, 6, N, Q, R to Union Square

On-In: Coal Yard, 102 1st Avenue @ 6th St

CPACoal Yard, 102 1st Avenue @ 6th St
Burners Meet the Hashers – Horny Hash 3
GGFM #329
Start: Lucky, 168 Ave B btw 10th & 11th St
Transit: L to 1st Ave

There will be a Chicken-Eagle Trail and a Drink Stop!

On-In: Lucky (A to A trail)

Doggie Erectus & Leaky BladderLucky (A to A trail)
GGFM #328
Start: Good Beer, 422 E 9th St. between 1st avenue and avenue A
Transit: L at 1st ave, F at 2nd ave (though there’s an exit from the station at 1st ave), 6 at Astor, and N/Q/R at 8th Street NYU

On-In: Skidmark’s Roof

SkidmarkSkidmark’s Roof
GGFM #327
Start: Third Ave Ale House 1644 3rd Ave @ 92nd St.
Transit: 4/5/6 to 86th St, 4/6 to 96th St

There will be a trail! There will be a chicken eagle split. The chicken trail will be an easy 5 miles. The eagle will be longer. There will be a drink check! The hare will offer a clue to a shortcut at the start for those lazy bastards who want to start their drinking earlier.

On-In: Dildo Bag Gone’s Apt

Piece of SlutDildo Bag Gone’s Apt
GGFM #326
Start: Charles Hanson’s 169 Soul Jazz Oyster Bar, 169 East Broadway
Transit: Take the F train to East Broadway exit, 1/2 block East to 169,or the B train to Grand & Christie, walk Grand Eastward to Essex then right and South to East Broadway.

On-In: Clockwork Bar, Essex St & Hester St

Surprise! I’m Illiterate!Clockwork Bar, Essex St & Hester St
Flour Moon – What A Carbload!
GGFM #325
Start: Whiskey Trader 71 W 55th St 10019
Transit: F/N/Q/R to 57th St. B/D/E to 7th Ave.

Race-ist and walker friendly trail. Short trail for a good shakeout and delicious spaghetti n’ balls, PLUS reduced $15 hash cash!

On-In: Reif’s

Labrawhore and What A C*nt!Reif’s
GGFM #324
Joe’s Bar

Transit: 1 to 79th or 86th, B/C to 81st

There will be a walking trail

On-In: Reif’s

Gage’s Style, Cum On Moses
Bag hags needed
GGFM #323
Start: Harlem Tavern (116th St and Frederick Douglass Blvd)
Transit: B/C to 116th St, 2/3 to 116th St, 1 to 116th St

On-In: Bourbon Street (79th St and Amsterdam Ave)

Mandatory Fun and Cum Test DummyBourbon Street (79th St and Amsterdam Ave)
GGFM #322
Start: The Beekman Pub, 15 Beekman Street
Transit: A/C/J/Z/2/3 to Fulton Street, 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge City Hall, R to City Hall

On-In: East River Bar, S 6th btw Bedford & Berry

Cum on Everybody and Cheeky BastardEast River Bar, S 6th btw Bedford & Berry
GGFM #321
Start: Double Down Saloon, 14 Avenue A (at 1st street)  
Transit: F to Second Avenue stop
16th An*l Flashlight Hash
GGFM #320
Start: Hayden Planetarium, 81st between Columbus and Central Park West
Transit: B or C to 81st St.

On-In: The Parlour, 250 West 86th (just west of Broadway)

Tall, Dark, and Hammered; Crazy Bob; and, A Little DirtyThe Parlour, 250 West 86th (just west of Broadway)
Ugly Sweater Hash
GGFM #319
Start: One Star Bar, 147 W 24th St.
Transit: 1/C/E/N/R/PATH to 23rd street

Prizes for best sweater and best Couples Sweater combo Holiday Theme Drink Check!

On-In: The Patriot

Bollywoodless & Blow in the ParkThe Patriot
GGFM #318
Start: Coogans / 4015 Broadway
Transit: A/1 to 168th Street

If you think this is too far away you are both lazy and wrong. It’s about fifteen minutes on the A from Times Square. So be there or be Times Square.

On-In: Paddy’s, 3155 Broadway

Foreign My TwatPaddy’s, 3155 Broadway
Joint Halloween Hash with C*NT!
GGFM #317
Start: Floridita’s, 2276 12th Ave (at 125th street)
Transit: 1 to 125th street

A-to-A trail. There will be costumes, beer, candy, beer, drink checks, beer, candy, and non-pizza food (actual food, in addition to the candy).  Start planning your costume today- there might be awesome prizes for amazing costumes!

On-In: A-A

The GGFMNT CommitteesA-A
RDR Recovery r*n
GGFM #316
Start: SW corner of 96th and Amsterdam
Pre-Lube at Dive Bar 96th and Amsterdam.
Note early start time!
GGFM Committee
GGFM #315
Start: 4th Avenue Pub, 76 4th Avenue
Transit: D/N/R/2/3/4/5/B/Q to Atlantic Ave – Barclays Center

On-In: Church Bar, Church Ave btw 4th & 5th Sts

Cheeky BastardChurch Bar, Church Ave btw 4th & 5th Sts
Blue Moon Hash
GGFM #314
Start: Westside Tavern, 360 W 23rd St, btw 8th & 9th
Transit: C/E to 23rd St

On-In: Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, Union Square

Gay If It Suits Me (GIISM)Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, Union Square
GGFM #313
Start: Dublin House, 225 W 79th St, btw Broadway & Amsterdam
1 to 79th or A/B/C/D to 81st

4th of July Theme

On-In: Bourbon Street, West 79th Street and Amsterdam

Foreign My Twat & Bolly WoodlessBourbon Street, West 79th Street and Amsterdam
GGFM #312
Start: The NEW Subway Inn, 1140 2nd Ave (at E 60th St)
Transit: 4/5/6/N/Q/R to 59th St-Lexington Ave

On-In: McSwiggans, 2nd ave @ 23rd St

Tequila WhoreMcSwiggans, 2nd ave @ 23rd St
GGFM #311
Start: Amsterdam Tavern, 938 Amsterdam Ave (btw 106th & 107th St)
Transit: 1 to 103rd St

On-In: Dive 75, 75th & Columbus

Rapunzel & Speedo GonzalezDive 75, 75th & Columbus
GGFM #310
Start: Top Hops Beer Shop, 94 Orchard (btwn Broome and Delancey)
Transit: BD to Grand Street, J to Bowery

On-In: McSwiggans, 2nd ave @ 23rd St

Farmer’s Blow in the ParkMcSwiggans, 2nd ave @ 23rd St
GGFM #309
Start: Prelube/Start: Lion’s Head Tavern, 995 Amsterdam Ave
Transit: 1 or BC to their respective 110th Street stops

On-In: Bourbon Street, West 79th St. and Amsterdam

Rapunzel and GlassjawBourbon Street, West 79th St. and Amsterdam
Happy February, it’s the SpLUSHY Hash!
GGFM #308
Start: Formerly Crow’s, 85 Washington Place at 6th Avenue
Transit: A/C/E/B/D/F/M to West 4th

On-In: Barrow’s Pub

Splat & BushyBarrow’s Pub
15th Anal Flashlight Hash
GGFM #307
Start: Hayden Planetarium
Transit: B or C to 81st Street

On-In: The Parlour @ 86th and Broadway

Tall, Dark & Hammered A Little Dirty Crazy BobThe Parlour @ 86th and Broadway
Wolf Moon
GGFM #306
Start: Whiskey Tavern, 79 Baxter St (a block south of Canal)
Transit: NQR/6/JZ to Canal St
Bring your hats and mittens – it’ll be chilly on trail but it will be warm and cozy at the drink check! Trail is walker friendly!  If your buns are frozen off your behind remember that Ms. Whtacnt is not responsible – Mandy is!
What A Cunt! and Mandatory Fun with special guest star
New Year’s Day Recovery Run
GGFM #305
Start: Mudville 9 Saloon 126 Chambers St. They say it’s an “upscale sports bar with a huge beer menu.” Don’t believe the former, but do believe the latter. Come on down and decide for yourself.
Transit: 1, 2 and 3, A, C and E to Chambers St.
The Committee
GGFM #304
Start: Cherry Tree, 65 4th Ave, Brooklyn! btw Bergen St & St Marks Pl
Transit: 2/3/4/5/B/D/N/Q/R to Atlantic Ave

