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Founded by Keith Kanaga & Charles Dugan in 1993. Presided over by the likes of Fluffy, Wet Connection, The Body, FMIG, The Saint, and Headlights ever since. The Better Beer Hash.


Runs every Monday starting at 7:00 pm with the exception of Memorial Day Weekend, The Polar Bear Hash, and The AGM which are run on Sunday.

Other big events include Brooklyn Summer Camp, The AGM and Brooklyn Half Pub Crawls, and the Marathon Recovery Run.

We’ll even go to Queens once in a while just because we can.

Receding Hareline (Next 90 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s)
24th Polar Bear Hash
Brooklyn #1059
Start: Coney Island Brewery, 1904 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224
Transit: N/Q/F to Coney Island

Polar Bear Plunge 2020

1pm start, pack out at 1:30pm, A-to-A. Come run a trail around Coney Island, then an optional dip in the ocean. Bring hash gear, swim gear and warm clothes for after. Also your vaccination card, or the brewery won’t let you in!

Please fill out this form if you plan on attending:

[Facebook Event]
HoBoDega & Cheeky Bastard

Mis-Management 2018-???

Joint Masters
Drug Bust
Cheeky Bastard
Religious Advisor
Cum On Moses
Grayvee Train
De Ja Poo
Check Spreader
Dunkel Schweiss
Web Site Guy
Turd Dimension

Mis-Management 2016-2018

Joint Masters
Drug Bust
Tequila Whore
Religious Advisor
Cheeky Bastard
Turd Dimension
Kitty Keeper
Rack ’n’ Roll Her
US Marine Whore

Mis-Management 2015-2016

Joint Masters
Eager for Beaver (Tim)
Religious Advisor
Cheeky Bastard
Drug Bust (Mel)
Georgia O’Queef
Turd Dimension
Kitty Keeper
Rack ’n’ Roll Her
Six Inches, Ladies

Mis-Management 2014-2015

Joint Masters
Speedo Gonzales (Eric)
Eager for Beaver (Tim)
Religious Advisor
Cheeky Bastard
Georgia O’Queef
Turd Dimension
Kitty Keeper
Rack ’n’ Roll Her
Six Inches, Ladies

Mis-Management – 2013-2014

Joint Masters

Speedo Gonzales (Eric) Email: ericsiegs at Eager for Beaver (Tim) Email: e4b at

Religious Advisor

Technically Foul (Rebecca) Email:bexinthecity at Cheeky Bastard (Eric) Email: ecmgeorgetown at


Tall Eric Turd Dimension


Rack ‘n’ Roll Her

Hareraiser and Kitty Keeper

Smashmouth (Dave) Email: dbbadh at

Latest BH3 Writeups

Brooklyn # 797

Monday October 5, 2015 Down-Downs awarded to Our Hare – Whoremaster A virgin – Just Noah A visitor from summit hash – but be damned if I remember his name. Turd Dimension & Cheeky Bastard –  For having a twingury and still running trail. (matching injuries) Barnacle – For being the Canadian in the room on Canadian Thanksgiving.  But, was it really Canadian Thanksgiving? Smashmouth – For making bitter jokes at start of trail. Gee, wouldn’t guess that. Blackout – For when being asked “are you?” he replied, “there is a cross over here” and thereby leading half the pack to believe they were off trail, and to run in circles while searching for a proper mark. Whoremaster – For making a mark that looked like a cross. Blackout – For not looking to cross street.  Remember: getting hit by a car is the #1 way we lose hashers here in NYC, afterall. A Visiting guest Just Larry – For his birthday, fuck him. U.S. Marine Whore & Rack’n’RollHer – For stripping on trail. This trail included many blocks with only one mark, and many parks that the pack ran all-the-way-around looking for the next single lonely mark.  At one point, a bunch of us dressed as raceists encountered another group of raceists and had a nice chat.  Yippee for making new friends on trail! On-In was the new location of the Loki Lounge on 2nd Street, just west of 5th Ave.  The bartender provided very nice beer deal all night on London Rules....

Brooklyn #790

Monday August 17th, 2015 Down-Downs awarded to: Our Hare – Sans Culottes Our Hare – for S-H-I-T-T-Y T-R-A-I-L – not enough checks, too many housing projects, good job anyway,  and a damn shitty on-in (on the roof of our hare’s building) A virgin – Todd Drug Bust – For auto-wanking and cuming to the on-in late. Rack’n’Roll Her – For being a dedicated hasher and taking half day off from work to set trail. Doggie Erectus – from Smashmouth as a random abuse of power, just ‘cuz, and to cheer up Doggie. Bringing Up The Rear – for a false accusation, but I don’t remember the accusation. Our Hare (again) – For not enough beer at the already cheap and shitty on-in on his roof, least he could do is supply a TON of beer. So, its true, I missed trail on this one, and the On-In was waaaaay out there in Crown Heights.  The NYC Skyline was but a faint glimmer in the distance.  Good thing there were no visitors, otherwise they would have been disappointed with our inability to show them the sites of...

