NYCH3 #1465, Just Adam’s 1 year Analversary!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012, 3pm

NYCH3 #1465, Just Adam’s 1 year Analversary!!

Start/Prelube: The Dead Poet, 82nd and Amsterdam

On-In: McAleer’s Pub, Amsterdam btw 80th & 81st

Hare: Just Adam

We gathered at The Dead Poet to celebrate Just Adam’s first year of hashing.  He’s been racking up the Down-Downs lately and haring is pretty much a guarantee that you’ll get a few more.

But first we had to r*n his trail to see how many he should get.  So off through Central Park we went and eventually found our way to McAleer’s Pub and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hare: Just Adam plus his drink check helpers Just Lynn & Just Matt

Visitor: 10 Dix with Wings

The Hares: For too much whiskey at the drink check and a Chicken/Eagle Split after the drink check

Pecker Wrecker: For taking one sip of the too much whiskey and throwing it over his shoulder

10 Dix with Wings: For following non-hashers on trail

10 Dix with Wings: Again for kicking a dog on trail

Just Matt: For falling through the double doors after drinking the too much whiskey

It just didn’t seem right to accuse Just Adam of sprinting from the drink stop back to the bar while carrying all the supplies and passing me like I was standing still.  That’s like accusing myself of being DFL