Full Cold Moon
Coneylingus & Doggie Erectus
GGFM #303
Start: Cadman Plaza and Middagh St in Brooklyn Heights
Transit: A/C to High St, 2/3 to Clark St

Full Beaver Moon
Eager for Beaver
GGFM #302
Start: Nelson Blue, 235 Front St (at Peck Slip)
Transit: 2/3 to Fulton St

It’s the scariest trail of the year! Two drink checks! A-to-A trail! Prizes for exceptional costumery!
The Committee
GGFM #301
Start: Nassau Bar, 118 Nassau St (btw Beekman & Ann St)
Transit: A/C/J/Z/2/3/4/5 to Fulton St

Full Hunter’s Moon
Dich Sukr
& Cheeky Bastard
300th GGFM / RDR Prelube
GGFM #300
Start: Twins Pub, 421 9th Ave (btw 33rd & 34th St)
Transit: A/C/E to 34th St-Penn Station
GGFM Committee
GGFM #299
Start: Bunga’s Den – 137 W 14th Street
Transit: 1/2/3/F/M to 14th St

Full Sturgeon Moon
Dildo Bag-Gone
GGFM #298
Start: Subway Inn, 60th & Lex
Transit: 4/5/6/N/Q to 59th St

Full “Manhattanhenge” Buck Moon
Bolly Woodless, Mandatory Fun & Blow in the Park
GGFM #297
Start: Subway Inn, 143 E 60th St (at Lexington Ave)
Transit: N/Q/R/4/5/6 to 59th St-Lexington Ave

Full Strawberry Moon

On-In: Dive 75

Just Ernesto &
Surprise! I’m Illiterate
Dive 75
GGFM #296
Start: & Prelube – The Charelson 174 Bedford Ave, New York, NY 11211 on Bedford Ave btwn 7th and 8th st
Transit: L train to Bedford ave

Full Flower Moon – short trail/ nice warm up run for all the brooklyn halfers come stretch your legs for the race
Crotchless Panties
& Busted Rubber
GGFM #295
Start: 169 Bar, 169 East Broadway (at Canal St)
Transit: F to East Broadway

Full Pink Moon

On-In: Habana Outpost, Fulton & S Portland

Cheeky Bastard
& Just Shea
Habana Outpost, Fulton & S Portland
Pi Day & Baby Got Last’s Birthday!
GGFM #294
Start: Applebee’s, 125th St & 5th Ave
Transit: 2/3 to 125th St

FLASHLIGHTS highly encouraged! Costumes optional!
Baby Got Last
& Geordi LaForeskin
GGFM #293
Start: Bunga’s Den, 137 W 14th St (btw 6th & 7th Ave)
Transit: 1/2/3/F/M to 14th St, or L to 6th Ave

Full Snow Moon
I Can Explain
Flashlight Hash
GGFM #292
Start: 96th St & Central Park West. Prelube at Dive Bar, 96th St & Amsterdam Ave.
Transit: B/C/1/2/3 Trains to 96th St.
Tall Dark & Hammered,
A Lil Dirty, and Crazy Bob
Glow in the Dark Hash
GGFM #291
Start: Dublin House, 225 W 79th St (btw Broadway & Amsterdam Ave)
Transit: 1 to 79th St

Full Wolf Moon
A live trail with the most unique marks you’ll see all year…
Type A Hole
The NAWW/GGFM Hangover Clusterf*** Hash!
GGFM #290
Start: Coogan’s, 4015 Broadway (btw 168th & 169th St)
Transit: A/C/1 to 168th St
The NAWW/GGFM committees
GGFM #289
Start: Prelube: The Irish Exit, 978 2nd Ave @ 52nd St
Transit: E/M to Lex/53rd St or 6 to 51st St

Farewell DBCP!
Chokes on Dick, Genghis Cunt, & Duckbill Cookiepuss
Random General Meeting (RGM)
GGFM #288
Start: Dublin House, 225 W. 79th St. (off Broadway)
Transit: 1 to 79th St.

The sad, tired, old, decrepit Committee bows out – the young, fresh whippersnappers rush in
The Committee
GGFM #287
Start: A to A trail at The Black Door. 127 W. 26th St. (between 6th and 7th Ave.) 6:30PM Costume prep/pre-lube, 7:15PM start. $25 hash cash!
Transit: 1 to 28th St. or F/M to 23rd St.

The XX An*l Halloween Hash hosted by the GGFM – C*m dressed in your ugliest/scariest/sluttiest/hashiest, there will be a costume contest and the prizes wil suck!
The Committee
GGFM #286
Start: We finally have a start! Paddy’s, 3155 Broadway (just below 125th St.
Transit: 1 to 125th St.
Turd Dimension and Duckbill Cookiepuss. Oof.
Pub Crawl!
GGFM #285
Start: White Horse Tavern. 25 Bridge Street.
Transit: 1 to South Ferry. 4/5 to Bowling Green. R to Whitehall.

Crawl through the Financial District; hash marks from pub to pub; hotline will be set as long as someone is sober enough to do so.
Speedo Gonzalez and “friends”
GGFM #284
Start: 70th and Broadway; pre-lube at Casa de Bartos (142 W. 70th St,Apt 4R).
Transit: 1 to 72nd St.

Pimpy Longstocking and Bam Bam Thank You Ma’m
The Hashelor/Hashlorette Party Hash
GGFM #283
Start: 169 Bar at 169 East Broadway
Transit: F train to East Broadway

Just Say No!
Crotchless Panties and Busted Rubber
GGFM #282
Start: Jeremy’s Ale House (so nice, we’re visiting twice) at 228 Front St. by Peck Slip
Transit: 2/3/4/5/A/C/J/M/Z to Fulton St.
Stinky Fingers, Mastercard and Mile High Club. Uh-oh.
GGFM #281
Start: Jeremy’s Ale House, 228 Front St (corner of Peck Slip)
Transit: Fulton Street 2/3/A/C/J
Conelingus & A Li’l Dirty
GGFM #280
Start: Prelube and Start at Dive Bar, 732 Amsterdam Ave. (between 95th St. and 96th St.)
Transit: 1/2/3 to 96th St.
Sir Shaves Alot + Mystery Hare (???!!!)
Full Worm Moon Hash
GGFM #279
Start: Pre-lube and start at Tobacco Road, 41st St. and 9th Ave.
Transit: A/C/E to 42nd St.

This is only the beginning of an Easter Weekend Heathen Hashtravaganza. Are. You. Ready?
10 Dix With Wings and MiLF and Cookies
Full Snow Moon Hash
GGFM #278
Start: Subway Inn, 143 E 60th St (corner of Lex)
Transit: 4/5/6 to 59th St, N/Q/R to Lex/59th St, F to Lex/63rd St
Turd Dimension and Cheeky Bastard
Full Wolf Flashlight Moon Hash
GGFM #277
Start: 96th St. and Central Park West. Pre-lube at Dive Bar at 96th St. and Amsterdam
Transit: 1/2/3 to 96th St.

