NYCH3 #1586

Date: 5/21/14

Hares: Whistle Bitch and Doggie Erectus

Start: Bleeker Street Bar

On In: TriBeCa Tavern

Write-ups are BACK

So, today was a special day. We all remember Whistle Bitch’s virgin trail, all those years ago (2013) on a fateful night in Brooklyn. We inferred that she would be a good enough hasher. Tonight she completed the metamorphosis, got into the back of a cab with Doggie Erectus, and squeezed out a cute little 3.25 mile trail.

Like many of our first times, this one started awkwardly for Whistle Bitch and her older, seasoned partner. They left the Bleecker Street Bar and started up in a cab, dutifully bag hagging, through TriBeCa, when the cabbie kicked them onto the street. They handled it well; many of us have been there. It can be hard to perform, especially if you’ve been thinking about it for a whole week.

The drink check was expertly handled. Your narrator, along with Geordi LaForeskin, brought the pack to FLAVORTOWN with DeLish brand cranberry juice AND lemonade, both seasoned with Devil’s Spring Vodka, Guy Fieri Style. Yes, New Jersey’s finest Vodka for Whistle Bitch. The pack enjoyed these Duane Reade brand concoctions on the corner of West Street and North Moore.

The pack finished up on TriBeCa Tavern. It’s cool the Hares got the okay beforehand.


  • Hymm to the Hares: Whistle Bitch and Doggie Erectus
  • Visitors: Just Alex: Australia by way of Tokyo (All Australians, born illegitimate).
  • Virgins: Christy, Raj and Alex came thanks to the expert caress of Chokes on Dick. What a Cunt! Made Ginger Come; Justin made Himself Come.
  • Just Sean was acknowledged for wearing a hard hat on trail, and blamed Spank the Plank for it. (Bullshit Song)
  • Just Sean then tried to take his down down out of the hat, which had holes in it. So much wasted beer. (Alcohol Abuse!)
  • Coneylingus got a down down for wearing a black light reactive shirt
  • The Hares got the 10 Toes Song for getting kicked out of a cab.
  • Announcements:

    Queens Needs a Hare for 5/30
    Chokes on Dick open haring session on 5/28
    Monday’s Brooklyn H3 will be at 3pm, check listings for details.

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