Brooklyn # 788

Monday August 3rd, 2015 Down Downs awarded to – Our Hare – Eager for Beaver A visitor – (MASSIVE) Slut Slinger from Austin H3. Another visitor – I Got Fucked by a Dinosaur from Austin H3 on vacation in Brooklyn. (she wanted me to MAKE SURE everyone knew she was on vacation) Lexi’s Bitch – for being a doctor on trail and confirming that everyone has their tetanus shot. IMS – For no longer being FMIG – the award was no song, simply “down down down…” Scooter Douche – for complaining about broken beer bottles. Farmer’s Blough – for taking off shirt while on trail, and because it was an ode to the great Ghost Busters “who ya gonna call?” – The lovely endowed Farmer’s Blough was sereneded by “she’s got two big ones” rather than “she’s a little flat chested.” Scooter Douche (again) for liking dogs, and commenting on the dog beach we passed on trail, and noticing runners with dogs, and more crap about dogs. Seems like he is strangely into dogs. Smashmouth for shortcutting the eagle. There is a chicken too, you know. Lexi’s Bitch (again) for standing in front of the on-in and asking, “where is trail?” On-in – The Hop Shop – on Columbia Street & Kane Street near the waterfront. It was a new on-in as promised, and yes I would go back there if I was ever walking under the BQE, hopelessly lost,  and was looking for a place that would probably be nice to me as long as I bought a...

Brooklyn # 787

Monday July 27th 2015. Down-Downs awarded to: Our hare – Cum Locker,  a visiting hare from the D.C. Hash. A visitor – Spicy Sausage – from Kobe, japan. Virgins – Jeff and Matt Six Inches Ladies for dropping trou’ on trail. FMIG for being renamed IM” – however he was not present for his renaming, so Cheeky Bastard took the down-down in his place. Coneylingus for something stupid.  (because thats specific). The trail was pretty good for a visitor, except she confused us all by marking her falses (and putting in the effort to mark her falses).  I seem to remember running circles through the park along the Brooklyn Waterfront and Kent Ave. On-in was Rosemary’s Greenpoint Tavern.  It was a good, classic bar, choice. Do we yet know what IMS means...

Brooklyn #785

Date: 7/13/2015 hare: just dave luther visitors hot climax & sex trap from berlin bj the bareback from ggfm “the germans have no humor and that is not a rumor” ernesto – smell the yeast in matzoh turd & racknroller for being harassed on trail georgia o’queff & drug bust – wearing old matching race shirts fmig – answering phone while on toilet dogface – angry brit award nipsicle – up past bedtime just dave luther gets named – c’mon everybody ( or is that cum on everybody?) hot climax – found wallet on trail 6″ ladies – stole bike on trail georgia o’queff – by random abuse of power from pooping cough dogface – lame announcement about nass start: broadway&division on-in: c’mon everybody @...