Howl like the Wolf at our 15th Anal Flashlight Hash! $25 hash cash with special giveaway.
Tall, Dark & Hammered, with Crazy Bob and A Li’l Dirty
New Year’s Day Recovery Stumble
GGFM #276
Start: The Blarney Stone, 710 3rd Ave. (by 44th St.)
Transit: 4/5/6/7/S to Grand Central

Chicken/Stumble options, drink check, and DEFINITELY bloody marys.
The GGFM Committee
GGFM #275
Start: The Kinsale Tavern, 1672 3rd Avenue (by 94th Street)
Transit: 6 to 96th (local) OR 4/5 (express) to 86th

Will this be the sh*ttiest GGFM trail of the year? Possibly, but you won’t know unless you r*n this trail!
Doggie Erectus and Conelingus
GGFM #274
Start: Pre-lube and start at Three Sheets Saloon, 134 W. 3rd St. between 6th Ave. and MacDougal St.
Transit: A/B/C/D/E/F/M to West 4th Street
Canine Fixation
Halloween Hash – it Lives Again!
GGFM #273
Start: A to A trail with pre-lube/costume prep at The Edge Bar, 95 E. 3rd St. starting at 6:30PM
Transit: F to 1st Ave. (you hope)

Costumes? Check! Witches brew? Check! Madness and mayhem accompanied by spookiness and ghoulishness? You betcha! Thank the NAWW for pre-empting their r*n to bring you another Halloween debacle? Absolutely!
The “New” GGFM Committee
Random General Meeting (RGM)
GGFM #272
Start: 72nd and Broadway. Prelube at PD O’Hurley’s, 174 W. 72nd St.
Transit: 1/2/3 to 72nd Street

Wil the GGFM’s benevolent dictatorship end? Will there truly be a change in Committee members? Find out at the RGM!
GGFM Committee
GGFM #271
Start: Desmond’s Tavern, 433 Park Ave. S. between 29th and 30th Streets
Transit: 6 to 28th Street

Start your RDR weekend right with the GGFM! Optional hash may occur, stay tuned…
GGFM Committee
GGFM #270
Start: Finnerty’s on 2nd Ave. between 13th and 14th Streets (like you don’t know where it is)
Transit: L to 1st Ave.

There WILL be a drink check.
Doggie Erectus and Just Jen
GGFM #269
Start: Pre-lube/Start at Whiskey Tavern, 79 Baxter St. (at White St.)
Transit: J/6/N/Q/R to Canal St.
Cheeky Bastard
It’s Dirty Udders’ 30th Birthday!
GGFM #268
Start: Dublin House, 225 West 79th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam
Transit: 1 or B/C to 79th Street
Just Judith and Dirty Udders
GGFM #267
Start: Drop-Off Service, Avenue A between 13th and 14th Streets
Transit: L to 1st Ave.
‘Nads On Film with co-hare Ding!
Stinko de Mayo madness begins! Ole!
GGFM #266
Start: Bar Ipanema at 14th St. and 8th Ave.
Transit: A/C/E/ to 14th St. or L to 8th Ave.
CPA and Pimpy Longstocking
GGFM #265
Start: Pre-Lube/Start at Blarney Rock, 137 W. 33rd St. (between 6th and 7th Ave.)
Transit: 1/2/3/B/D/F/M/N/R/Q to 34th St.
Conelingus and Just Judith
GGFM #264
Start: The Eldridge Street Synagogue (Eldridge between Canal and Division St.) Pre-lube at 169 Bar.
Transit: F to East Broadway

C*m in costume! Break out that sexy dreidel outfit, it’s like Jew-lo-ween! With drink check, giveaways and treats!!
Chechnically Foul and BJ and The Chareback
GGFM #263
Start: Motor City Bar, 127 Ludlow (by Delancey)
Transit: F/M/J to Delancey/Essex

Pre-lube? Yes. Drink check? Yes. Birthday madness? Yes. ‘Nuf said.
Pussy In Boots and a cast of thousands
GGFM #262
Start: Pre-lube at Jake’s Dilemma on Amsterdam between 80th and 81st. Start is the Museum of Natural History in front of the moon-shaped planetarium
Transit: B/C to Museum of Natural History-81st St.

Hey You! Bring Your Flashlight!
Crazy Bob and Tall, Dark & Hammered. A Li’l Dirty will keep them in line.
GGFM #261
Start: Start/Pre-Lube at Drop-Off Service, Avenue A between 13th and 14th St.
Transit: L to 1st Ave.
Speedo Gonzalez and ??? C’mon, help a brutha out – let him know if you can.
GGFM #260
Start: Start/Pre-lube at White Horse Tavern, 25 Bridge street (not on Hudson, pay attention!)
Transit: N/R to Whitehall St. 4/5 to Bowling Green J/Z to Broad St.
Virgin Hare Just Judy and Speedo Gonzalez
GGFM #259
Start: Start/Pre-Lube at where else but 1-1-1-1. As in 1st Ave. and 1st St. at One and One.
Transit: F to 2nd Avenue
The McIntyre Twins (Mastercard and Quarter Mile High Club)
HALLOWEEN HASH – that means 2 drink checks and costume madness!
GGFM #258
Start: The Edge Bar! 3rd Street between 1st and 2nd Ave.
Transit: F to 2nd Ave.

Costumes not mandatory, but show up in your lame-a** racist gear and you will be mercilessly mocked, taunted and risk a public whipping! C’mon, it’s HALLOWEEN!! Awesome prizes for costume madness…
GGFM Committee with special guest Barnacle from the Brooklyn H3 with 2 drink checks including a witches brew check by the lovely BH3 Ladies
GGFM #257
Start: Prelube/start at Desmonds on Park Avenue at 29th Street
Transit: 6 to 28th Street

Last GGFM Before Halloween. Do you have a costume yet?!?!
Just Evan and Speedo Gonzalez
Red Dress Run (RDR) Pubcrawl/Hash
GGFM #256
Start: A to A Trail at Lilly O’Brien’s, 67 Murray St. near West Broadway
Transit: 1/2/3/A/C to Chambers St.

Start your Red Dress Run weekend debauchery with the GGFM! We’ll have a hash for you rac*sts and a pub crawl for you hedonists with a special drink check hosted by the RDR Committee. London Rules with $5 hash cash and special giveaway!
The GGFM Committee
GGFM #255
Start: Pre-lube and start at Kinsale Tavern on 3rd Ave. between 93rd and 94th St.
Transit: 6 to 96th St.
Just Nicole with Doggie Erectus to f* it all up
GGFM #254
Start: Start/Pre-lube at The Brazen head on Atlantic Avenue between Court St. and Boerum St.
Transit: 2/3/4/5 to Borough Hall
Speedo Gonzalez and ‘Nads on Film
Queens Hash Lives!
GGFM #253
Start: Start/Pre-Lube at McGuinness Saloon, 45th St. and Queens Blvd. (north side)
Transit: 46th St. stop on the 7 local (NOT express)
Friday the 13th Hash – Be Very Afraid
GGFM #252
Start: Pre-Lube/Start at Bleecker St. Bar on Bleecker between Broadway and Lafayette
Transit: 6 to Bleecker, B/D/F/M to Broadway-Lafayette
Canine Fixation
Death and Taxes Hash
GGFM #251
Start: 96th and Lexington Ave.
Transit: 6 to 96th St.
Joey Pennsylvania, your friendly hasher accountant
GGFM’s 250th Run, Tall Dark & Hammered’s Birthday Bash Hash and the GGFM’s Random General Meeting – you don’t want to miss this!
GGFM #250
Start: City Hall Park at the fountain. Pre-Lube at The Beekman Pub on Beekman Street between Nassau and William Streets.
Transit: J/Z/4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge

$25 hash cash gets you LOTS o’beer, free giveaway (while supplies last), and food that is not pizza!
TD&H misleading the GGFM Committee
Pussy In Boots 30th Birthday Debacle
GGFM #249
Start: SE corner of Metropolitan Ave. and Lorimer St. Pre-lube at the Alligator Lounge on Metropolitan Ave.
Transit: L train to Lorimer; G train to Metropolitan

Special haberdashery to the first 30 hashers!
Pussy In Boots and various other hapless suckers, uhh, hashers
GGFM #248
Start: Barrow & Bleecker Streets
Transit: 1 to Christopher Street, A/C/E, B/D/F/M to W 4 Street

Pre-lube at Bleecker Heights Tavern
GGFM #247
Start: In front of the American Museum of Natural History Planetarium on 81st between Columbus & Central Park West.
Transit: B/C to 81 Street, 1 to 79 Street

Pre-Lube at the Gin Mill, 442 Amsterdam Avenue
JM I’d Rather Have A Whore (aka Scooter) and Crazy Bob. A Femme Fatale will be assisting.
GGFM #246
Start: Pre-lube/start at the Shannon Pot in LIC, Queens (yes DBB, there is a Santa) at the corner of Jackson Ave. and Davis St.
Transit: E/M/G/7 to Court Square. Start is 1/2 block away.

