NYCH3 #1330


NYCH3 #1330

July 29, 2009

Hare: Just Sean

Start: City Hall Park, corner of Chambers and Broadway

On In: Jeremy’s Ale House, Front St.

Scribe: Just Jess


R*nning in rainstorms and crazy ol’ hashers,

Instead of the marks we follow the dashers,

Big cups of beer, french fries, and wings,

These are a few of my favorite things.


Oh! Twas a night to remember. The sky was the color of impending doom when we gathered at the corner of Chambers and Broadway on a sticky summer Wednesday. Many showed with umbrellas that were then left behind. The virgin hare Just Sean was coated in a layer of flour from setting trail. We were told it would be easy and the first mark, a huge arrow made of flour, gave us hope…but not for long.


The pack was trying to find its way when we smacked into Junky Monkey coming toward us. Searching for the specks of flour that remained through the rain did not prove to be an easy feat. We were like a bunch of wet lemmings following the Pied Piper. Fireman Tim later received a down down for saying that he’d follow someone off a cliff if they led him. I think we were all in the same boat…or wished we were in a boat.


At some point the trail disappeared. Some hashers knew the On In and lamely bailed to head toward their dry clothes and attempt to drink all the beer. Another group, led by Fast American Dave, fully off course, turned around in the attempt to finish the trail. Some kept going, but shortly thereafter, during a torrential downpour, an executive decision was made to head to the On In by others.


Surrounded by bras hanging from the walls and ceiling, we drank our 32 oz styrofoam-cupped beers, ate the bar food, and got stares from the regulars as well as the large group of infant investment bankers (I heard they were interns?) who showed up later in the evening. The children sadly missed our wild displays of awesome, also known as the circle.


Down Downs:

-Virgin Hare Just Sean for supposedly setting a trail

-Michael, the solo virgin

-Hot Rod for waddling post-Pilates

-Joey for being lost since 1996

-Fireman Tim for running off a cliff if someone led him

-Dr. Steve for actually being Up To My Fucking Elbow

-Neil + Jason for being Harvard shirtless losers

-FITP for showing up late


Later in the evening, a hasher was named. Raj was dubbed "I Like Head" for liking head…on his beer in this case.


The beer stuck around longer than we were able to. A wise sage once said "I have problems going home when there is still fun to be had." I am in utter agreement with this, and have the headache to prove it.


On Out.