BH3 Turns 800

Start: Corner of Broadway and Heyward Hare: The Committee On In: High Dive

Really, really old BH3 Write-ups

Brooklyn Hash Writeups

Date Run No. Start and Finish Hare Scribe
11/26/01 236 Start: Bergen on the 1,2
On-in: O’Connors
Christine Alice
11/12/01 235 Start: Clarke St on 1,2
On-in: Sparky’s on Court St
Crofty and Ewa Stace
9/17/01 232 Start: Atlantic Ave RR Station
On-in: Brooklyn Saloon
The Sheriff and the Deputy The Body
5/28/01 224 Start: Newkirk Station on D Line
On-in: Crossroads Saloon on Coney Island Ave and Kings Highway
Fluffy and Liz Slow to Blow
5/14/01 223 Start: 7th Ave
On-in: the trapezoid on atlantic near smith
Fluffy and Liz Alice
04/30/01 222 Start: Bedford Avenue on the L train
On-In: The Abbey
Crofty Tiger’s Woody
4/16/01 221 Start: Atlantic Ave Stop
On-In: Mooney’s Pub on Flatbush
Cree Cree with edits by Janet and Stace
02/19/01 2?? Start: 7th Ave. on the D
On-In: Mooney’s
Fluffy Pat McGreer
02/05/01 2?? Start: Court St. on 2,3 or nearby
On-In: Mooney’s
Paul Ashlin Tiger’s Woody
01/08/01 2?? Start: Metropolitan on the G-train or Lorimer on the L-train
On-In: Turkey’s Nest @ Bedford Ave. & 11th Street
Jammit Janet and her Tiger’s Woody Flunky with Evan as Carrier-On Fluffy Lockerman (that’s Fluff-Daddy to you)
10/30/00 210 Start: Bergen St.
On-In: Sidebar, Clark St.
Geoff Baldwin & Alice Harrison Tiger’s Woody
10/30/00 210 Start: Bergen St.
On-In: Sidebar, Clark St.
Geoff Baldwin & Alice Harrison Tiger’s Woody
10/2/00 208 Start: Atlantic Ave. subway
On-In: Smith’s, 5th & 9th
Peter Trunfio Tiger’s Woody
9/18/00 207 Start: Bedford Ave. L stop
On-In: The Pour House, Metropolitan Ave.
Danny Choriki Tiger’s Woody & Janet Slobodian
9/5/00 206 Start: Eastern Parkway
On-In: That Park Slope Bar Near The F Train With Darts
Stephen Balinskas Tiger’s Woody
8/7/00 204 Start: Fort Hamilton Parkway F train stop
On-In: Chez Duck of Death, darkest Park Slope
The Body Tiger’s Woody
7/24/00 203 Start: Smith & 9th St. on F,G train
On-In: Sparky’s, Court St.
Duck of Death Janet Slobodian
7/10/00 202 Start: Borough Hall
On-In: Mooney’s, Faltbush Ave.
Christine Hinz Lesley Brough
6/24/00 200 Start: York St. on the F train
On-In: “Some tiny Polish restaurant at Metropolitan and Nassau Aves. in Greenpoint”
The Cardinal and Fluffy Janet Slobodian
6/12/00 199 Start: Bedford Ave. on L train
On-In: The Abbey, by concensus
Michael Bahamonde Tiger’s Woody
5/29/00 198 Start: DeKalb Avenue subway
On-In: Right Bank, Williamsburg
Fluffy Lockerman Janet Slobodian
5/1/00 196 Start: Grand Army Plaza
On-In: Smith’s
Basil Ashmore & Aleks Tkocz Christine Hinz
4/3/00 193 Start: Various (!)
On-In: The Pourhouse
Ewa Mobus & Dave Godbold Tiger’s Woody
3/6/00 191 Start: 7th Ave. and 8th Street
On-In: Harry Boland’s, 9th St. near 5th Ave.
Michael “Slow to Blow”,
Elaine (there is only one!)
Fluffy Lockerman
2/7/00 189 Start: Franklin Ave. on the 2/3/4/5
On On: Mooney’s
Stephen Balinskas Janet Slobodien
1/24/00 188 Start: Bergen St. on the 2/3.
On In: Between the Bridges
Paul Ashlin, Spiritual Advisor Fluffy
1/10/00 187 Start: Borough Hall.
On In: O’Connor’s
Keith Kanaga Stephen Balinskas
12/27/99 tbd Start: Bedford Ave. on the L.
On-In: The Right Bank Café, Kent Ave. in Williamsburg
Fluffy and
Mickey Mouth
11/29/99 184 Place: The streets of Court and Joralemon in the land of Brooklyn.
Journey’s End: Mooney’s
Peter Trunfio Janet Slobodien
10/18/99 181 Start: Clark Street on the 2/3
On In: Cody’s, Court St. near Dean
Lesley Brough,
Dave Long
10/4/99 180 Start: Lorimer St. on the L.
On In: The Abbey, Driggs Ave., near N. 7th
Andy Hedgehog Millard Janet
9/18/99 179 Start: Bedford Ave. on the L.
On In: The Right Bank
Brooklyn Officers Janet,
with major contributions from
Jerry and Jean
9/6/99 178 Start: New Utrecht / 62nd Street.
On In: Three Jolly Pigeons
Ewa and Roy Roy
8/23/99 177 Start: Grand Army Plaza.
On In: Smith’s on 5th Ave & 9th St.
Michael Bahamonde
& Concubine (Aleks Tkocz)
Alice Harrison
7/26/99 175 Start: Flatbush Ave/Brooklyn College.
On-In: Denny’s
David Byron-Brown Lesley Brough