C*m celebrate the last GGFM of the year!
Speedo Gonzalez and Cheeky Bastard
GGFM #245
Start: Houston St and Lafayette St.
Transit: B/D/F/M to Broadway/Lafayette, 6 to Bleecker Street

Pre-lube at Puck Fair, 298 Lafayette Street
Noah’s Dinghy
Halloween Hash – Costumes highly recommended (or don’t wear one and risk taunting, mockery, and if you’re lucky, overall general torture)
GGFM #244
Start: A to A trail! Edge Bar on 3rd St. west of 1st Av.
Transit: F to 2nd Av.

The best non-red-dress costume hash of the year! $25 hash cash gets you beer, a giveaway, a chance to win a fabulously cheap prize and an opportunity to show off your finest/ugliest/cheapest costume ever! C*m early to pre-lube and flounce your finest, umm, finery.
The GGFM Committee
GGFM #243
Start: Northeast corner of 14th Street and 1st Avenue
Transit: L to 1 Avenue
Virgin Just Matt and a cast of thousands (which may include Ow! My Balls)
Red Dress Run “”pre-lube”” with hash and pub crawl
GGFM #242
Start: A to A trail! Teneleven on Avenue C between 10th and 11th Streets.
Transit: L to 1st Avenue.

GGFM is proud to launch a weekend of red dresses, merriment and general drunken debauchery with this special hash and pub crawl! Note times – 6:30p for pre-lube, 7:00p for pub crawl and 7:15p for r*n. Hash cash is ONLY $5 (London Rules) with special giveaway.
GGFM Committee w/special drink check hosted by the Red Dress Run Committee
C*m celebrate Hot Rod’s birthday!
GGFM #241
Start: 85th Street and Lexington Avenue
Transit: 4/5/6 to 86th St.

Pre-lube at Carlow East on Lexington between 84th and 85th Sts.
Hot Rod and Joey Pennsylvania
GGFM #240
Start: 53rd St. and 3rd Av.
Transit: 6 to 51st St. or the E/M to 53rd and Lexington
Hoboken Dave and Just Amy
GGFM #239
Start: Pre-lube and Start at The Dubliner, 45 Stone Street
Transit: 4/5 to Bowling Green or the R/W (if W still exists!) to Whitehall St.-South Ferry
Virgin Just Patrick and a Crusty Old Hare
GGFM #238
Start: 14th St. and 2nd Ave. Pre-lube at Finnerty’s on 2nd Ave. between 13th and 14th Sts.
Transit: L train to 1st or 3rd Ave.

It’s Ow! My Balls birthday, c*m celebrate! New haberdashery will be available!
Ow! My Balls
GGFM #237
Start: Corner of Barrow St. and Hudson, pre-lube at Barrow’s Pub (NOT Barrow St. Ale House!)
Transit: 1 to Christopher St. or A/B/C/D/E/F/V to West 4th Street
Cogenital Defect and Pussy In Boots
GGFM #236
Start: Broadway and Houston
Transit: Broadway-Lafayette Stop on the B/D/F/V/downtown 6
Just Dan
GGFM #235
Start: Broadway Dive on Broadway at 101st St.
Transit: 1 to 103rd St.

Yes the start has changed in honor of today’s guest, SNOW.
Finger Me First and Hoboken Dave
GGFM #234
Start: Baker St. Pub, corner of 63rd St. and 1st Av.
Transit: 4/5/6/N/R/W to 59th St.
Ow! My Balls and Just Chris
New Moon Flashlight Hash
GGFM #233
Start: Subway Inn, corner of Lexington Ave. and 60th Street
Transit: 4/5/6/N/R/W to 59th St.

Flashlights, yes! Clothing, optional! Snorkeling gear, up to you!
Just Scot and Crazy Bob
New Years Day Recovery R*n
GGFM #232
Start: Clem’s, 264 Grand St. in Williamsburg. Follow short trail from the subway stop.
Transit: L/G to Lorimer St. Get out on the Union St. side.

Fat Boy and Short but Sweet trails. RSVP to Brittany.Steer (at) to get a personalized hash tag for this event!
Brittany and New York Cock Exchange (Norma)
GGFM #231
Start: Pete’s Tavern, 18th St & Irving Place
Transit: 4/5/6/, N/Q/R/W, L to Union Square
Just Liz
Veteran’s Day Hash
GGFM #230
Start: 23rd Street between 5th Ave. and Broadway.
Transit: R/W to 23rd St.

If you’re active duty or a veteran, you drink for free! Thanks, anonymous hasher!
Just Dan and Ow! My Balls
GGFM #229
Start: Mug Lounge, 448 East 13th St. between 1st Ave. and Ave. A
Transit: L train to 1st Ave

Pre-lube and Costume Mahem starts at 2:30pm. A to A trail with Walker/Marathoner trail provided. Don’t miss the scariest hash of the season!
GGFM Committee
GGFM #228
Start: 60th St. and Lexington Ave. Pre-lube at Subway Inn
Transit: 4-5-6-N-R-W to 59th St.

The GGFM Kicks Off AGM Weekend With Their Own Random General Meeting. Perhaps We’ll Just Swap Committees Outright!
USMW And TitTotaller
Red Dress Exchange
GGFM #227
Start: Patrick Ryan’s 3155 Broadway 1 1/2 blocks south of 125th St.
Transit: 1 to 125th St. (yes, it’s running)

GGFM is hosting a Red Dress Exchange – out with the old, in with the new! A to A trail, drink checks, live music, cheap beer, madness and mayhem await, don’t miss it! Bring your dress, your wig, your falsies and your finest jewelry and barter the night away.
Empress Norma and Pussy In Boots with special guest appearances from the RDR Committee
GGFM #226
Start: Merchants Gate at Columbus Circle
Transit: 1/A/C/B/D to 59th St – Columbus Circle
Red-headed Steve and Anna
GGFM #225
Start: 72nd and Broadway
Transit: 1,2,3 at 72nd

Pre-Lube at PD O?Hurley?s
Lauren and Rich W.
GGFM #224
Start: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 5th Ave. between 50th and 51st St.
Transit: B/D/F/V to 47th-50th Rockefeller Center or the 6 to 51st St.

Pre-lube at PJ Moran’s on 48th bet. 5th & Madison.
Brittany and Dan (the bald-headed one)
GGFM #223
Start: Corner of Bedford Ave and N. 7th St
Transit: Bedford Ave stop on the L train in Brooklyn (last car on the L if you are coming from Manhattan)

Pre-lube at Zablozki’s (107 North 6th St). Walk South on Bedford Ave to North 6th St and take a right. Walk a block and a half and the bar will be on your right.
Virgin hare Rebecca and Chris
GGFM #222
Start: Columbus Circle Fountain
Transit: Columbus Circle stop on the A/B/C/D/1

Pre-lube at Coliseum Bar on 58th and Broadway
Noah’s Dinghy and US Marine Whore
GGFM #221
Start: Jeremy’s Ale House, 228 Front Street (Prelube!)
Transit: A,C,J,M,Z,2,3,4,5 to Fulton Street
GGFM #220
Start: 60th St and Lexington Ave
Transit: 4/5/6/N/R/W to 59th St/Lexington Ave

Prelube at Subway Bar
Virgin Hare Sari and Wet Willy
Annual Flashlight Hash!
GGFM #219
Start: 96th St and Central Park West. (Pre-lube at The Dive Bar on 96th and Amsterdam.)
Transit: B/C to 96 Street Station

Please note: This is a Flashlight Run. Please bring your own flashlight.
Crazy Bob and Scot Gleason
GGFM #218
Start: Dalton’s Bar & Grill (9th Avenue and 43rd St)
Transit: A/C/E to 42nd St
Fireman Tim
The Return Of The Booty Call!
GGFM #217
Start: Beauty Bar 231 E 14th St btw. 2nd and 3rd
Transit: L To 3rd Avenue, 456NRQW to Union Square

