NYCH3 #1356

NYC Hash # 1356

Sunday January 17, 2010 at 3:00 pm

Hares: Doggie Erectus

Start: Fiddlesticks, Greeenwich Ave and Perry St

On-In: The Patriot, Chambers St

Scribe: Just Chris

There was a pre-lube at Fiddlesticks to lure hashers out on what seemed to be a throw back to the day of Noah’s voyage. Shortly before the start Doggie Erectus showed up and explained that the two other hares had failed to show up so he had set the trail by himself. Unfortunately, he did not have any flour so the trail had been set in chalk in areas he assured us would remain dry. After a quick chalk talk, about dozen hashers took off in the direction of the first mark.


I think we found the first mark and maybe the second. Then after about 10 minutes of searching for marks that had been washed out seconds after being laid, we decided to make it a live hare trail. So FMIG took off toward the High Line and the rest of us followed after a few minutes. Once the pack caught up to FMIG, Junky Monkey took the lead and lead the trail through Chinatown and by City Hall. After deciding we had r*n enough the pack headed toward the on-in.

Our excitement of finally being out of the rain and at the on in was crushed by the rude bartender. It didn’t seem possible to be upset at someone who was giving us beer, but after refusing to give us any discount for pitchers, letting us run a tab, or stop being a bitch. Our high spirits were deflated. Fortunately a few rounds put us in the right mood and it was time for the circle, not that anyone could hear. Apparently it was more important for the bar to turn up the country music and Spartans game.


There were a variety of down downs given out for various offenses. Doggie Erectus had several for his mythical trail and, just as with the trail, he had to pick up some slack and take a few extra for his missing hares. FMIG and Junky Monkey received down downs for over achieving by taking over the live trail. There were a few virgins, but they were washed away at some point during the trail. We were graced with the presence of one visitor. A few others received down downs for various offenses. Eventually, the pizza arrived and we ate. After the hash cash ran out, we quickly left as it was apparent we were not welcome at the Patriot.