7/12/99 174 Start: Bergen St. on the 2/3.
On In: Mooney’s, Flatbush Ave. near 7th Ave.
JM Jerry Nelson On Sec Janet Slobodien
6/28/99 173 Start: 15th Street and Prospect Park West.
On-In: The Gate, 3rd Street and 5th Avenue
Steve Balinskas Slow to Blow Mike
6/14/99 172 Start: Grand Army Plaza.
On-In: The Carriage House, 7th Ave. and 8th St.
Christine Hinz Janet Slobodien
5/31/99 171 Start: Grand Army Plaza.
On-In: The Gate, Fifth Avenue and Third Street.
Jerry Nelson,
Janet Slobodien
Ross Holden
5/3/99 170 Start: Borough Hall
On-In: Ryan’s, Gold Street in Manhattan.
Paul Janet
4/19/99 169 Start: Grand Army Plaza. Finish: The Gate – 5th Ave & 3rd St. Ewa & Roy Alice
4/5/99 168 Start: 9th Ave. on the B train (?).
On-In: 3 Jully Pizeens – 3rd Ave. @ 68th St.
Brent York (Back Seat Box) JM Jerry Nelson
3/22/99 167 Start: Atlantic Avenue station.
On On: Sparky’s, Court and Nelson Streets
Andy Hedgehog Millard Jamet Slobodien
2/22/99 165 Start: 9th Avenue stop on the M.
On In: Napper Tandy’s
Scott Schnipper J.M. Nelson
2/8/99 164 Start: 7th Avenue stop on the F. On On: ? Geoff Baldwin Paul Ashlin
1/25/99 163 Start: York Street stop on the F train.
On In: Last Exit
Lara Davis Cardinal O’Connor
1/11/99 162 Start: 15th Street and Prospect Park West. On In: Mooney’s, Flatbush Avenue. Stephen Balinskas Janet Slobodien
12/28/98 161 Start: Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street.
On In: The Right Bank, Williamsburg.
JM’s Jerry Nelson,
John O’Connor
Janet Slobodien
12/14/198 160 Start: Grand Street stop on the L.
On-In: Someplace in Williamsburg.
Roy Gilbert,
Ewa Mobus
Brent and Jean York
11/30/98 159 Start: Clark Street Station (the subway stop).
On-In: Clark Street Station (the bar).
Alice Harrison Janet Slobodien
11/16/98 158 Start: 7th Avenue and 8th? Street.
On-In: The Carriage House, 7th Avenue and 8th Street, Brooklyn.
Paul Ashland [Ashlin] I, Jerry Nelson
11/2/98 157 Start: Plaza Hotel, 59th Street and Fifth Avenue.
On On: Carriage House, 59th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, Manhattan.
Keith Kanaga Scribe Needed
10/19/98 156 Start: 77th Street
On On: Kitty Kiernan’s Irish Pub
Brent (Back Seat Box) York Paul Ashlin
10/5/98 155 Start: Prospect Park Station on the D/Q line.
On In: Great Lakes at 5th Avenue and 1st Street
Janet Slobodien Mike Hoffman
8/24/98 152 Start: 36th Street and 4th Avenue.
On In: Steven Balinskas’ apartment.
Steven Balinskas,
Pierre Sonke
Janet Slobodien
8/10/98 151 Start: High Street/Brooklyn Bridge on the A and C.
On In: Killarney Rose, Pearl Street, Manhattan
Keith Kanaga Paul Ashlin
7/25/98 No. 150 Start: Nathan’s, Surf Avenue, Coney Island.
On-In: Captain Walters, Emmons Blvd., Sheepshead Bay.
Joint Masters “now and forever”
John O’Connor and
Jerry Nelson
Janet Slobodien
1/26/98 137 Start: Union St.
On In: The Gate
Geoff “Steamer” Baldwin Alice “4-wheel drive” Harrison
1/12/98 136 Start: Clark Street.
On In: Sparky’s Ale House
Arian Juzen Jon Glanville
12/29/97 135 Start: Court and Joralemon Streets.
On In: Waterfront Ale House, 155 Atlantic Avenue (new location)
Joint Masters Jerry Nelson,
John Cardinal O’Connor
Keith Kanaga
12/15/97 134 Start: Grand Army Plaza
On In: The Carriage House
Paul Ashlin Janet Slobodien
12/1/97 133 Start: Bedford Ave stop on the L Train.
On In: The Right Bank
Joint Master Jerry Nelson,
Lisa Ungar
Joint Master John O’Connor
11/17/97 132 Start: Flatbush Ave. and Atlantic Ave
On In: Sparky’s Ale House (481 Court St. @ Nelson St.)
Jon “NYCH3 Worst Run of the Year Lock” Glanville,
Yoski Ozaki
11/3/97 131 Start: Plaza Hotel, 59th Street and Fifth Ave.
On-In: Carriage House, 59th Street between Lexington and Third Avenues
Keith Kanaga Keith Kanaga
10/20/97 130 Start: Court and Joralemon Streets.
On-In: Dockers, Atlantic Avenue
Roark Herron Keith Kanaga
10/6/97 129 Start: 59th Street and 4th Avenue; On In, Napper Tandys Dave Hardy Steve Balinskas
9/22/97 128 Start: Grand Army Plaza.
On-In:: The Gate/5 Avenue. and Third Street
Joint Masters Jerry Nelson,
Cardinal O’Connor
Janet Slobodien
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