Ladies: Manicures Are $10. Including A Drinkie-Winkie At The Pre-Lube but get there early!
Booty Call And FMIG
(Ye Gads!)
4 More Beers! FMIG’s 4th Anniversary Hash.
GGFM #216
Start: Prelube And Start: The Subway Inn, 60th Between Lex and 3rd
Transit: 4, 5, 6 at 59th St; N, R, W at Lexington Ave
The Empress Norma and FMIG
GGFM Halloween Hash
GGFM #215
Start: Suspenders (Prelube!)
111 Broadway At Thames St
Transit: Transit is 4/5 (Wall St), the 2/3 (Wall St), the R/W (Rector St), the E (WTC), the A (Chambers St), and the J/Z (Broad Street).
The New Committee
GGFM #214
Start: Biddy Early’s (downstairs), 43 Murray Street
Transit: 1/A/C to Chambers St, 2/3 to Park Place

A to A trail. Drink checks guaranteed. Chicken/Eagle Trail – the more you r*n, the more you drink! For $25 you get beer, more beer, and a special giveaway. Financial crisis? What financial crisis?
The Committee
GGFM #213
Start: Chambers Street and West Broadway
Transit: 1/2/3/A/C to Chambers St
Ed Lunch
Wee Willie’s Last Stand
GGFM #212
Start: West 103rd Street and Central Park West
Transit: B or C train to 103rd Street or a short walk east from the 1 train to 103rd Street
Wee Willie assisted by Anna
GGFM #211
Start: 15th St & Irving Place
Transit: 4/5/6/N/R/Q/W/L to Union Square/14th St
Chris S. assisted by Hoboken Dave
GGFM #210
Start: Corner of Graham and Metropolitan in Williamsburg
Transit: Graham Street on the L train
GGFM #209
Start: Reif’s on 92nd and Second Ave.
Transit: 4/5/6 to 86th St or 6 to 96th St

Please bring dry socks and a good attitude. Hash cash is $20. Due to weather the start has been moved to the on-in, and the trail is now A-to-A and improvised.
Red-Headed Steve and Fireman Tim with a special guest appearance from Redheaded Steve’s Dad
GGFM #208
Start: Dekalb Subway Station
Transit: Q/R/M/B at Dekalb Ave stop

GGFM Brooklyn Special – $15 hash cash for one night only!
GGFM #207
Start: 86th & Lex
Transit: 4/5/6 to 86th St & Lexington Ave

Flashlights recommended!
Junky Monkey & Fire in the Piehole
GGFM #206
Start: Second Ave and 29th Street (2/29, get it?)
Transit: 28th St stop on the 6 train

Pre-Lube at The Waterfront Ale House (SW corner of 30th St and Second Avenue)
GGFM #205
Start: Chambers St and West Broadway
Transit: 1/2/3 to Chambers St
GGFM #204
Start: 110th St and Broadway
Transit: 1 train to Cathedral Pkwy/110 St station
Eager 4 Beaver
New Moon Flashlight Hash
GGFM #203
Start: 110th and Lexington Ave
Transit: 110 St stop on the 6 train
Just Scot and Crazy Bob
GGFM #202
Start: Columbus Circle
Transit: Columbus Circle stop on the A/B/C/D/1
Wee Willy
GGFM #201
Start: Tempest Bar, NW corner of 8th Avenue and 30th St
Transit: 34th St stop on the A/C/E
Virgin hare Matt, supervised by Empress Norma
200th R*n and Halloween
GGFM #200
Start: 13th & Third Ave
Transit: 6:15 pm Prelube at Bar None, 98 Third Ave (at 13th Street)

4/5/6/N/R/Q/L to 14th St/Union Sq. Hash cash is $25! FREE giveaway to the first 50 that pay!
The GGFM Committee
GGFM #199
Start: 42nd St & Third Avenue (NE corner)
Transit: 4/5/6/7 to Grand Central Station
Peter and Lesley
GGFM #198
Start: 14th Street and Eighth Avenue, NW corner
Transit: tba
Mean Jean the Down Down Machine
GGFM #197
Start: SE corner of 96th St and Lexington
Transit: 6 train to 96th St station
Joe Pennsylvania with Virgin Hare Maria
GGFM #196
Start: 125 St and Lexington Ave
Transit: 125th St stop on the 4/5/6
Alice and Anna, supervised by Wee Willie
GGFM #195
Start: NW corner of 14th Street and 8th Avenue
Transit: A/C/E/L, and 1/2/3/F/V are close by.
Cree and virgin hare Steve T.
GGFM #194
Start: Biddy Early’s (Murray St between Church and Broadway)
Transit: 1/2/3/A/C/E to Chambers St

Pre-lube at Biddy Early’s
The Committee
GGFM #193
Start: Corner of 68th & Lexington
Transit: 68th St stop on the 6

Phoenix Park, 67th St between 3rd and 2nd Aves
Joe Pennsylvania
GGFM #192
Start: Corner of 19th and Seventh Ave
Transit: 1 train to 18th St

Pre0lube at Peter McManus, 19th and Seventh
Empress Norma
GGFM #191
Start: SE corner of Greeley Square (32nd and Broadway)
Transit: 34th St stop on the Q/N/R/W or F/V/B/D

Pre-lube at O’Reilly’s Pub on 31st and Broadway
US Marine Whore
GGFM #190
Start: Church and Canal Streets
Transit: 1/A/C/E/N/R/W/Q
Fire in the Piehole and Mary
GGF(N)M Torch Trail
GGFM #189
Start: Columbus Circle
Transit: Columbus Circle stop on the 1/A/C/B/D or 57th St stop on the N/R/W/Q

Flashlight r*n on the darkest night of the month
Crazy Bob & Steven Spielberg
Mickey Mouth’s 5th Annual Birthday Riddle R*n
GGFM #188
Start: The big “”9″” at 9 West 57th (betw Fifth and Sixth Aves)
Transit: 57th St stop on the F train

Bring a small flashlight to read the riddles at night
Mickey Mouth and the Mouthketeers
GGFM #187
Start: 96th St & Lexington Ave
Transit: 96th St stop on the 6 train
GGFM #186
Start: SW corner of Union Square
Transit: 4/5/6/N/R/W/Q/L to Union Square
Halloween Hash (Joint r*n with the NY/CT H3)
GGFM #185
Start: Kabin Bar, 2nd Ave (between 5th and 6th Streets)
F/V to Second Ave or 6 to Astor Place
The Committee
GGFM #184
Start: Small square on corner of Fulton St and Gold St
Transit: Fulton St stop on 2/3/4/5/A/C/J/M/Z

Pre-lube at Ryan’s Sports Bar (46 Gold St near Fulton)
Rich and Sexless in the City
GGFM #183
Start: Prince & Sullivan Streets
Transit: C/E to Spring Street

Pre-lube at the Red Bench on Sullivan Street between Prince and Spring
Jumpin’ Jack Gash and Robert
GGFM #182
Start: 125th Street and Broadway
Transit: 125th St stop on the 1 train
Fire in the Piehole and YankIT
GGFM #181
Start: Columbus Circle
Transit: 59th Street/Columbus Circle stop on A/C/B/D/1
Kendra and Will
GGFM #180
Start: Corner of 68th and Lexington.
Pre-lube is Phoenix Park on 67th St. between 2nd and 3rd.
Transit: Nearest subway is the 68th st Stop on the 6 train.
Joe B.
GGFM #179
Start: East Houston & Bowery
Transit: Second Ave on the F/V, Spring St on the 6

Pre-lube at Slainte (304 Bowery betw. 1st and Bleecker)
P*ssy Repellent & James
FMIG and Shoeless Erica’s Birthday Hash
GGFM #178
Start: SW corner of Church & Chambers
Transit: City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge on the N/W/4/5/6, Chambers St on the 1/2/3/A/C

Pre-lube at the Patriot!
FMIG & Shoeless Erica
GGFM #177
Start: The “”base”” of the Brooklyn Bridge (Manhattan side)
Transit: 4/5/6/R/W Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall stop

Pre-lube at the Beekman Pub (Beekman and Nassau Sts)
Erica and US Marine Whore
GGFM #176
Start: tba
Transit: tba
Hares Needed
(First?) Annual New Moon Flashlight Hash
GGFM #175
Start: 96th & Broadway
Transit: 96th St stop on the 1/2/3

Flashlights highly recommended
Scot & Crazy Bob
GGFM #174
Start: 79th and Second Ave
Transit: 77th and Lexington Stop on the 6

