24th An*l NYC Red Dress R#n

Who Came?!?!?!

What a C*nt
Piece O’Slut
Fraggle Cock
Leaky Bladder
Gabe the Babe
Love Canal
Drunksophila Masturbator
Kaptain Hooker
Zeno’s Pairadicks
Frank Llayd Wrong
Crouching Fiber Hidden Poopin
Dunkel Schweiß
1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, WHORE!
Dime Store Tom Cruise
Festering Foot Stuff
Fluffy Lockerman
Foreign My Twat
Full of Schist
Drop a Pin, Slip It In
Grayvee Train
Surprise I’m Illiterate!
Holey Dumpster Fire
Just Xavier
Prairie Dog’n
I Wanna Bang Penny’s Theory (Border Jumpers H3)
Cheeky Bastard
Wicked Retharded (Surf City H3)
Just Mike
Gag’em Style
Perk Plus
Idle Handjobs
Infinite Butthole (San Francisco H3)