GGFM #209


The Truth



Official Organ of the Greater Gotham Full Moon

Hash House Harriers


G2FMH3 Hash #209 

Friday, May 16th, 2008


Hares: Red-Headed Steve and Fireman Tim

Start: Reif’s, 92nd and 2nd

On-In: Reif’s, 92nd and 2nd

Scribe: Lauren



Today is the GGFM RGM (that’s Regional General Meeting or something like that, I’m not entirely sure about the R).  In either case; it is now the day where we make changes to the committee.  Some people may stay on, some may leave, and some may simply switch roles.  I personally have opted to ditch my role as on-sec for the GGFM.  Why you ask?  Firstly, I have enough crap to do for the NYCH3.  And secondly, there are always some annoying people (cough* Girl Scout Nookie) who promise repeatedly to do a write-up for you and never follow through.  Hence why I am writing about a r*n that happened on May 16th when it is now October!  Fortunately for all of you avid write-up readers I have a sharp memory…


            It was a fantastically rainy day.  So much so that in a panic Red-headed Steve (RHS) sent out various emails changing the start from P.D. O’Hurley’s  (72nd and Amsterdam) to Reif’s for an A to A trail.  RHS sent the pack of about 8 or 10 hashers out into the rain to try and catch up with Fireman Tim (FT).  Apparently FT set a trail that was just as fantastic as the rain because everyone made it back to the on-in, soaking wet, but in good spirits.  On second thought…maybe FT did a crap job and the happy pack was only happy because it was A to A.  I wouldn’t know of course as on this occasion I was smart enough to stay indoors and play pool with RHS’s Dad instead of r*nning in soggy sneakers. 


            Reif’s was a fantastic on-in as I recall.  There was a pool table.  There was a drunken local woman celebrating her birthday in style.  There was a grill out back where RHS cooked up some delicious burgers, sausages and veggie burgers.  They even had lots of beer for sale at this bar, amazing place really.


            Empress Norma and myself put on an entertaining (at least we thought so) circle for those who were present: 

Let’s see, the down-downs went to…


RHS and FT for haring.  And probably Anna as well for helping out. 

Then there were the various members of RHS’s family: his Dad and his little brother.  At which point RHS yelled out “he probably really is a virgin!”  Not the nicest thing to say about your sibling in front of strangers, buy hey no one ever claimed RHS was a nice guy.


Lunch and Steve (of Stewa) got one for obscene behavior on trail.  Picture Lunch bending down to make a pack mark and Steve crashing into him from behind.  Lovely visual, I know, sorry.


Then Steve + Ewa = Stewa got a down-down for getting engaged!  Sheesh I didn’t even realize they were a couple!  😉


Then, I think I got one for being a wimp, Dr. Bruce got one for hurting Lexi or something like that, Junkey Monkey (was he even named that yet?) got one for ummm being himself. 


That sounds about right to me, I guess my memory isn’t that sharp after all.



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