GGFM Hash Cash goes to $20 starting today! More beer, more beer, more beer?.
GGFM #173
Start: 47 East Houston St. (Betw. Mulberry and Mott St.
Transit: Broadway/Lafayette stop on the B/D/F/V trains and nearby Bleeker St stop on the 6 Train

Pre-lube at Botanica?
FMIG & Kindergarten Kim
GGFM #172
Start: Reade St. Pub, 135 Reade St between West B’way and Greenwich Sts
Transit: Chambers St stop on the 1/2/3/9 trains
Ed lunch
GGFM #171
Start: Kabin, Second Avenue between 5th and 6th Streets
Transit: Second Avenue stop on the F / V

Pre-lube/costume change starts at 6 pm, be there or be scared. Hash Cash will be $20!
The Committee
GGFM #170
Start: Church and Chambers St
Transit: Chambers Street stop on the A,C,E
GGFM #169
Start: Broadway and Lafayette Sts
Transit: Broadway/Lafayette stop on the F/V trains and nearby Bleeker St stop on the 6 train

Pre-Lube 6:30 at Tom & Jerry’s, corner of Elizabeth and Houston
GGFM #168
Start: The Collins Bar, 8th Avenue and 46th Street
Transit: Port Authority/42nd Street stop on A/C/E

Pre-lube will be at Collins Bar
Booty Call, Kindergarten Kim & Charlotte
GGFM #167
Start: Washington Square Arch
Transit: 8th St stop on N/R/W, nearby West 4th St stop on the A/B/C/D/E/F/V
Fast American Dave and Karen Z.
GGFM #166
Start: Madison Square Garden, on the corner of 33rd Street and 8th Avenue
Transit: 34th St Penn Station Stop on the A, C, E and 1, 2, and 3 trains
Pearl Necklace
Random General Meeting
GGFM #165
Start: 72nd & Broadway
Transit: 72nd St Stop on the 1,2,3 Trains

Hash Cash is $20. Be prepared to more of everything!
The Committee
GGFM #164
Start: 96th Street and Central Park West
Transit: 96th Street stop on the B and C Trains
The Body
GGFM #163
Start: SouthWest corner of Union Square
Transit: Union Square stop on the 4, 5, 6, N, R, Q, W, L trains
Anger Management Steve and Ed Lunch
GGFM #162
Start: North West corner of 56th St and 7th Ave (Across from Carnegie Hall)
Transit: 57th St/ 7th Ave Stop on the N, Q, R and W trains
Andrew Polish Manslave
Seventh Annual Flashlight Hash
GGFM #161
Start: 86th Street and Central Park West
Transit: 86th St stop on the B and C train

Pre-Lube: The Parlour at 86th and Broadway (86th St stop on the 1 train)
Be sure to bring a torch (that’s a flashlight on the left side of the pond).
Scot and Crazy Bob
GGFM #160
Start: 59th and Lexington
Transit: 59th St stop on the 4,5, and 6 trains

Pre-Lube: Subway Inn at 60th/Lexington
Wet Willie (Bill) and Jonathan
Post Thanksgiving Orphan’s Hash
GGFM #159
Start: 96th St and Lexington Ave
Transit: 96th Street stop on the 6 Train
Viagra Vince
GGFM does Halloween!
GGFM #158
Start: Astor Place island with the spinning cube
Transit: Astor Place stop on the 6

Costumes Required!!!

Halloween Madness, Beer, Costume Prizes for Most Original, Sexiest, Lamest and anything else insulting we can think of…
Pre-lube/Dress-up: From 4PM at Grassroots Tavern on St Marks Place btwn Second and Third Aves.
Sujan and Rich
GGFM #157
Start: Under the Queensboro /59th Street Bridge at 2nd Ave between 59th and 60th St
Transit: Lexington Ave/ 59th Stop on the 4,5,6,N,R and W trains.
GGFM #156
Start: Central Park South (59th Street) at 6th Avenue
Transit: 5th Ave/59th St stop on the N, R, W trains, 57th St stop on the F train and nearby 59th St / Columbus Circle stop on the A,B,C,D,1/9 trains
Sujan and Magoo
Blue Moon Random General Meeting
GGFM #155
Start: Canal Street & West Broadway
Transit: Canal St stop on the A,C,E trains or nearby Canal St stop on the 1,9, trains or Canal St stop on the J,M,N,Q,R,W,6 trains

Hash Cash is $15! YIPPEE!!!
The Committee
GGFM #154
Start: SW corner 49th Street and 3rd Ave
Transit: 51st St stop on the 6 train or Lexington Ave/53rd St stop on the E,V trains
Polish Manslave
GGFM #153
Start: NW Corner of 6th Ave & Central Park South
Transit: 57th St stop on the F train and 5th Ave/59th St stop on the N,R,W trains
Kyle and Doug
GGFM #152
Start: West Broadway and Reade St
Transit: Chambers Street station 1,2,3,9

Pre-lube at Mary Ann’s on the corner of West Broadway and Reade St
The couple aka Bottom and Carla
GGFM #151
Start: 8th Ave & 14th Street
Transit: 14th St Stop on the A,C,E Trains and the 8th Ave stop on the L Train
Legs Lesley and Got Wood
150th R*n of the GGFM
GGFM #150
Start: Corner of Broadway and Houston
Transit: Broadway/Lafayette stop on the F,V,S Trains and nearby Bleeker St stop on the 6 Train

Hash Cash will be $20.
Trail by Roy, Strip and Go Naked by Mean Jean, Haberdashery by Scooter Gleason, Knitted dishtowels by Kyle, Lampshade dancing by Crazy Bob, Magooing by Magoo, Kibitzing by Danny
GGFM #149
Start: The Arch at Washington Square Park
Transit: West 4th Street Stop on the A, C, E, F andV trains
Screaming O and Bill
Sixth Annual Flashlight Hash
GGFM #148
Start: 96th St and Central Park West on the B and C trains
The Body
GGFM #147
Start: Christopher Street station on the 1/9.
Wet Connection
GGFM #146
Start: 23rd St and 8th ave
Transit: 23rd St Stop on C or E train
English Andrew
GGFM #145
Start: TRIBECA PARK (aka Beach Street Park) One block south of Canal at the intersection of 6th Avenue, West Broadway, Lispenard, Beach Street and Walker.
Transit: 2 Blocks North of the Frankilin St. stop on the 1/9. 1 block south of the Canal Street stop on the A/C/E, 4 blocks southwest of the Canal Street stop for the 6/N/R/Q/W/J/M/Z.

Spend Halloween with the GGFMH3. WEAR A COSTUME! Great Trail, On-In, Beer, Food and Prizes for Best Costumes in a range of annoying categories.
Manslave and Michelle
Random General Meeting
GGFM #144
Start: PJ Kelly’s Bar at 90 Fulton St between William and Gold
Transit: Broadway/Fulton subway stop on the A, C, J, M, Z, 2, 3, 4, 5 Trains
GGFM Committee
Red Dress Warm-up
GGFM #143
Start: 68th & Lexington on the 6 train.
Cause one Red Dress Event is not enough. Contest and Prizes!
Trish and Rich
Summer Time Flashlight Hash: Or how the GGFM decides to run again because of the Blackout of 2003
GGFM #142
Start: 72nd and Broadway
Transit: 72nd St Stop on the 1,9,2,3 Trains
Scot and Jesse
GGFM #141
Start: 72nd and Broadway
Transit: 72nd St Stop on the 1,9,2,3 Trains
Scot and Jesse
GGFM #140
Start: 23rd and Eighth Ave
Transit: 23rd St Station on the C and E trains
Kyle Krall and Mean Jean
GGFM #139
Start: See NYC Run #999 for Details
Joint Run with NYC Hash
GGFM Committee
GGFM #138
Start: 13th Street and Third Avenue
Transit: Union Square stop on 4,5,6, L, N, R, W, Q
The Crusty & Sarah Downunder Birthday Hashbash
GGFM #137
Start: 68th & Lexington on the 6 train.
Transit: Prelube: Phoenix Park at 207 East 67th St at 3rd Ave
Crusty and Sarah Downunder
Karaoke Hash
GGFM #136
Start: Madison Square Park, SW corner
Transit: 23rd St. Stop on the N, R, and W
Screaming Orgasm and Mean Jean the Down Down Machine
Vergin Equinox Full Boob H’Ass
GGFM #135
Start: Inwood-207th Station on the A train
Transit: Pre-lube at the Piper’s Kilt at 4944 Boradway between 207th and Isham St

