NYCH3 #1371 – AGM

NYCH3 #1371 – AGM

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hare: The Committee

Start: Blackstone’s Pub, 55th St between 2nd and 3rd Avenue

On-In: Blackstone’s Pub

Scribe: Doggie Erectus


We gathered to say farewell to this past year’s mismanagement committee at the annual AGM.  But first we had a r*n to complete.


They had craftily made the trail A to A so they wouldn’t have to tote all of those bags one more frickin time before they told us all to take these jobs and shove’em.  Unfortunately, hash orificers, like politicians, just keep shifting screw jobs from one orifice to another.


Down downs went to:


The hares!


Visitors and virgins.  We did a lousy job of recording your names, so if you’re reading this, write your names in here.


Dave Too Long for cheating/short cutting.


Smashmouth, Darren & Mary got one for conjugating Latin on trail.  Si hoc non legere potes tu asinus es.


Smashmouth got another one for doing something with Mr. Softy to a pedestrian in a limo.


Darren got one for his birthday.


Evan got one for hugging strangers.


Death Breast got one for punching something in the market.


Dan got one for A$$hole of the week for Daniela’s drink check.


And now on to official AGM Business ™….


Awards were given in various categories.


Worst trail of the year went to Doggie Erectus for washing away all the trail marks.  Runner up in this category went to Salt Lick and US Marine Whore for not having Santa’s Sluts r*n through the park.


Couple of the year went to Dan Bartos and the Hash.  R*nner up in this category was Joey Pennsylvania and Hot Rod for being an actual couple.


A$$hole of the Year went to Dogface for “Back in the day” and the Polar Bear Plunge.  Runners up in this category were Dave Too Long for always short cutting, Ivory Dickler for advertising “those other” running clubs, and Ewa for STELLA!


The committee and Blackstone’s did a fine job and feeding and drunking us and I stayed long enough to see the hash plunger get stuck places it doesn’t belong, but eventually it was time to go.  On-Out!

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