BH3 #501

BH3 #501

February 22, 2010

Hares: Legal in Some States and Twisted Nipple

On-In: Buttermilk

It would be impossible to live up to the grandiosity of last Monday’s 500th flashlight run and celebration.  This week’s run seemed slightly more subdued and less populated in comparison. A short pre-lube took place at the Henry Street Ale house, where hashers were met with chagrin by a large number of Brooklyn Heights yuppies. After conglomerating on the corner of Middagh and Henry Cadmin Plaza West, Legal in Some States divulged that he wasn’t quite sure just how long the trail was, since both hares marked it separately. The chalk was distributed and we were off!  The group, beginning together, briefly passed the scenic waterfront and began running toward Cobble Hill. After several circles around the environs of Clinton and Smith Street, we worked our way toward the Gowanus Canal.  A series of checks, false trail marks, and bad counting skills led to an in-depth tour of all the back streets, garbage dumps and treacherous alleys in the area. The ladies in group were relieved that they were not running alone.  At last, a B/N sign revealed itself like a beacon in the night and we ran uphill another few blocks to Buttermilk. The real entertainment of the rest of the evening, however, was not the beer or the administering of the down-downs, but an R-rated couple groping each other on a couch in the front of the bar. With their tongues thrust far down each other’s throats, no amount of singing, chanting or yelling during the distribution of the down-downs could tear them apart. Legal in Some States announced the stellar beer deals provided by Buttermilk, the pizza arrived right on time, and the drinking continued!

The down-downs:

  • Virgins-Bruce, one-day old virgin Dan made him come
  • Dan-left before the circle on his virgin run yesterday
  • U.S. Marine Whore-fresh from the salon look made everyone else look like crap
  • Congenital Defect-FRB, really?
  • Tim-airplaned his way into the on-in
  • Dan-can’t count marks and led the group down false trails; Dogface-followed a virgin!
  • Twisted Nipple-falsely marked 3 off check