BH3 #470

BH3 #470 – Tour de Brooklyn, Leg 4

Hare: Trader Blows

Start: Gravesend

On In: Cha Cha’s, Coney Island


Trader Blows Loses Hare Virginity!


Critics Give Rave Reviews*



“A breath-taking run through the Russian areas of BrooklynOcean Avenue is simply spectacular. Reminded me of the motherland.”

– T. Buck Fuck (transadapted from Russian)


“I give this trail an A+, for being the only TBD trail I walked which I was not DFL. Dogface and I (walking gimps) actually reached the on-in before those who took the eagle!”

– S. What?, racist


“Four out of five stars – not enough stickers.”

– Fluffy


“Hotter than the Polar Bear Hash!”

– D. Hag, still toweling off from her drunken dip in the Atlantic


“I think I was sexually harassed on the boardwalk?”

– S. Altschuler


“I might have given out some down-downs…"

– F. MIG


“What the hell is a down-down??”

– Virgin


“I don’t understand why no one wanted to shotgun a beer with me.”

– Jason, the mooning Bay Ridge Virgin


“I was pleasantly surprised when I did not get sick the next day after eating a rather undercooked burger.”

– C. Fixation


“Two thumbs up for the plentiful beer. The fact that most of it was warm (and shitty) didn’t stop anyone from wildly consuming it.”

– S. Syphilis, who notes the plentiful beer is both the reason she agreed to do the write up, and the reason she forgot about it until now


“The ride home was so long I peed myself.”

– Anonymous


*Quotes may or may not have been forged

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