NYCH3 #1359

NYCH3 #1359 – Superbowl Hash

February 7, 2010

Hare: Fast American Dave

On-In: No Idea Bar

Scribe: Just Brittany


Ah, Superbowl Sunday.  A veritable festival of product placement, all American foodstuffs, and drinking.  I think there also may be a football game too.

About 3 hours before kickoff (and 2 hours into the longest pregame shows on earth) a good sized pack met at Bryant Park, eager to shake a leg prior to the clash on the gridiron.  FAD gave his chalk talk to the eager pack, who were immediately concerned with the instructions, which included “the trail can loop back upon itself”, “don’t overthink it”, and “don’t worry”. 

The pack proceeded to get a bit lost on the first check, and then was strung out over a trail that criss crossed every major cross street in Midtown and Murray Hill.  While it was not obvious to me running the trail, apparently there was a theme: every time you were on 5th Avenue, you were going north.

After about 5 miles of meandering, the pack made its way to the on-in, No Idea Bar, who was nice enough to open just for the hash for the occasion.  Dominos Pizza was consumed by a ravenous pack, as was pitchers of Michelob Ultra or the No Idea Ale.

Down Downs:

Fast American Dave – for setting a sh*tty trail with an even sh*ttier theme (north on 5th? Yeah.)

Eager for Beaver, Mickey Mouth, and Ow! My Balls – who were stupid nice enough to help and were quickly conflated to the status of cohares

Visitors – there was one or two

Virgins – again, there were one or two

Just Brittany – for not realizing the mark on her hand was a football.  Ed note: if it was a football, I’m a wide receiver for the Saints.  Just saying.

Lunch – for being Lunch

Rich – for directing traffic along the trail

Wet Willie – for chasing around Rich in Chelsea

Liz – as a repeat to last week’s hash, a down down for  her recent string of accidents.  For those playing along at home, after recovering from her NYE related shiner, she fell while catching a bus on the way to a meeting in Harlem to do some pro bono work.  Fell hard, in fact, spraining her ankle really badly, requiring at first a cane, and now a pretty spiffy moon boot. 

Due to her outstanding grace under bus catching, and her charitable good deeds, Liz had the honor of being named by the NYCH3, though there is some controversy with regards to the spelling.  Should she be known forever more as:

Pro Bone Her

-or –

Pro Boner

If you have a strong opinion either way, please let your friendly JMs know.

Lunch – was AOTW for not hosting the lunch portion of the Superbowl, as is tradition.

After the hashing festivities were over, the football festivities began.  The commercials were so-so, and certain members of the pack started betting on all sorts of things (how long it would take certain people to go to the bathroom was one that stood out in my mind).  I wandered out sometime after halftime, since I really was just there to watch the Who and some commercials.

For those keeping score at home, the Saints managed to shut down Payton Manning and the Colts, giving New Orleans the first Superbowl championship in the franchise’s history.  Since most people @ the hash had no dog in the fight, I think it’s pretty safe to say a good time was had by all.

Who dat! and On Out!