The hares claim this page has something to do with the r*n
Ed Lunch
V D “”Lerve Connection”” Full Moon Hash – Come along and hook up!
GGFM #134
Start: Merchants Gate entrance to Central Park: Columbus Circle at the statue covered in pigeon crap.
Transit: Columbus Circle / 59th Street on the 1,9,A,C,B,D
Sarah Downunder and the Andrews
Fifth Annual Flashlight Hash
GGFM #133
Start: 96th Street and Lexington Ave
Transit: 96th Street stop on the 6 Train
The Body
GGFM #132
Start: 14th St. & 4th Ave.
Transit: Union Square on the 4, 5, 6, N, R, Q, W, L trains^Y
Stacie, Crazy Bob, Fluffy, and Mean Jean
The “”We’re such sad-bastards that we have to throw ourselves a party because no one else will even remember it’s our birthday”” Birthday Hashtravaganza!!!
GGFM #131
Start: American Trash 1471 First Ave. (btwn 76th & 77th)
Transit: 77th and Lexington Stop on the 6

Substantial and suggested Pre-Lube starts early! At least I’m starting early…
Head-Up-Ass and Mean Jean the Down-Down Machine

Annual Halloween Costume Hash
GGFM #130
Start: Traffic Island at 4th Ave and 9th Street (Read Astor Place)
Transit: Astor Place Stop on the 6 Train; 8 St/ NYU Stop on N, R, W Trains
Mike Bahomonde
Be afraid, be very afraid!
GGFM #129
Start: Delancey St Stop
Transit: Delancey St/ Essex St Stop on the F, J, M and Z Trains
Cree India is just a little further Columbus
GGFM #128
Start: Flatiron Building 23rd and Broadway
Transit: 23rd St Stop on N and R Train

New Full Moon Sweatshirts for $20!
Screaming Orgasm

In the best traditions of historical accuracy, there are conflicting historical accounts of the beginnings of this hash. One by the founder and the other by the original On-Sec.

Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash House Harriers History

By Its Founder

The Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash was founded March 8th, 1993, by Marian Konop and Ginny Carroscio, veteran New York City hashers who didn’t want to spend fine Sunday afternoons swilling bad beer in stale cigar smoke and bus exhaust filled hash bars. That was a treat best saved for night time. Although the original full moon hashes were run on the actual night of the full moon, they are now held on a Friday night close to the date of the full moon, and for several excellent reasons:

1. We run in Manhattan and you can’t tell if there is a full moon anyway because the tall buildings block the view of the sky.

2. As New Yorkers we thumb our collective nose at the ‘Laws of Physics and the Universe’ because we believe WE are the center of the Universe and can make our own rules regarding the motions of the solar system, such as full moons fall on Friday nights.

3. New York is a lonely town for those of us who don’t have dates for Friday night and we need something to do.


Marian Konop, March 1998

Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash House Harriers History

Curtis Fong
G2FMH3 On-Sec 1997-98

Ed. note: For several years, the Hash has been struggling to determine the origins of that lunar phenomenon, Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash House Harriers. A large monetary reward was offered, to no avail. Recently, we received the following message, which is reproduced in full below.

December 9th, 1997
Below is my version of the G2FMH3 History for the Homepage. I couldn’t verify what my sources told me, but am relying on it all being fabricated truth ready for publication.

Best holiday wishes,
C. Fong.

Post-war New York City had never seen anything like it before. Not since the Quaker colonization of the West Village, the burning of the Seneca Village, and the threat to turn Riverside Park into the ‘Lee Harvey Oswald Memorial Trailer Park’ had New York seen anything so heinous as what was about to take root within its metropolitan confines. Gotham was about to be inseminated with the demonseed of yet another hash and thus house two roving bands of running drunkards.

As with all other crimes against humanity, it started innocently enough with an idea born and shared by the wrong people.

On a snapping crisp fall afternoon in one of 3rd Avenue’s more famous bars of ill-repute, two very distressed and wayward souls came together to discuss their folly of starting a full moon hash in New York City. The malcontents in this twisted drama: Marian Konop and Keith Kanaga. Konop, a hasher known best for auto-hashing and setting trails laden with alcohol, deigned to conspire with Kanaga, an international hasher with a deceptively friendly demeanor, who had successfully planted the New York City Hash House Harriers with a list of co-conspirators whose names are only mentioned in passing as they have been forced to assume new identities to evade Keith ‘The Jackal’ Kanaga.

The NYCH3 had already been running for nine years since 1984 in sublime notoriety. Now, with a harvest moon rising in direct alignment with a hair in her ass, Marian was ready to make her move on Kanaga while he was comfortably resting on his laurels. A challenge ensued wherein both would drink full beers until one either failed to drink or one yielded to the other. The winner would assume ‘leadership’ of the full moon hash, give it a name, and enjoy all the rights and privileges ascribed to the title. The loser would pay the bar bill and keep the hell out of the way. And so they set to the challenge.

The contest began at a blinding pace and each put forth a valiant effort. Spiteful barbs referencing former romances and warm spots of the body were glibly tossed between the opponents. Empty pitchers started lining the bar as dusk fell to night. A small crowd gathered around the two as one would choke down yet another beer only to be matched evenly by the other. Sharp insults made in jest in the early rounds turned into immature remarks about farting after the first 5 pitchers. After the ninth pitcher, all verbal comments broke down completely to nose-thumbing and offensive third base coach signals until all forms of communication broke down to half-lidded stares, short huffs of breath, and drooling. Finally, the event took a turn.

A rousing cheer broke the silence as Marian gently returned her empty glass to the beer-pocked table and slid it under Keith’s bearded visage. An unidentified hand warily emptied a fourteenth pitcher into the glass and positioned it once again in front of Keith. ‘This should’ve ended by now,’ registered in Keith’s beer-soaked brain as he mustered his remaining energy to stay upright in his chair. He felt bloated; heavy from the liquid sloshing around the macerated piece of mushroom pizza he ate earlier. Also, someone had apparently tied his cowbell around his neck and it would now clang a doleful thunk every time he lowered the glass from his mouth.

‘Whose idea was it to have a hash on a full moon hash?’ he imperceptibly wondered as he aimed his hand at the beer glass handle. His entire focus was on this one beer and he found himself in a zen trance as he wiped away all thoughts of the previous thirteen pitchers he and Marian had just finished. Keith brought his focus on Marian across the small table–well, the Marian in the middle of the three Marians he was seeing–and tilted the bottom of the glass upward.

Sounds of awe trembled out of the surrounding spectators and evolved into laughter as Keith emptied his glass onto the table in front of him. Apparently, he had begun pouring his beer two inches before he had actually put the glass to his mouth thus soaking himself and the table in a rush of beer. ‘Thunk’ went the cowbell as he brought the glass down, still staring at Marian with one eye while the other eye listed about the room, completely unaware of the malt bath he was currently taking. The three Marians let out a triumphant laugh, got up from the table, and staggered off to the ladies room–but not without first removing the shirts from three fellows standing back by the pool table and declaring herself Grand Mistress of the Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash House Harriers.

Ever since that fateful day in 1993, the G2FMH3 has been rearing its foamy little head on Friday evenings closest to the monthly full moon and hosting a Halloween Costume Hash. Marian maintains her role as Grand Mistress of the G2FMH3 and finally, in 1997, appointed mismanagement after having appropriated enough Full Moon hash cash to finance her purchase of Laird and Christine’s apartment.

Ed. note: The Hash is indeed grateful to Mr. Fong for providing this authoritative account of the GGFMH3’s genesis. His skilled research also sheds new light on the origins of the degenerative condition sadly observed in both Ms. Konop and Mr. Kanaga.


