NYCH3 #1264


NYCH3 #1264
Sunday, May 4, 2008
Start: Doc
Holiday’s 9th St. and Avenue A
Hares: Empress Norma and Maribeth
On-In: Bushwick Country Club,
Grand St. in Williamsburg Bklyn
Scribe: Lauren

 The trail:

“A Cinderella story out of nowhere”…The trail was unremarkable except for the Gatorade + Vodka (hereafter referred to as “cat piss”) drink check and the fact that it went over the Williamsburg bridge and stayed there.  I thought this was an NYCH3 trail?!  There’s no containing the Empress these days…I mean really an on-in just seconds away from her home.  “Don’t sell yourself short Norma, you’re a tremendous slouch.”  Other than that it was a lovely day for a run and the outdoor patio at the Bushwick Country Club.   

The on-in:

The beers came in pairs and sometimes the bartender even gave out little dinosaur toys that signified a freebie.  “Thank you very little.”  The back patio also had the most ghetto mini golf course I’ve ever seen, but a few hashers still went for it.  “It’s in the hole!”           

The circle:  

“Ahoy polloi!”  I mean, circle up!  Jumpin’ Jack Gash and FMIG sure made a mess of things.  And the bartender told us, “you’ll have nothing and like it” while the circle is going on.  Boo! 

The down-downs:

 –Hares: “The world needs ditch-diggers too.” 

–Some visitors and virgins: “So I says to the Lama, hey lama!  How about a little something, you know, for the effort” 

–Two guys with new shoes: one was some poor kid who FMIG kept referring to as Schlomo (and later “named” Cantor Liebowitz) and Limp Dick who had on a pair of Air Jordan pumps.  “When you buy a hat like this I bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh?  Oh it looks good on you though.” 

–Some girls who got attacked by pigeons at the start, “wanna make 14 dollars the hard way?”   

–John Carey for getting engaged, “At the end of his four years, his last semester he was kicked out.  You know what for?  Night putting.  Just, putting at night…with the 15 year old daughter of the dean.” 

–Mean Jean for not having a mouse in the house, “So I got that goin’ for me” 

–Smashmouth for setting a killer Brooklyn pub crawl, “I don’t think the hard stuff’s gonna come down for awhile” 

–AOTW: some guys for smoking, “This place got a pool?  Pool and a pond…pond’d be good for you.”            

The end:

Finally the beer ran out and people bought a few rounds on their own.  I left eventually for what turned out to be a 2 hour trip home, but I’m sure everybody else stayed for much longer.  “Don’t you people have homes?!” 

The reference:

If you’re totally confused right now… go rent Caddyshack, you won’t be disappointed. 

“It’s easy to grin
When your ship comes in
And you’ve got the stock market beat.
But the man worthwile,
Is the man who can smile,
When his shorts are too tight in the seat.”