BH3 #442


BH3 #442

January 5, 2008

Hare: Headlights

On-In: The Gate


At the start, Headlights told the group the trail was exactly 2.82 miles…looks like someone got a fancy-schmancy Garmin watch for Christmas. Not only does it tell time, it also tracks your mileage while walking to and from the office bathroom!


There was a surprisingly good turnout for this first Brooklyn hash of 2009 – perhaps everyone made the same resolution to drink more and r*n less. Thanks to Headlights for letting us ease our way into the 2009, as unlike many who promise a short and easy trail, she was true to her word. I’m not sure if there were actually any checks on trail, but there was beer at the bar and that’s what counts, right?


Also at the bar were some surly bartenders, no doubt overwhelmed by the volume and magnitude of hashers. But who isn’t? They were certainly not tickled when we sang our down-down songs, which while completely deserved, may have been on the loud side for this neighborhood bar. Screw ‘em! Here were the offenses:


  • Headlights for haring – all by her lonesome I might add!
  • Virgins and visitors for venturing into the uncharted land of Brooklyn.
  • Some guy for wearing a decidedly skimpy outfit.
  • Headlights for comparing this hash to the infamous white trash hash. A pile of peed on snow and a couple tacky houses does not a white trash hash make young lady.
  • In celebration of the NYH3 1300th hash, JMs Tim and Lauren were awarded down-downs. 69 Down accepted in Lauren’s absence.
  • Noah’s Dinghy and Wet Connection for their role in starting the Knickerbocker H3.


Before the hash cash ran out, Headlights had won over the bartenders with pizza and a promise to keep everyone away from the doors.  Should (god forbid) these times of economic hardship ever fall her way, at least we know she’ll make a good security guard.


On Out,