Joint Masters
Tequila Whore
Tall Dark and Hammered

Hare Raiser
Surprise! I’m Illiterate!

Past Mis-Management

  • Marion Konop, Grand Master (Inception – 1997)
  • Andy & Betsy Raybould, Joint Masters (1997)
  • Curtis Fong & Mike Hoffman, Joint Masters (1998 – 1999)
  • Chris Troise & Mike Hoffman, Joint Masters (1999 – 2001)
  • Scot Gleason and Danny Choriki, Joint Masters (2001 – 2003)
  • Scott Gleason and Mean Jean the Down Down Machine, Joint Masters (2003 – 2004)
  • Mean Jean the Down Down Machine and Jumpin’ Jack Gash, Joint Masters (2004 – 2005)
  • Cockstar and Rich Kammerer, Joint Masters (2005-2007)
  • Empress Norma and USMW, Joint Master (2007-2008)
  • USMW and Tit-Totaler (2008-2009)
  • Empress Norma and Tall Dark & Hammered (2009-2013)
  • Speedo Gonzales and Tall Dark & Hammered (2013-2015)


Latest GGFMH3 Writeups

Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash Writeups

Date Run No. Start and Finish Hare Scribe
03/29/02 ??? Start: Astor Place
On-In: 19th Hole
Crofty Lynn Wolff
09/07/01 ??? Start: 72nd & 5th
On-In: Bar East, 1st & 90th
Elaine Kerr Wet ‘n’ Sticky
08/03/01 ??? Start: City Hall
On-In: Reade St. Bar (?)
Cree & Lynn Wet ‘n’ Sticky
07/07/01 ??? Start: 125th St. & Lexington
On-In: Cannon’s, Broadway & 102nd
Devo Wet ‘n’ Sticky
01/??/01 ??? Start: Broadway and 110th St.
On-In: Hooligan’s
Scot Gleason and Sarah Fifield Fluffy Lockerman
12/08/00 ??? Start: Pomona Fountain, Plaza Hotel
On-In: Ellen O’Dee’s, 40th & Lex
Steve Yoman Crazy Bob
11/11/00 ??? Start: Columbus Circle
On-In: Ellen O’Dee’s, 40th & Lex
Heather Malloy & Christine Hinz Geoff Baldwin
10/31/00 ??? Start: 71st & Madison Ave.
On-In: Yogi’s, 76th & Broadway
Pat, Scot, Elaine, Kerry War ‘n’ Peace Of Shit
10/12/00 ??? Start: City Hall Park
On-In: Blarney Star, Murray St.
Sarah Fifield & Pat Flanagan Danny Choriki
??/09/00 ??? Start: ???
On-In: The Village Idiot, 14th & 9th
Ed Lynch & Fireman Bob ‘Cool Papa’ Troise
8/18/00 ??? Start: 14th St. & 1st Ave.
On-In: The Village Idiot
Tiger’s Woody Elliot Sobel
7/14/00 ??? Start: 96th & Central Park West
On-In: Cannon’s, 106th & Broadway
John Lynch, Debbie Ulis, Melissa Schimke Mike Hoffman
12/17/99. unk Start: Near the Plaza Hotel.
On-In: The Gin Mill, 82nd and Amsterdam
Scot Gleason,
and Lipstick Leslie
Mighty Mouth
9/4/99 unk Start: Rockefeller Center, Manhattan.
On-In: Ryan’s Bar & Grill, Vernon and Jackson Blvd., Queens! Yes, Queens!
Back Seat Box and
Minnie Brew
Chris Troise
8/27/99 unk Start: 96th and Broadway.
On-In: Cannons, 108th and Broadway.
Michele Thompson,
Rick Chann
Scott Gleason
7/30/99 unk Start: 89th Street and 3rd Avenue.
On-In: Mug Shot Bar and Saloon
Kevin Ryan,
and NOT Don Brosnon
Heather Malloy
6/25/99 unk Start: 46th Street and 3rd Avenue.
On-In: ‘Sandy’s’ in Murray Hill (do not use this bar again).
Kerry ‘Dumb and Dumber’ McVeigh,
Mike Murphy
Vince Cloud
6/4/99 unk Start: 23rd Street and 9th Avenue.
On-In: Matt’s Apartment
Matt Fludgate,
JM Mike Hoffman
‘It’s Pat’ Cuff, and
Danny ‘Ed McMahon’ Choriki
4/30/99 unk Start: 40th Street and Park Avenue South.
On-In: Ellen O’Dees
Leslie Brough,
Peter Trunfio
Elaine Kerr,
Geoff Baldwin
1/8/99 unk Start: 115th Street and Broadway.
On-In: The Gin Mill, 82nd Street and Amsterdam.
Scott Gleason,
Elaine Kerr
Chris Troise
11/13/98 unk Start: 2nd Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Streets.
On-In: Ship of Fools, 2nd Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Streets.
Peter Trunfio Roy Gilbert
10/31/98 unk Start: Columbus Circle.
On-In: Jake’s Dilemma
Elaine Kerr Brent ‘Back Seat Box’ York,
plus special guest,
That Christmas Tree Chick
10/2/98 unk Start: Broadway and 96th.
On-In: Dive 75, 75th and Columbus
Rick Chann,
Michele Thompson
‘Marathon’ Rick Chann
7/10/98 unk Start: 70th and Amsterdam
On-In: Dive 95
Allison Hope Christopher Troise
6/12/98 unk Start: 72nd Street and Central Park West. On-In: The Shandon Star, 54th Street and 8th Avenue. Kyle Krall,
Peter Trunfio
Christopher Troise
5/8/98 unk Start: 71st-Continental Avenue / Forest Hills, Queens
On-In: A really nice bar just a block away
Seth Chanowitz,
Rudi Klein
Christopher Troise
2/13/98 tbd Start: 300 Eighth Ave (Eighth Ave & 25th St).
On-In: Caliban, Third Ave & 26th St.
Mike Hoffman & Yoshi Ozaki Mike Hoffman
1/16/98 tbd Start: Bloomingdale’s 59th St. & Lexington Ave.
On-In: Fitzpatrick’s 85th St. & 2nd Ave.
Lisa Unger & Trisha Hoffman Lisa Unger
12/12/97 tbd Start: NYC Public Library
On-In: Donohue’s 72nd St & Broadway
Geoff Baldwin Curtis Fong
November 1997 tbd tbd tbd tbd
10/31/97 tbd Start: 77th & Lexington.
On-In: Beacon Hill Ale House, 1st Ave. between 76th & 77th Sts
Idaho Sue Szubert Curtis Fong
  • October 17, 1997, Hunter’s Moon. Elaine Kerr and Yoshi Ozaki set the run, Mike Hoffman set the critique.
  • September 19, 1997, Corn Moon. Hares Jerry Nelson and John Cardinal O’Connor. Scribe Joyce Saltalamachia.
  • August 15, 1997, Sturgeon Moon. Hares Yoshi Ozki and Beth Stutzman. Scribe: Jerry Nelson. Soundtrack: Curtis Fong
  • July 18, 1997, Thunder Moon, hared by Pete Trunfio. Scribed by Michael Hoffman and edited by Curtis Fong.
  • June 20, 1997, Strawberry Rose Moon, by Geoff Baldwin
  • May 30, 1997, Corn Planting Moon. Hare: Bo Petkovich. Scribe: Fluffly Lockerman
  • April 25, 1997, Sprouting Grass Moon (where do they get this stuff?) and Bienniel General Meeting.
  • March 21, 1997, Sap Moon. More appropriate than most.
  • January 24, 1997, Wolf Moon. Hare: Geoff Baldwin. Scribe: Curtis Fong.
  • December 27, 1996, Long Night’s Moon, Hare Laird Stiefvater. Scribe Michael Hoffman.
  • November 22, 1996, the Beaver Moon. A. Hare, scribe Michael Hoffman.
  • Halloween Hash, Marian Konop and Curtis Fong, Hares. Steve Kurtzer, scribe.
  • September 27, 1996, the Harvest Moon. Hares Curtis Fong and Michael Hoffman. Scribe Guillermo Metz.
  • Guess what! Curtis Fong got suckered into writing up the August 2, 1996 run!
  • November 10, 1995