BH3 #507

BH3 #507
March 29, 2010

Start: Boerum and Broadway
On-in: Bushwick Country Club
Hares: Crotchless Panties & Splat!
Scribe: Canine Fixation

 A small pack was gathered about the start, looking ominously at the overcast sky (can’t the BH3 catch a break?).  I was surprised that so many from last week’s slog hadn’t learned their lesson and stayed home for the night.  Luckily, the rain had died down by the time the hares set us off and wouldn’t return for the night.

The trail started off with the pack huffing it through some sketchy housing neighborhoods, but the nicely visible flour dollops and decent checks kept spirits high.  Things took a turn for the south when we arrived at the check near Cooper Park.  The small pack fanned out, but the trail could not be found.  This was repeated multiple times, each time with the hashers searching further and further out and still finding nothing.  The pack became dejected, and there may have been a little crying until A Little Dirty had a stroke of genius and decided to check in the park where lo and behold, the trail picked up (to be fair to us, there were two entrances to the park, but we kept checking the wrong one).  From there, we wound our way northwest through McCarren Park, down to Williamsburg, and on in to the local hipster cave, the Bushwick Country Club.  Here we were greeted with a fine selection of beers and Papa Johns (yeah yeah, but there were also buffalo wings!).

Dogface had to preside over the circle due to the lack of JMs.  The following down-downs were taken from memory:

  • The JMs – For not being there.  Stand-ins were Eager4Beaver for Noah’s Dinghy and your’s truly for Headlights (probably because of my rack)
  • The Hares – For doing what hares do best
  • Virgins – Nope
  • Visitor – We had the pleasure of having Whose Dick is it Anyway? from DC
  • Nads on Film – For being premature with the on-in and sprinting to The Abbey
  • A Little Dirty & Donner Kebab – For checking everywhere around Cooper Park, except for the park
  • Baboon Ass – For not finding the start
  • Just Mike – For FRBing even though he showed up 10 minutes late
  • Dogface – For taking a call on trail

The circle broke and the hashers turned back to doing what they do best, drinking until hash cash runs out.  Unfortunately, I suck at hashing and left before hash cash ran out.

On out,

Canine Fixation