Brooklyn #785
Start: The Corner Of Broadway & Division
Hare: Dave Luther (for now)
On In: C’mon Everybody
Scribe: Just Steve

I would tell you a mid-sized pack gathered at the start, but I arrived late so I really don’t know. Believe it or not, the corner of Broadway & Division is not nearly as close to the G train as the hare would have you believe. I figured that out together with Cheeky Bastard, but once we found two vaguely familiar people who might have been co-hares; we went in search of the pack who were scurrying around the neighborhood following a live trail. On-on.

Once we caught up to the pack, conflict became the theme of this particular trail. Initially, this was the typically amusing harassment (Where you running to baby?) hashers sometimes face when visiting some of Brooklyn’s less gentrified neighborhoods, but upon entering Williamsburg proper, Turd Dimension was kind enough to take it to the next level and pick a fight with a bicyclist. Fortunately Rack “n” Roller was around to save his punk ass and on we went.

Along the G line we continued. Motorists honked at us, dogs barked at us, and we wondered how much longer until we got beer? Around 4.5 miles or so in, we arrived at a great little bar over near Pratt called C’mon Everybody. We were quickly sequestered away from the general population but offered beer and water for our efforts. Much later, pizza would arrive & the circle would begin. I believe these things happened.

• The hare drank for being the hare.
• We welcomed Hot Climax & Sex Trap from Berlin.
• BJ The Bareback might have sung a song called “The Germans Have No Humor And That Is Not A Rumor”.
• Oy vey! Ernesto drank for smelling the yeast in matzo!
• Turd Dimension & Rack N Roller were offered a beverage for the conflict on trail.
• Georgia O’Queef & Drug Bust were disciplined appropriately for wearing their favorite matching race shirts from like 1995.
• FMIG (who?) took time out from a piss to answer Eager For Beaver’s missing phone.
• Dogface was an angry brit.
• Nipsicle complained about being out too late.
• Dave Luther came on everybody or was named Cum On Everybody.
• Hot Climax found a wallet on trail and returned it proving hashers are diligently honest.
• 6″ ladies stole a bike on trail which pretty much trashes that idea.
• Georgia O’queef was randomly abused by pooping cough. Yep, that’s a sentence.
• Dogface made a lame announcement about the next NASS.

More drinks were drunk, tall tales were told, and the hash went in peace.