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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s)
Memorial Day
Brooklyn #1101
Start: In Prospect Park, between the Camperdown Elm and the Boathouse
Transit: Q/S to Prospect Park, Citi Bike to Lincoln Rd & Ocean Ave

[Facebook Event] A to A. Bring camp chairs, lawn blankets, snacks, beverages. The hare is happy to have a drink check if someone wants to distribute it or watch bags.
Cheeky Bastard
NYC #1997
Start: TBA
[Facebook Event]
Strawberry Moon Hash
GGFM #399
Start: Phoenix Bar, 447 E 13th Street (@ Ave A)
Transit: L to 1st Avenue, Citibike or walk it from other sorta-nearby transit stations

Happy [start of] Pride Month, beginning with a trail right out of RuPaul's Drag R*ce!  **Fabulous** clothing of all kinds is encouraged, extra points for dressing like a fellow hasher.  Trail will be A to B, with an outdoor dog-friendly on-in (you are also encouraged to bring picnic blankets - hares will have some beverages but BYOB is also welcome and encouraged to make the party last longer!). **Show up early to the start to catch part of a RuPaul's Drag Race viewing party!**
Just Val
NYC #1998
Start: One Star, 147 West 24th St
Transit: 1 to 23rd St, F/M/PATH to 23rd St

A to A, short trail with choir practice

[Facebook Event]
Jack in the Bus and Tumbelina
2nd Annual Queens Birthday Hash
Queens #243
I-Feel Tower and ???
Party Like it's #1999!
NYC #1999
Start: Fool's Gold 45 E Houston St (between 2nd and 1st Aves)
Transit: B/D/F/M to Broadway-Lafayette, 6 to Bleecker, J to Bowery

Purple! Prince! Underwear as Outerwear! This is the Knickerbocker Underwear R*n like you've never seen it before (except that year that it was May the 4th and we all wore Star Wars costumes)! Wear purple, wear lingerie, wear your underwear, it's all good! We have a special mostly-private on-in venue that will allow us to keep our skivvies amongst ourselves. So tonight we're gonna party like it's #1999!
Prairie Dog'n & Obamanatrix
Red Dress Beer Mile Relay!
Special #226
Bring your beer and wear your fastest race-car red for a beer mile relay! Cum with your team of 4 or get matched with a team at the event. The fastest team wins the right to be heckled by all others! Each relay member chugs 1 beer (12oz., 5% or more ABV) and then sprints a 400m lap around the track. Chunder, and you earn a 1 lap penalty. Single beer-milers welcome, if you dare!

In the tradition of the Lady in Red, this is a charity event. BYOB and hash cash of $10. Hash cash buys beer for spectators and on-after, and the rest goes to New York Cares, a local organization that provides much-needed volunteers around NYC to address issues of hunger, homelessness, education inequity and enviromental improvement.
The Hudson Dusters (NYCH3-ass'ed r*nning team)
2000 Prelube #1 - Brooklyn H3 presents the Better Beer Borough Brewery Crawl
Special #228
Start: Strong Rope Brewing
Transit: R to Union or 2/3/4/5/B/D/N/Q/W to Atlantic Avenue-Barclay Center

It's a brewery crawl! Join any time all day and pay-as-you-go. Sample some of the finest beer from Brooklyn, New York, the one true epicenter of hipster culture. Some places might even have food! Find us throughout the day by calling the hotline (212-HASH-NYC) or checking the NYC #2000 WhatsApp Group. Merges with the other prelubes at 8:00p.
GrayVee Train and BH3 Friends
2000 Prelube #2 - pArTy TrAiN to Lawn Guyland!
Special #227
Start: Glen Cove Station, Long Island, NY
Transit: pArTy TrAiN deets are cumming!

Cum on with Moses out to Long Island for a trail of Lunatic proportions! Be like a real New Yorker and get out of the city at any opportunity to enjoy shiggy and scenic views of mansions you could only hope to afford. Brewery on-in with special deal. Hash Cash. Catch the pArTy TrAiN to Atlantic Terminal by 6:30 to merge with the other prelubes at 8:00p.
Cum on Moses
2000 Prelube #3 - The Not-in-Queens Chinatown Dumpling Crawl
Special #229
Start: TBA in Chinatown
Transit: 6/J/N/Q/R/W to Canal Street, B/D to Grand Street

Yassss Dumpqueen, eat those dumplings! ~$10 cash will be collected at the start. You MUST RSVP to reserve your spot, as space for this crawl is limited to 21 hashers! RSVP'd but need to join late? Nerves will help you find your way. Merges with the other prelubes at 8:00pm.
Nerves of Squeal
*Preference will be given to out-of-towners; dietary restrictions CANNOT be accommodated.
NYCH3 2000th
NYC #2000
Start: TBA
It's our 2000th trail, y'all! And we're hashing on a boat! Don your finest Nauti regalia for a yacht party in the harbor. You can be a teensy bit late to trail, but DON'T MISS THE BOAT! Who's Cumming?

[Facebook Event]
Prairie Dog'n, What A C*nt!, Cum on Moses, Drop a Pin
Join us on a nautical adventure as we ship out on a private yacht! Register here:
NYC 2000 Hangover Fatboy Trail
NASS #270
Start: A/C/G to Hoyt-Schermerhorn, 2/3 to Hoyt St,
Transit: D/Q/R/W to Dekalb or walk over from the hash hotel Ace Hotel Brooklyn lobby.

Stumble along in your flip-flops on a short trail to finish the beer we didn't drink on Saturday! Free beer for all the hashers. On-in very close to the hash hotel. Note: Get to the start early if you can make it out of bed; there's a very nice brunch in the ACE hotel restaurant!
The Next An*l 5 Borough Pub Crawl
Special #230
Start: TBD
Splat! and What A Cunt!
NYC Red Dress 2023
Special #231
The Red Dress Committee
Friendsgiving 2023
NASS #271
Start: TBA
Nerves of Squeal + Ba-Dum-Smurf Meow
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