NYCH3 #1322

Wednesday June 3rd 2009 – NYC #1322

Hares: Just Raj and Just Rebecca

Start: 53rd and 3rd – The Lipstick Building

On-In: 52nd and 2nd – The Stags Head

Virgin Scribe: Just Richard

So on a damp summers evening the pack assembled outside The Lipstick Building.  The Lipstick Building is famous as the location from which Bernard Madoff operated his Ponzi scheme. Other notable tenants include Fast American Dave and his virgin coworker Bryce. 

Once the rules of engagement had been explained to the V’s & V’s we got under way. Raj started proceedings by explaining he hadn’t used flour to set the trail, despite the recent rainfall.  He claims that New York‘s Finest may have taken too much interest in him if he set a flour trail due to hue of his skin… So to counter the cleansing effect Mother Nature had had on the chalk trail we were then given clues – whether we wanted them or not!   The two I heard were Columbus Circle followed by 5th Ave & 72nd St.  For those who really wanted to cheat Raj passed out little pieces of paper with the name of the On-In – more of that later. 

So off we loped in search of chalk smudges arrows heading west along 53rd – crossing Fifth Avenue at which point the trail sort of disappeared.  Avenue of The Americas saw its reappearance followed by swift disappearance!  This became the recurring theme for a while, so up Broadway we trotted and entered the park at Columbus Circle. The trail was picked up in the park, and for once the FRB’s were not able to pull out their usual gap, as they had to slow for every junction in an attempt to find some discernible sign that they were on the correct path! As we meandered past Heckscher Ballfields we were spotted by Kendra and her ZogSports buddies – they asked her if we were her r*nning friends. We saw them all later as she brought them to the On-In.  Once we left the park at E72nd it was an easy trail. We hit the east river at 71st and then we went straight for almost 15 blocks before zigzagging to the On-In along a freshly marked up trail.

The Stags Head did an admirable job of keeping the beer flowing and once the JM’s had us circled up the downs downs were administered. 

Virgins:  We had two virgins this week – starting with some Jeremy on Jeremy action followed by F.A.D. making Bryce come

Visitors: We had two visitors this week – isn’t symmetry nice? Lush and Clampit from Bayside, Brisbane, Australia  look them up if you’re ever there!

Splat! sang a special ode in honour of our new friends –

All Australians, born illegitimate, born illegitimate, born illegitimateAll Australians, born illegitimate, bastards through and through

Some brief searching of the interwebs brought me to this extended lyrics version for you to download onto your ipod! AllAustraliansBornIllegitimate.mp3

Downs Downs:

·         Mickey Mouth for only knowing the names of boy hashers

·         Tit-Totaller for r*nning to get the On-In cheat sheet from Raj

·         Just Leo for being from Jersey City

·         Dogface for poor Trailmastery

·         Kendra for being a ZogSports kickballer/traitor was our asshole of the week

At this point some buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, potato skins and other fried treats appeared and were promptly devoured in what is best described as a frenzy.

For those who like to know where they went, well where I went! It was just over 5.1 miles.  See below or follow this  It shows the wrong total mileage though

Apologies for length



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