NYCH3 #1321

May 27, 2009 

NYCH3 #1321

 Hare: Eager for Beaver (with help from the other Peter)

Start: 6th Ave and West Broadway

On-in: Antarctica, spring st and Hudson

Scribe: Splat!

"Two penguins were in a bathtub. One penguin said to the other, ‘Can
you pass the soap?’ The other penguin replied, ‘What do I look like? A
typewiter?’ GO LAKERS!"*  The previous was found on a blackboard at
Antarctica after the NYC hash on the 27th of May.  If you know what it
means, you’re smarter than I am.  Or possibly more intoxicated.  But
this strange and apparently meaningless statement was merely the
finishing touch, the straw that broke the hasher’s back if you will,
of a trail that the pack struggled to find meaningful.

The pack assembled at 6th Avenue and West Broadway.  The area was
suspiciously familiar.  Could it be that a NAWW started there less
than a month before?  Indeed it could.  At least on the NAWW trail the
hares were kind enough to mention the excellent prelube opportunities
at Nancy Whiskey Pub.  This time the pack was left without such
guidance.  Fortunately Splat and Rear End Loader, visiting from DC,
followed their livers and enjoyed a refreshing beverage before the
trail.  Eager 4 Beaver showed up at the start looking very dapper in
his long-sleeve button-down shirt.  The effect was somewhat spoiled
though by being covered in chalk and sweat.  He promised a
chicken/eagle split on this trail.  Note "a" as in "one", but more
about that later.  The trail wound down through Tribeca, past the
Holland tunnel and up into the warrens of the West Village.  Does
Eager 4 Beaver work for or have stock in UPS?  Because we sure saw
enough of that warehouse just south of Houston.  Hmm, product
placement hashes, maybe we could get some extra hash cash out of

The trail ended up at Antarctica.  The On-In was suspiciously
familiar.  Could it be that a NYC AGM ended there less than a month
before?  Indeed it could.  At least at the AGM On-In, there was more
than one color of beer to drink.  This time the pack was left without
such solace.  Lauren assembled the pack to distribute swift and just
punishment.  It goes without saying that Eager 4 Beaver drank
copiously for that trail.  We had a few virgins.  You know who they
are.  Because I sure don’t.  Our visitor from DC, Rear End Loader, was
welcomed.  Junky Monkey apparently missed the hare’s instructions on
what to do when encountering the chicken/eagle split for the second
time.  He drank for getting a little bit of extra exercise as a
result.  Smashmouth drank for reading a newspaper on trail.  He was
also doing a bit of research on canine anatomy, having trouble
differentiating between a dog’s turd and testicles.  Peter Trunfio,
"The Voice of the Hash" was named Asshole of the Week for losing his
voice.  Apparently the hash hotline has not been updated in some time.
Brittany and Dan drank for the latter narrowly saving the former from
a speeding Vespa.  With that the pizza feeding frenzy began and much
more beer was consumed.

The write-up ended up with a final thought.  That line was
suspiciously familiar.  Could it be that I used a similar line in the
previous two paragraphs?  Indeed it could.  At least the previous two
paragraphs had some content.  This time I’m just wanking.

On On!

*This is not intended in any way to be an endorsement of the Lakers.