BH3 #414



Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #414 / 6-23-08

Hares: Hedgehog

On In: East River Bar

Scribe: House Of Weenies


The second straight Brooklyn Hash in Williamsburg.  I think Jeremy may be on to something with his formula for start locations.  It was a nice afternoon for a hash.  The weather was lovely for New York City summer standards.  Nina was running and not haring so there rain occurred much earlier in the afternoon and did not affect the hash.  The trail started at the Driggs Street exit of the Bedford Ave L stop.  The trail moved westward towards the East river towards McCarren Park and Pool.  Various hashers had lots of fun in the playgrounds (more on that later).  After playing in the park, the group ambled towards southern Williamsburg.   We arrived at the On-in which was the East River Bar located under the Williamsburg bridge.  The entire trail was very well marked except for the on-in as half of the pack ran past the bar initially.  Whoops!


There were several things that stood out about this bar.  First, it had a lovely outdoors area.  Secondly, it was very well cooled by its air conditioning system.  Third, it has a couple BBQ's (charcoal) available for people to use.  Future Hares keep this in mind.  There were 2 better beers available – a six point lager and a blue point toasted lager.  Very nice indeed.  We circled and sang in celebration of:

  1. Hedgehog for his trail and on in choice.
  2. Beth, for being away for 17 months.
  3. Our lovely virgins, Kate and Rachel
  4. One of our returning virgins from a week ago suggested that we should run a trail through the new Ikea in Red Hook.  For knowing wonderful hash history and being unafraid to show it, Alicia, that down down was for you.
  5. Fast American Dave for attempting to place chalk up Alison's end.
  6. FMIG for both interrupting and competing in the Green mountain relay that weekend. This also includes g-d attempting to strike him down with lightning for two straight weeks.
  7. Laurel, for racing a local kid.  No racism kids.
  8. Laura told some convoluted story about some half broken kids' truck in McCarren park that somebody wanted her to ride to the hash.  The truck was named "Big Jake."  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, introducing Laura as "RIDING BIG JAKE."
  9. P Dicky complained I skipped a section of trail that went up and then down a side of fencing.  He drank for that.
  10. Lastly, Rachel Elson for complaining that I was taking notes for this write up.


After the circle, we ate some fantastic pizza from a place called Fornino on Bedford Ave, 718 384 6004.  Hedgehog states he had never eaten there before.  I do not know where he got the recommendation, but the pizza was truly excellent and probably the best hash pies I have eaten in a long time.  I anticipate this might become the go-to pizza place for Williamsburg hashes of the future.


The hash cash lasted a long time, and the only sour note was that there was a sudden service interruption on the J train which caused some difficulties.  Many thanks to the MTA.


On out


House of Weenies.